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Best Time to Visit Dubai

If you are planning for a vacation in the United Arab Emirates, you would want to know the best time to visit Dubai, the country’s capital city. The city which has been built on the edge of the desert has climatic conditions that vary every month. Winter months between September to April are the best time to visit as during this season, the city enjoys a cool but not freezing winter. You will be able to go for sightseeing to take a look at its vast number of tourist attractions famed across the world. You will be able to take delight in looking at architectural wonders and towering skyscapes and enjoy participating in water and outdoor activities. If you travel around Christmas, you will also be able to enjoy shopping festivals, live concerts and other events.

Those planning for a summer holidays, between May to August, will have to bear the scorching desert heat and may have to remain indoors mostly.The summer season is good for those looking for less crowd and heavy discounts on everything.But several outdoor attractions are closed during that time, so you will need to exclude them from your list.

Tourist Season To Visit Dubai

Dubai Night Tour
High Season

High Season is the best time to visit Dubai and starts from December and lasts till April. During these months, the city enjoys excellent weather with clear skies and comfortable temperatures. Most tourists visit Dubai during these months and the city comes alive with different types of festivities and events. If you are visiting the ultramodern city during its high season, you will be able to enjoy live concerts, and events and indulge in a shopping spree at the shopping festivals. However, this being the high season, you can expect a long queue at the attractions that you visit.

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Flyboarding in Dubai
Shoulder Season

Dubai’s shoulder season starts in the month of September and lasts till October. This is the time when summer is just over and the city starts getting relief from the fiery hot weather. The buzz of the tourists starts to pick up the pace and the beaches of the city start offering thrilling water activities such as jet surfing and paragliding. If you want to take advantage of the early bird rates in accommodation and shopping, this is the best time to visit Dubai.

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Dubai Mall
Low Season

The low season in Dubai lasts from May till the end of August. If you visit during this season, you may get discounted rates on everything starting from airfare, travel, accommodation and even shopping but you will need to bear the scorching heat of the summer sun. Moreover, some of the outdoor attractions including the Dubai Safari Park, Dubai Desert Safari and others remain closed during this time.

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Seasons in Dubai

Dubai Opera
  • Summer The scorching hot summer season in Dubai lasts from May to August. You will be able to experience the desert heat to the fullest while visiting the city during these months when it's landscape heats up in the summer sun. The days will have 13 hours of sunlight and a high temperature. Nights are slightly cooler but still hot. This season is ideal for those tourists who are on the lookout for attractive off-season offers at attractions and activities. But they will have to bear the hot weather and skip visiting a few places that are close for summer.

1. Temperature:

  • During Day: 30 - 42°C;
  • During Night: 25 - 35°C

2. Travel Tip:

  • Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothes.

  • Drink plenty of water and other drinks to keep your body hydrated.

  • Carry an umbrella or wear a cap and other headgear to cover your head from the scorching sun.

  • Stay indoors in air-conditioned places as much as possible.

  • Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes and apply sunscreen on the face to protect from harmful rays.

  • Winter Dubai's best time to visit starts from the month of September and lasts till April. If you are looking for an escape from extreme cold weather and snowfall and want to go somewhere with comfortable weather, clear skies and sunny but not too hot days, the city will be the ideal destination to visit. During your visit to the city between September to April, you can not only enjoy outdoor activities such as dune-bashing in the Dubai Desert or water slide in Wild Wadi Waterpark, but you will also be able to attend festivals, events and concerts.

1. Temperatures:

  • During Day: 23 - 30°C
  • During Night: 17-22°C

2. Travel Tip:

  • Expect long queues at attractions.
  • Book your air ticket and accommodation well in advance to avoid not getting booked.
  • Wear an extra layer of clothing such as jackets, cardigans etc. throughout the day as there may be changes in the weather.
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Month Wise Guide to Visit Dubai

Waterpark Wild Wadi

The month of January is rather popular as one of the best times to visit Dubai with cool weather with temperature dropping to an average of 23°C throughout the day. Traveling to the city during this month, you will be able to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival and will get to enjoy spending a lot of time at the beach. January is also a good time to enjoy outdoor activities at entertainment parks of Dubai such as Wild Wadi Waterpark and Aquaventure Waterpark.You will also be able to visit the popular attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque etc. comfortably.

