Bike Rental in Abu Dhabi

If you have landed in Abu Dhabi for a long vacation and wish to explore the city in depth, renting a bike is probably the best way to do so. It is comparatively cheaper as compared to some other options, and also it gives you freedom of taking your bike to wander at places you wish to explore. Moreover, if you are renting a pedal-operated bike rather than a motorbike, it will also help you keep your fitness in check. Abu Dhabi has bike rentals in spades so you won’t be devoid of enough options as there are plenty.

This pocket-friendly travelling experience lets you unravel a new city like no other means of transport. These rented vehicles are very easy to acquire in Abu Dhabi, without unnecessary hassle and guess what? You can take them wherever and whenever you want to! Some of the most prominent bike rentals in Abu Dhabi include ADCB bikeshare, BYKY, Careem Bikes Sharing, and YAS cycles. They have an extensive service network so you can just pick up your bike from your preferred location and drop it somewhere else on tour according to your own convenience.

Bike Rental Options in Abu Dhabi

Whether you want to cut your travel costs down or wish to explore the city with freedom as your wings, bike rental in Abu Dhabi makes absolute sense. The rental options eliminate the restriction and inconvenience that tourists face while using public transportation, making this option way more convenient.

Bike Rental Dubai
ADCB Bikeshare

This bike rental in Abu Dhabi has around 50 stations across the city which offer 300 bikes to customers and tourists. Every docking station is loaded up with a station map and a touchscreen kiosk which uses a code to release the rented bike. One can buy a 1-day, 3-day and a monthly pass according to their convenience.

BYKY in Dubai

What sets BYKY apart from the rest of the bike rental in Abu Dhabi is their diversified portfolio of bikes that can be rented. They have a regular bike, e-scooter, single bike, double bike and family bike that can easily accommodate 4 people at once!

Careem Bike Sharing
Careem Bike Sharing

This bike rental in Abu Dhabi offers pedal-assisted bikes that are driven by an electric motor. Careem bike sharing has their docking stations placed at key landmarks of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The renting process is rather simple too, as you just need to fill in the necessary details, scan the QR code at the station and you’re good to go!

Bike Rental Dubai
YAS Cycles

YAS cycles offer bicycles to both wholesalers and retailers. They have at least 350 docking stations which operate 24x7. Their bikes can be ridden at a max speed of about 30km/hr on dedicated bicycle tracks and safe roads. Yas cycles is one of the most renowned bike rental in Abu Dhabi.

Best Motorbikes to Rent in Abu Dhabi

Pedal-assisted bikes are surely fun and they’re good for your health but the real fun lies when you put a motor in a bike. Abu Dhabi has some great options available when it comes to bike rental in Abu Dhabi. They might be fast but they are safe as well, guaranteeing that you have oodles of fun without getting hurt.

Bike Rental Dubai
  • BMW K1200 GT: This sport-touring motorcycle is full blown Grand Tourer, as the name suggests. It is designed with just one purpose in mind: to munch miles while keeping its rider and pillion cocooned in luxury. If you are looking for a comfortable bike rental in Abu Dhabi, it doesn’t get better than this.

  • Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail: This American cruiser will add so much glamour to your already exotic trip. Imagine riding down the freeways of Abu Dhabi with an American cruiser burbling between your legs. And not to forget, it is very high on comfort quotient too.

  • Honda Goldwing: Yet another Grand Tourer in this list, the Honda GoldWing might look humongous at first glance but in reality, it’s a very sweet motorcycle that will baffle your mind with its crazy comforts.

  • Harley Rocker C: Designed for someone who always wants to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, the Harley Rocker C would be a fine bike if you wish for people to notice you. Loaded with oodles of American muscle, this cruiser is not only comfortable but full of swagger as well.

  • Kawasaki Vulcan: The Vulcan is not only easy on the pocket but also one of the lightest bike rental in Abu Dhabi. It is very approachable and friendly in its intent, making it a perfect companion for some laidback riding fun.

