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About Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai is a theme park filled with amazing rides and other attractions that offers a day's worth of entertainment to anyone who visits this place. The place has been meticulously decorated with famous scenes from classic Indian movies. The place is divided into six different zones, each based on some Bollywood movie themed, offering the vibrant essence of the famous characters.

Enjoy thrilling rides like Rocket, which takes through sharp twists and turns, or get refreshed by participating in a splashy fight with water guns at the Monsoon Masti. Kids and adults all can enjoy these rides, hence making it a perfect place for family weekend. You can also enjoy some amazing live entertainment shows, depicting the famous scenes from movies like Lagaan, Krrish, etc. at the Rajmahal theater. Learn how movies were made and the evolution of Indian cinema as you visit the knowledgeable section of Bollywood Film Studios.

Enjoy some delicious Indian cuisine dishes at the inhouse restaurant, Victoria Station, offering authentic Maharashtrian cuisines. The ambience of the place is inspired by a train compartment, providing unique and fresh ambience to the place. You can also buy aesthetically pleasing souvenirs from the inhouse shop of the park, where all the products are Bollywood theme based.

Buying Bollywood Park Ticket Online

There are loads of reasons for you to book the tickets online rather than waiting to get them from the physical counter. The Bollywood Parks Dubai tickets lets you get a direct entry into your world without spending a single moment in the long queues at the counters. Being one of the popular attractions in Dubai it is usually crowded and the best way to avoid the crowd is to plan and book the tickets online. You would get the tickets done from the comfort of your homes as well as save a lot applying various discount coupons. Get ready to be transported back all the way back to the 60’s era enjoying a one of a kind experience.

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Bollywood Park Dubai Tickets Variations

Bollywood Parks Dubai
Bollywood Parks Ticket

Bollywood Park ticket offer you an access to the magical world of Hindi cinema at Dubai where you can explore the themed movie sets, rides, theater performances, and much more. You can take part in some of the immense motion simulators that give you a once in a lifetime experience of your favorite movie scenes from Lagaan and Krrish. It also lets you shop from some of your favorite brands as well as enjoy international cuisines with your loved ones.

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Motiongate Park
1 Day 2 Parks Ticket

The 1 Day 2 Parks Bollywood Park ticket price includes not only exploring the Bollywood Park but also lets you explore Motiongate, Legoland, and Legoland Waterpark. Choose your Bollywood Park partner among the three and access two attractions with one ticket. You will get to enjoy the recreated moments from your favorite movies of Bollywood as well as enjoy live music and dance performances, with delicious Indian food at the inhouse restaurants.

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Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Frame Tickets

This 2 in 1 package for Dubai lets you to get the most out of Bollywood Park as well as the Dubai Frame, an iconic attraction. Getting this ticket, you can enjoy amazing rides at the Bollywood Park watching some of your favorite movies, shopping till you drop, as well as savoring some of the delectable international cuisines. After that you can go ahead to Dubai Frame to capture some of the iconic viewpoints of the Dubai Skyline as well as explore the exhibits at the Frame Museum.

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dubai aquarium.jpg
Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets

The combo ticket for Bollywood Park offers you an experience of the iconic bollywood themed park, Underwater Zoo and the famous Dubai Aquarium. You will get a chance to explore the themed zones, rides, and attractions in the colorful world of Indian cinema recreated from the iconic movies like Sholay, Lagaan, Dabbang, and more. You can enjoy the aquatic fauna at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo having close calls with a wide range of marine creatures like penguins, stingrays, otters, and crocodiles.

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Dubai Safari Park
Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Safari Park Tickets

This combo Bollywood Park ticket offer you access to both Bollywood Park and the Dubai Safari Park. You will be part of the recreated magic of the Hindi cinema industry taking a tour of your favorite movies back to the 60’s era. You will also get to have close encounters with more than 2500 animals from all around the globe at the safari park. This Bollywood Park ticket offer you to admire the Arabian wolves, waterbucks, lions, komodo dragons, flamingos, and more in their natural element.

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Wild Wadi Waterpark
Bollywood Parks with Wild Wadi Water Park Tickets

Within your Bollywood Park Dubai ticket price with loads of discounts, access the iconic themed Bollywood Park as well as the famous Wild Wadi Water Park. With this ticket, you will be able to learn more about the process of filmmaking at the Bollywood Film Studio along with various rides. You can head out to the fun filled Wild Wadi Water Park to indulge in loads of spills and thrills with your loved ones.

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Advantage of Booking Bollywood Park Tickets From Us

Bollywood Parks Dubai

1.) Advance Booking - The advance booking of Bollywood Parks Dubai tickets lets you save a lot of time, effort, and money on the day of actual visit. Being one of the most sought after attractions, it is usually crowded and it is very difficult to get the tickets from the physical counters. But if you plan for advance booking, then you can get it done from the comforts of your home and you can simply skip the line on your actual visit.