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Dune Buggy Dubai Fun

February has a slightly hot temperature compared to January with the average rising to around 22 - 25°C during the day. But this is also the month when the city starts blooming with pretty spring flowers which you will be able to enjoy while visiting the vast Miracle garden.To get a stunning view of the city, you can visit the famous Ain Dubai. As the weather is not too hot, you can also enjoy water sports at the beach such as jet skiing, parasailing etc. and may head out towards the desert to explore it on the back of a camel or by bike or dune buggy.

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If you are visiting Dubai in March, you can enjoy comfortable weather ranging between 17 to 28 °C during the day. So, you will be able to enjoy the beach and indulge in exciting outdoor activities during your visit. March is considered to be one of the best times to visit Dubai as the city enjoys clear blue skies, day long sunshine and cool evenings. You can visit the city’s star attractions, go on shopping expeditions to its numerous malls or embark on a day trip to visit neighboring cities such as Ras al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

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View of Dubai Marina

April is another one of the best times to visit Dubai with the sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky during the day and cool and comfortable temperature at night. The city experiences an average temperature of 21° - 33°C and has a low level of humidity, making it a good time for outdoor activities and spending some lazy time on the beach. Few things which you might enjoy doing in this month would include going to the Dubai Safari Park to take a look at the wild animals and visiting the Dubai Marina to enjoy a meal at one of the waterfront cafes or restaurants. Evenings would be perfect for catching a show at one of the theaters.

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Burj Khalifa Tickets

You will find the city of Dubai to be hot but not unbearable in the month of May. The temperature during this month ranges between 30 - 38°C and the humidity is around 60%. You will still be able to visit the beaches and take part in water activities. You will also be able to go sightseeing to take a look at Burj Khalifa and others and spend a fun day at Wild Wadi Waterpark. May would probably be the last month when you will be able to comfortably enjoy the outdoor sightseeing and activities.

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Dubai Museum

June in Dubai is hot and humid and has temperatures ranging between 28° - 40°C. The humidity is high and it is not very suitable for outdoor sightseeing and activities. During this month, you will probably want to visit those attractions which are indoor and air conditioned. Evenings are slightly more comfortable with the temperature dropping to around 26°C at night, making it ideal for having an evening meal at one of the elite restaurants of the city, exploring the Dubai Museum or catching a show at the Dubai Fountain.

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Ski Dubai

July is the hottest month of Dubai and you will be experiencing the full blast of desert heat while visiting the city during this month.Most tourists avoid visiting the city during July when its temperature rises up to 41°C.However, those who love attractive discounts will love to travel during this month where off-season discounts are available every month. You can make your July visit enjoyable by visiting the indoor attractions such as Ski Dubai, unwinding in cool spas or beat the heat at waterparks.

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Dhow Cruise

After the scorching heat of July, the temperature drops slightly in the range of 33° - 40°C in the month of August. However, the humidity is still high and the only outdoor activity you would prefer is to visit waterparks and swimming.You will still be able to enjoy fabulous discounts during this month and can enjoy a walk or a cruise in the evenings. Also, you can visit the numerous air-conditioned malls for shopping and visit indoor attractions for entertainment.

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Aquaventure Waterpark

The sweltering summer is finally almost over in September and the temperature range drops further to 28° - 39°C and there is a little rainfall. The tourist season is yet to start so you will be able to enjoy the city’s attractions without the crowd. September is also a great time for spending some good time on the beach and also enjoying a splash at the waterparks.

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Dubai Night Tour

The average day time temperature in October is around 29°C and drops further to 24°C by night. The month marks the beginning of the winter season and you can enjoy 12 hours of daylight without any rainfall. You can still expect exciting discounts and also visit the city’s attractions comfortably. Crowds are also not too thick, making it one of Dubai's best times to visit.

