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Admire Unparalleled Views from the Tallest Observation Wheel in the World
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About Ain Dubai Tickets

Ain Dubai is the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel or Giant Wheel ride with a whopping height of 250 m. Buying Ain Dubai Tickets will let you see the breathtaking panoramic views of the entire magnificent and modern high-rise city of Dubai including some of the country’s most well-known places, such as Dubai Marina, Luxurious Burj Al Arab, artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah, and the Enormous Burj Khalifa.

In this 38 minute wonderful ride, you can enjoy the Arabian sunset sitting on the most comfortable sofa while having different foods and beverages of your own choice. Possessing the power to carry 48 people at once in a single cabin, you can also choose to celebrate your happiness along with your loved ones dancing to the tunes of music in the high-sky.

Ain Dubai has been closed to entry owing to Ramadan and some minor construction. Now, guess what? It is going to open very soon, and we can’t wait, just like you!


Ain Dubai Tickets Variations

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Ain Dubai Views
  • These are the open-dated tickets, the ones that have a validity of six months.
  • This is a 38-minute ride in a small capsule-like cabin that will help you capture the beauty of Dubai’s skyline at an affordable Ain Dubai ticket price.
  • This ride includes the inclusion of one person only.
  • It is best for you if you are a solo traveler.
  • This variation makes the best price of the ticket 107 AED or INR 2,240.
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Ain Dubai Prime Time Views
  • Sitting in a cabin gives a premium experience while enjoying the enchanting views of the Arabian sunset.
  • Witness Dubai’s skyline.
  • Premium cabin has comfortable leather and plush seating.
  • This ride will cost you 143 AED or INR 2,989.
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Ain Dubai Premium Prime Time Views
  • Watch the dreamy sunset.
  • The Ain Dubai price of this section gives the bird's-eye view with premium features.
  • Features include your favorite food and beverages sitting in the premium lounge, giving you the most comfortable ride.
  • Accommodation of 48 people.
  • Usually booked for social events.
  • The ticket would be priced at 199 AED, or INR 4,140.
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Ain Dubai Dinner Cruise

You can opt for a cruising session around Ain Dubai in the evening about 8:15 pm. This is a mega-yacht that will give you a 1.5-hour dinner ride from Dubai Marina to Atlantis, the Palm, and back. You can enjoy buffet-style food, unlimited soft drinks, and adult drinks for people over 21. It will let you enjoy the night with your friends on this dinner cruise while enjoying beautiful views and a large number of options to choose from different foods and beverages. This is a good option if you enjoy traveling in waters.

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Observation Cabins

The observation cabin speaks for its name as it lets you experience some of the best views from Ain Dubai in 38 minutes. These cabins are 48 in number and can carry 48 people. Both for children and adults here, you can choose from multiple options ranging from the basic cabin to the premium ones, depending upon your requirements, number of companions and budget.

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Private Cabins

These cabins are boarded by people who have to party in private. Usually, this is booked for social events such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, business parties, reunions, and other forms of such parties and events. Celebrations in these types of private cabins happen at the highest level and let you and the attendees enjoy the panoramic views of Dubai along with premium facilities like lounges, foods, beverages, and a lot of other elite options to choose from.

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Sky Bar

Dubai is a place that has strict laws that forbid anyone under 21 to consume alcohol. If you are lucky enough to be an adult aged above 21, you can enjoy your favorite drinks at the sky bar in Ain Dubai. This place is called "Sky Bar" and is a lounge that gives you the best experience of Dubai’s nightlife. People, who want to experience Dubai’s nightlife, chill around and those who want to socialize among others go to sky bar to get all this.

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Know Before You Book Ain Dubai Tickets

Essential Information

• The Ain Dubai tickets offer would mesmerize you with the sunset views of Burjh Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

• Wheel length of Ain Dubai is approximately 250 m or 820 ft, hence one will surely get a pretty dramatic view from up.

• Ain Dubai possesses a total of 48 cabins in which multiple people can go in at the same time.

• The wheel capsule space area is around 30 m in size, enough to accommodate 48 people at once.

• Choosing from the ticket variations, you can choose to enhance their rides with premium facilities, which include tasty food, classy beverages, and luxurious seating.