2.) Convenience - Booking Bollywood Park Dubai Tickets online is very much convenient as it lets you skip the line on your visit and make a direct entry into the attractions. You can just get the tickets done from the comforts of your home and go ahead with the rides and attractions without spending a single moment in the long queues.

3.) Best Deals and Discounts - Booking Bollywood Park tickets online, you will be able to save a lot on the Bollywood Park Dubai ticket price as you can apply for a number of discount coupons. Get the best deals and discounts as you book online tickets with us.

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Top Rides to Enjoy in Bollywood Parks Tickets

The Bollywood Park Dubai is packed with a number of exciting rides that offer some amazing thrill rides based on Bollywood themes. The place has rides which are suitable for both kids and adults, making it a more famous theme park.

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Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory lets you travel back in time with Bhuvan and his cricket squad as they take against the British Raj in a game of cricket. It happens to be a motion simulator-based attraction inspired by the hit Hindi movie Lagaan. It is set in a picturesque village surrounded by rugged terrain and farmland which lets you immerse yourself in the action with a motion simulator.

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Lagaan Champner Bollywood Park
Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival transports you to immerse yourself in a rural festivity. You will be riding a ferris wheel and the carousel while taking in the sights and sounds of an Indian hamlet and partake in the exuberance of simple joy. There are sellers selling delectable delicacies and a plethora of trinkets to pique the interest of any shopaholic.

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Bollywood Park Dubai Hawa Hawai.jpg
Hawa Hawai

Hawa Hawai happens to be a colorful family ride that features 12 themed 'hang glider' vehicles with riders seated in a lying down position. It takes you back to the wonders of flight and teaches us how to overcome the obstacles posed by the wind. The Ride will be marked by a rainbow of colors from the Kites Shade above, as well as a structure that replicates a vivid sky, giving each Guest the desire to soar!

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Bollywood Skyflyer Dubai
Bollywood SkyFlyer

The Bollywood Sky Flyer is the world's tallest swing ride and a world record holder. It's a one-of-a-kind attraction that attracts both young and elderly. It offers the thrills of hang gliding and swinging all at once as you'll also be subjected to a variety of actions, including dropping, lifting, and rotating at different speeds.

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Rocket Ride in Bollywood Park Dubai.jpg

Rocket is a gravity ride in the shape of a rocket that will take you on a mini-fall. While exploring, the kids come into an Alien Discovery Station in the middle of a rural and rustic environment, where they discover a rocket ship waiting for them to board. ROCKET is a free-fall drop tower designed specifically for small children. As they hauled all the way to the top, they were as snug as bugs in heavy metal shoulder restraints.

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monsoon masti.jpg
Monsoon Masti

Monsoon Masti is a water cannon combat combined with an interactive spinning water basket ride. It allows riders to spray each other as they whirl and spin in circles. Six baskets, each with four people, float and rotate on a circular platform that descends into the sea until it disappears. Each passenger is armed with a massive water gun, and they engage in a water fight that will leave everyone soaked, including spectators!

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Rodeo Ki Sawari Bollywood Park.jpg
Rodeo Ki Sawari

The Indian Rodeo has a long history in rural India, and it embodies the vivacity and joy of the vibrant flower garlands, holi powders, and patterned structures. It is a triple spinning action coaster that is full of fun and thrill. The 10 cars are moved from one to the other along a figure-eight shaped course by two circular platforms rotating at 10 rpm. Each car can fit two people and two children, and riders can spin themselves for a crazy trip.

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Tanga No. 13.jpg
Tanga No.13

Take a ride on Tanga No.13, a zany chariot ride designed specifically for your tiny adrenaline seekers. This enjoyable ride, however, is unique in that it will transport children and their parents in a pleasant circular motion that provides an amusing 'wave effect,' ensuring thrill and excitement for all passengers.

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Abra ka Dabra

Prepare to board the mysterious Floating Abra, which is located in the ancient Rustic Ravine. It's a wonderful boat that swivels, scoots, and twists across the rocky waves as well as tugs. Hold on for this fast-paced wobbly twister, which is ideal for younger adventurers ready to tackle some faster-paced rides.

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Zones & Attractions Offered in Bollywood Parks Tickets

The Bollywood Park Dubai is divided into five different zones with each zone having its unique offerings in terms of rides, attraction, theme, and restaurants. During your visit, you should spend considerable time at these zones to get the true experience of the park.

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bollywood boulevard.jpg
Bollywood Boulevard

Bollywood Boulevard is one of the very first zones that tourists love to explore with their Bollywood Parks Dubai tickets. This boulevard is brimming with Bollywood culture, with vivid colors, musical performances, entertaining cafes, and much more. Travel through time to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with outstanding Bollywood performances at the Crossroads stage.