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Garden Glow in Dubai

November is an off-beat month for a holiday in Dubai. Although the winter season has already begun, the city is still quite warm with a temperature of 26-30°C during the day. The daylight lasts for 11 hours followed by a cool evening with 18ºC. If you visit during this month, you will be able to get an experience of the Arabian outdoors by visiting neighboring cities like Sharjah, taking a trip to Dubai Safari Park, and go visit the city’s star attractions. Evenings are ideals for a walk along the Dubai Marina or a visit to Garden Glow.

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legoland Dubai

You can plan to spend your winter vacation in Dubai as the city is alive with their New Year celebrations. The weather remains comfortable during the day with an average temperature of 16° - 26°C and the cool breezy evenings are pleasant for indulging in the Dubai nightlife during the festivals. You can, however, expect a few brief showers, so be prepared for that. Go sightseeing, embark on outdoor adventures and activities and be a part of the city’s celebrations by visiting during one of the best times to visit Dubai.

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Tips to Visit Dubai

  • Learn about Dubai’s culture and customs when you plan for a visit.

  • Even if you are visiting Dubai during summer, do dress modestly and refrain from wearing shorts, tank tops and similar dresses.

  • Women can carry a scarf or a light shawl all the time as they may need to cover their heads in some attractions.

  • Visit attractions on the weekdays to avoid crowds.

  • Do not visit during Ramadan when the city is ready for its festival and everywhere it is crowded and expensive.

  • Purchase your bus and metro cards at the airport to avoid standing in long queues.

  • During your visit to the city, do not miss out on a desert safari, one of the top attractions of the city.

  • Dubai is famous for its malls so indulge in a shopping spree while there.

  • Experience Dubai’s nightlife by visiting a few of its bars and nightclubs.

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Famous Places To Visit In Dubai

FAQs of Best Time to Visit Dubai

What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is from December to April. The city enjoys comfortable weather during these months and comes alive with concerts, events and shopping festivals. Also as the weather is comfortable during this time, you will also be able to indulge in sightseeing and taking part in outdoor activities.

What’s the best time to visit Dubai for outdoor activities?

Adventure enthusiasts and thrill-seekers preferring outdoor activities need to visit Dubai between November to April when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Some of the exciting outdoor activities you can indulge in during these months include riding on sand dunes, Ziplining, Helicopter tours, Hot Air balloons, and others.

When can I get the best discounts in Dubai?

You can enjoy the best discounts on airfare, accommodation and shopping if you visit Dubai in the summer months from June to August. As tourists are less during this time, hotels and shops offer more discounts to attract them.

What are the coldest months in Dubai?

The winter months from December to February are the coldest months in the city of Dubai. During this time, the weather is cold but not freezing and the temperature drops up to 12°C during the night. This is one of Dubai's best times to visit as you will be able to enjoy the water and outdoor activities comfortably.

What are the hottest months in Dubai?

Dubai is extremely hot in summer and the hottest months are July and August. You should only visit during these months if you can bear the desert heat. In summer, there is sunlight for 13 hours and the temperature soars to 43°C.

How hot is Dubai in summer?

During the summer months, especially in July and August, the city of Dubai with its deserts becomes extremely hot and has sunlight for 13 hours during the day. The temperature rises up to 45°C, making it uncomfortable to stay outdoors.

When is the best time to visit beaches in Dubai?

If you are looking for the best time to visit Dubai when you can enjoy the beach and its activities the most, you should visit the city between October to April when the weather is cool and comfortable. During these months, you will be able to enjoy beach activities such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Parasailing, and more.

What are a few tips and hacks to visit Dubai?

Learn about Dubai’s culture and customs when you plan for a visit. Follow the custom and dress modestly even in summer and refrain from wearing shorts, tank tops and similar dresses. Women will need to cover their heads at a few of the attractions. Visit attractions on weekdays to avoid crowds. Refrain from visiting during weekends or Ramadan.

What is the best time to visit Dubai with the kids?

Kids would enjoy their Dubai trip the most if they visit during the winter months of November to March. During these months, not only the weather is the most suitable for sightseeing and water and outdoor activities, there are a number of fun events that are held in the city in winter that kids can participate in.

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