About Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour

The Abu Dhabi dune buggy tour is a thrilling ride to enjoy the wilderness of the thick deserts of the Middle East. The powerful off-roading experience lets you move freestyle in the world of deserts beneath the Arabian skies. You can choose from the 30 and 60-minute thrilling rides to feel a rush of adrenaline. The ascents, descents, twists, and turns, of the desert, let you enjoy the off-roading tour at its best. Even if you have never done something like this before, the expert guide teaches you about the operation of 560 CC Buggy and the dune routes you traverse through. The strong ride is safe enough to keep you attached to your seat with the safety harness and all the necessary equipment. Post the ride, you can enjoy riding a camel in the middle of the desert or choose adventure activities of sand boarding, quad biking, and dune bashing.

Booking Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour Online

Booking tickets for the Abu Dhabi buggy tour is a good way to grab your fun spot in the middle of the desert. Due to the popularity of the off-roading activity, the tickets frequently get sold out weeks before the day. To ensure a thrilling ride, you must book the tickets online in advance. Before booking, you can choose from the combo tickets and the listed variants on the website. You can avail of some handsome discounts on ticket prices to make your travel budget-friendly. Once you book the tickets, you receive a confirmation message with all the necessary details about the buggy ride.

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour options

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Abu Dhabi Guided Dune Buggy Ride & 4x4 Pick up

Start your Abu Dhabi Buggy Ride on the dunes to experience the best form of off-roading in 570 CC Polaris Ranger. The dune buggy comes with bucket seats, a roll cage, and safety equipment to keep you protected all the time. Choose from either morning or even option to make the best out of the dune buggy. The twin ride starts with the guide narrating the dune routes as you start off slowly and safely. The exciting ride has its own thrills of moving on the deserts but somehow doesn't allow drifting at high speeds for safety purposes. Post the ride, you can choose to enjoy live shows, indulge in sand boarding, and go for a desert Safari ride.

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Buggy Ride 60 Minutes (2 Seater Polaris 570 CC) - Sunrise / Sunset

Start the Abu Dhabi buggy tour in the mesmerizing deserts of Al Khatim with other fun activities. Before the ride, you will be taught about the operation and instructions of the buggy. The 1-hour ride lets you board the powerful Polaris dune buggy to transverse on the sands of Abu Dhabi. You are provided with a driver, who is your guide to help you with the instructions, and dune routes. The thrilling ride comes with safety instructions and supervision as you move towards the camp amidst the deserts. After the ride, you can engage in other activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, desert safari, etc.

Self-Drive Dune Buggy & Oasis Pool - 4x4 Transfers from Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the transfer trip from Abu Dhabi to the resort like desert village and its Oasis Pool. The self-drive Abu Dhabi dune buggy tour lets you enjoy off-roaring at 570 CC Buggy. An expert driver-guide accompanies you on the buggy for a safe experience through the dune routes. After enjoying the buggy ride, unwind in the temperature control outdoor Oasis Pool. Then, there is an intercontinental lunch break for you to enjoy the tastiest food amidst the dunes. You can even add on the evening desert tour activities like watching belly dance shows, sand boating, camel riding, henna painting, shisha smoking, etc.

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour
Dune Buggy Desert Adventure Tour from Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the drive in a 4x4 vehicle from the hotel of your stay to the deserts of Al Khatim in Abu Dhabi. The sightseeing tour takes you to the deserts in an hour, where you hop off the vehicle to start your Abu Dhabi buggy tour. The professional guide starts to teach you about the vehicle’s operation, and instructions about driving on sand. The specially-designed vehicle keeps you safe throughout the experience of off-roading. The exciting ride lets you and your guide move in the desert at a moderate yet thrilling speed. Post the enjoyment, you transfer to the hotel of your stay.

Benefits of Booking Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour from us

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour
  • Attractive Deals

Booking Abu Dhabi buggy ride tickets online lets you choose from multiple variants and combos listed on the website. You can choose the deal for the preferred date of your visit and book avail an attractive discount. Discounts on such deals make your bike ride even more cost-effective.

  • Pre-Booking

Book tickets for the buggy ride in advance to ensure your bike ride weeks before your visit. Owing to the popularity of dune buggy, tickets get frequently sold out at the venue. You can always pre-book the tickets from the website for your preferred date. Pre-booked tickets let you gain early access to the buggy ride.

  • Ease of Booking

You can book Abu Dhabi buggy tour tickets online in advance anytime from anywhere. Whether it is your busy day at work or your laziest one in your home’s comfort, you can book the tickets from the website within a few clicks. Once you book the tickets, a confirmation message is sent to you.

Tips to Follow During Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour

  • Refrain from riding a buggy during the monsoon season.
  • Make sure to wear a helmet during Abu Dhabi dune buggy tour as it may protect you from rapid bumps, ascents, and descents.
  • Wear buggy outfits to tackle and stop the sand from touching your body.
  • Although buggy riding is safe, choose insurance as any injuries might occur. The insurance keeps you financially secure.
  • Make sure the buggy you are riding is well maintained to drive.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the trip, and apply sunscreen for protection against the sun.
  • Follow the advice of your guide/driver as they suggest the best dune routes and techniques to ride.

What Makes Dune Buggy Dubai Special?

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour
Novice to expert

Although it might sound like an expert-level experience, riding a buggy in the soft deserts of Abu Dhabi is a beginner-friendly experience. Even novice riders are able to enjoy buggy self-ride to the fullest. First-timers drivers are provided training by the experts to make you drive the Abu Dhabi Buggy Ride safely.

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Euphoric Sunsets

The dune buggy ride happens to be at the time of sunset when the sands are covered with golden sun rays that slowly turn into darkness. Moreover, the enchanting looks of Mleiha desert city make the views even better. You can enjoy the buggy ride and capture this everlasting moment with your camera.

Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour
Safeguarding your life

Counted among extreme adventure activities, you can enjoy Abu Dhabi buggy tour with utmost safety and guidance. Prior to the ride, the expert guide teaches you about vehicle operation and dune routes. Once you get your hands on the vehicle with the right coaching, you can navigate through the dunes safely with bucket seats, a roll cage, and a safety harness.

Know Before You Book Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour

Essential Information
Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour
  • Round-trip transfer in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • Guide about the operation of dune and safety.
  • Polaris Ranger 570 buggy rental.
  • Guided tour.
  • Instructions for riding a dune buggy.
  • Safety gear.
  • Safety helmet.
  • 1 to 1:30 hours for driving a Buggy.
  • BBQ Dinner in the desert with soft drinks and music.
  • Washroom facilities for men and women.
  • Water, and some beverages at the desert camp.
  • Sandboard, camel ride, henna painting, Arabic costume, and photo shoot.
  • Intercontinental Breakfast, lunch on dinner.
  • Evening Live shows.

FAQ's of Abu Dhabi Buggy Tour