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Mumbai Chowk Bollywood Park
Mumbai Chowk

During your visit to Mumbai Chowk, you will get a chance to wander the city's famed alleyways and get a flavor of the Indian metropolis in Dubai. Join mafia leader Don on an adventurous pursuit in Don - The Chase Begins, an immersive and exhilarating 3D tunnel adventure.

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royal plaza.jpg
Royal Plaza

You can visit the Royal Plaza which happens to be the gorgeous Rajmahal Theater and is considered to be the heart and soul of Bollywood Park Dubai. This place lets you see iconic Bollywood shows, including Jaan-e-Jigar, the region's first Broadway-style Bollywood musical. You can also get to witness some of the high energy acts that take place on a regular basis at the Stars on Steps.

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Rustic Ravine.jpg
Rustic Ravine

Rustic Ravine is yet another popular attraction in the Bollywood Park Dubai that lets you take a trip to the mystical world of rural India and see the zone's exciting attractions based on the blockbuster film "Lagaan." You can go ahead to hunt for Gabbar Singh by riding a miniature Ferris wheel, hopping on a themed carousel, and arming yourself with sound-pumped infrared pistols.

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Bollywood Film Studios
Bollywood Film Studios

The Bollywood Film Studios gives you a chance to meet your favorite Bollywood celebrities in a multi-sensory 4D theater adventure. It will take you on a thrilling plunge into the virtual world of some of the most well known superhero movies like Ra.ONE and Krrish. .You can then come back to the Rangmanch to enjoy some of the traditional Banjara dances and Nautanki.

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Mela Junction Bollywood Park
Mela Junction

Mela Junction describing its name is a classic Indian carnival, where you will find various rides and stalls which are themed based on Indian movies. The vivid and colorful zone features rides as well as the great restaurant Namaste India, which provides delectable Indian cuisine.

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Know Before You Book Bollywood Park Tickets Dubai

Location and How to Reach
Best Time to Visit and Opening Hours
Dress Code
Facilities & Tips

  • Visit this one-of-a-kind Bollywood-themed park for glitzy shows, adrenaline-pumping thrills, and unforgettable performances.
  • Explore the five separate zones based on Indian cinema's biggest hits.
  • Visit the magnificent rural Indian village based on the blockbuster film "Lagaan."
  • Travel through the colorful streets of Mumbai as you experience the thrilling 3D rides along with Don- the mafia leader of India.
  • Take a stroll along Bollywood Boulevard, and relish delicious recipes in the Rock On!! movie themed cafe.
  • The Rajmahal Theater, the life and soul of Bollywood Parks Dubai, is a sight to behold, offering amazing vibrant and colorful rides.
  • At the Film Studios, get a behind-the-scenes look at Bollywood production.
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FAQ's of Bollywood Park Dubai

Why is Bollywood Park so famous?

Bollywood Park is very much famous for being one a kind Bollywood themed park in Dubai that celebrates the legendary movies of Mumbai film industry. The park takes you on a journey through romance, adventure, action, and colors of the iconic movies ever created.

How much time is needed to explore Bollywood Park Dubai fully?

If you wish to make the most of your visit at the Bollywood Park Dubai, then you would need to spend at least a whole afternoon, around 3-4 hours. In this time, you can take an exploration tour of the park, enjoy theater performances, shop from your favorite brands, dine out with your loved ones and more.

Which are the different dining options available at Bollywood Park?

Victoria Station In a reproduction of the renowned Victoria Terminus, you may get a taste of Bombay. While sitting in a life-size replica of a railway compartment, dine on Maharashtrian cuisine.

Jumbo Café Go Jumbo and indulge in a vast variety of pizzas, pasta, hamburgers, and hot beverages that will keep you going back for more. This is a unique modern café where you may sample some of the best cups of coffee as well as a wide range of teas. In addition, the café serves enticing treats such as sandwiches, Arabic dates, and donuts.

What is the best time to visit Dubai Bollywood Park?

The best time to visit Dubai Bollywood Park would be in the morning hours when there would be less crowd and you will have plenty of time to explore everything. You should prefer visiting the park on weekdays as weekends are always overcrowded.

How to book Bollywood Park Dubai tickets online?

You can conveniently book your Bollywood Parks Dubai tickets online from us from the comfort of your home for the date you will be visiting. Booking the tickets online gives you a chance to get added discounts as well as lets you skip the line on the day of the visit.

What is the Bollywood Park ticket price?

The Bollywood Park ticket price is around 195 Arab Emirates Dirham.

What is included in a Dubai Bollywood Park ticket?

  • Five movie-themed zones are accessible.
  • Shows based on Bollywood that are colorful and entertaining.
  • Attractions and rides that reenact famous Hindi movie characters or scenes.

Can Bollywood Park tickets be cancelled?

Yes, the Bollywood Park tickets can be canceled but they are non refundable and non exchangeable.

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