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Ain Dubai Facts

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  • Ain Dubai became the world’s largest Ferris wheel (Giant Wheel or Observation Wheel) in 2021, beating the 2014 titleholder (167.5 m), the High Roller of the Las Vegas, and the London's eye (135 m).
  • Ain Dubai took 5 years to build
  • Ain Dubai was previously named the Dubai Eye or Dubai-I.
  • Dubai's construction cost is 1.6 billion USD or AED 6 Billion.
  • 9000 and counting tons of steel were used to construct Ain Dubai.
  • Ain Dubai has used 25% more steel to be constructed than the Eiffel Tower of Paris.
  • Ain Dubai is just 500 m shorter than the Eiffel Tower of Paris.
  • Each Leg of Ain Dubai is about a height of 126 meters.
  • A single ride can accommodate 1750-1900 people in 48 capsules that can furthermore carry around 48 people!
  • Ain Dubai is such a massive giant wheel that a complete revolution takes 38 minutes.
  • Buying Ain Dubai tickets will give you the experience of sunset views of the country’s most well-known places, such as Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, etc.
  • Ain Dubai is expected to feature the world’s highest rope climbing platform soon with a height of 150 m.
  • Ain Dubai alone isn’t the only attraction; one can choose around to visit Madame Tussauds which is located nearby this giant wheel.
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Ain Dubai Experience

Experience the heights of thrill at Ain Dubai like nowhere else and delve into the breathtaking views of Dubai from high above. The city of Dubai possesses the world’s finest ultra-modern billion-dollar architecture that makes the entire views of the city take anyone’s breath away. For different Ain Dubai ticket prices, you can choose to get the best of all treatments depending upon your needs. From sitting on the comfy sofas to blissfully looking at the setting sun, one can grab their chance. One can be enjoying their favorite drinks in peace or can be partying hard at the same time dancing on the trending track!

Attractions to See from Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

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Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest man-made structure is included in the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel ride. Burj Khalifa stands straight freely making it to the eyes of beholders standing 95 kilometers away. It looks massively enchanting when viewed from this giant wheel and offers some of the best views of Burj Khalifa that people die for.

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Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious and tallest hotels in the whole world. From Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab can be seen, and it makes it to the list of one of the best views that this Ferris wheel offers. This massive hotel on one side and the Burj Khalifa on the other provide the best once-in-a-lifetime panoramic photograph to capture. The Ain Dubai tickets will have all the possibilities that can make you see this wonder.

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Palm Jumeirah

This is an island group in Dubai made up of artificial islands using land reclamation that extends into the Persian Gulf. This in itself is unique because it isn’t a tall structure that can be captured from Ain Dubai like Burj Al Khalifa or Burj Al Arab, but a vast group extended into the sea that makes it one of the most unique and enchanting things one can experience while riding in Ain Dubai. A complete top-view of this place is usually for everyone to see while on a plane, but Ain Dubai gives a completely different view of this place.

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FAQ's of Ain Dubai Tickets

Why is Ain Dubai so famous?

Ain Dubai is famous because it is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Recently, it has been added into the best tourist attraction in Dubai as it gives a bird's eye view of the entire city.

Is Ain Dubai the largest giant wheel in the world?

Ain Dubai is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world with a height of 250 m. It beats other Ferris wheels such as the 167.5 m High Roller of Las Vegas and 135 m London’s eye. You have to check the Ain Dubai ticket price to experience the tallest giant wheel ride.

Where is Ain Dubai located?

Ain Dubai is located in Bluewaters Island in the city of Dubai. Ticket to Ain Dubai is needed to ride the giant wheel. One can easily reach this place by walking, by driving, by Dubai metro station or taking a water taxi.

Are bags allowed on board at Ain Dubai?

Yes, small hand bags and rucksacks are allowed, however taking suitcases, large rucksacks or large boxes are strictly prohibited.

How long is the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel ride?

The Ain Dubai ride is about 38 minutes long during which one gets to enjoy some of the best views of the surrounding city.

Is Ain Dubai wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Ain Dubai is accessible for everyone, people with disabilities and wheelchairs can enjoy beautiful views of Ain Dubai with proper assistance and comfort. The best Ain Dubai tickets offer will let you get all the help and comfort as there are Lifts and ramps available on site.

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