  • Vespa Scooter: A super fun alternative to bikes, the Vespa scooter makes a strong case for itself with its retro looks and no nonsense behaviour. If you wish to explore the bylanes of Abu Dhabi, you don’t need heavy cruisers, you need a Vespa!

How to Rent a Bike in Dubai?

Bike Rental Dubai
  1. Licence: You should really get a certified bike licence if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi and wish to apply for bike rental in Abu Dhabi. You should be somewhere around 17 years of age if you wish to be qualified for the Abu Dhabi motorbike licence.
  2. If you wish to rent a motorcycle from rent a bike in Abu Dhabi, you must possess the following documents:
  • Copy and original of Emirates ID
  • Stamped and signed Sponsor’s non objection certificate (NOC)
  • Eye test that guarantees that you have good vision
  • Copy of your passport accompanied by Abu Dhabi residence visa
  • Two passport size photographs

3. The signed document indicates that the rider who has rented the bike in his name, will be the sole renter. He will also be exclusively answerable for acquiescence with all the mentioned terms and conditions.

4. As per the applicable laws, the riders are required to attain consent to rent a bike in Abu Dhabi in regions where the cycle is permitted like pathways, walkways, walker intersections and bicycle paths.

Required Documents to Rent a Bike in Abu Dhabi

  • If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, you need to present your bike licence while renting a bike. If you are a tourist, your national driving licence would do too.
  • Emirates ID: both original and copy if you’re a resident of Abu Dhabi
  • Copy of your passport if you’re a tourist.
  • Eye test that certifies that your vision is good.
  • Signed and stamped NOC from the sponsor.
  • Two passport size photographs.

Places to Explore by Renting a Bike in Abu Dhabi

Once you rent a bike in Abu Dhabi, the whole emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be at your disposal for unhindered exploration. Abu Dhabi has a lot of landmarks and activities that can be experienced by renting a bike as it would be more convenient for you to have the freedom associated with it.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Yas Island

Spanning over 25km sq.,Yas Island has come out to be the ultimate one-stop destination for fun and entertainment. This island has a lot to offer, be it thrilling adventures or leisure activities. For instance, it’s home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster! It also has malls, beaches, theme parks, a world-class racetrack and what not!

warner bros
Warner Bros World

With 29+ action-packed rides, the Warner Bros World lets you immerse in the world of WB. All the WB characters that you love will be a part of this interactive theme park, whether it be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Scooby-Doo or Bugs Bunny. It is believed to be one of the largest and the most amazing indoor theme parks in the entire world! If you rent a bike in Abu Dhabi, going here is a must!

Park in Abu Dhabi
Nad Al Sheba Park

A popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts, the Nad Al Sheba cycling park in Dubai is renowned for its stunning cycling tracks. There are shaded seating spots, lush green patches and not to forget, breathtaking views of the famous Dubai skyline. The cycling tracks here offer different views for the riders to explore.

Al Qudra Cycle Track
Al Qudra Cycle Track

This unique track is made out of butter smooth asphalt so you can really push the limits of you and your bike, if you wish to do so. Surrounded by a stunning desert landscape, it might surprise you also with glimpses of local wildlife.


To get your fix of adrenaline, the Dubai Autodrome is the perfect destination! This 1.2km outdoor circuit is accompanied by a 600-metre air-conditioned indoor circuit as well. There are various activities to enjoy here, like go karting, simulators and laser tag as well. The Autodrome is one of the most important locations to check off if you rent a bike in Abu Dhabi.

Mushrif Park
Mushrif Park

An absolute favourite amongst bird watchers, Mushrif Park has all the ingredients of a chill Sunday afternoon with your family. It is rich with indigenous wildlife and greenery and there are enough picnic spots and restaurants to chill between nature. If you are on a hunt to do some adventure, this park is also home to Aventura, a tree-top adventure park with over 80 exciting challenges.