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The capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi is a thriving center of sports, music, theater, art, and spirituality. Among the many things that you can enjoy in this progressive city, bowling is perhaps the most exciting activity that one can indulge in with friends and family. There are plenty of areas that you can visit to enjoy bowling in Abu Dhabi. While some of them are standalone, others are housed within shopping malls. One of the most popular bowling centers in the city include Khalifa International Bowling Center, the largest bowling place in the city with around 40 bowling lanes.

The Emirates Bowling Village is another famous hangout spot for having fun bowling with friends and family. It has around 32 bowling lanes and offers other sports facilities also like badminton, futsal, basketball, volleyball, billiard, and many more. Other most visited bowling areas in Abu Dhabi are ZEAL Entertainment Center, Xtreme Zone Center, and Strike bowling Center. Each of these bowling areas offer a unique experience for friends, families, and even kids. Moreover, most of them have restaurants and many other options for entertaining the guests, such as cosmic lighting and incredible music systems. If you wish to spend some time indoors when in Abu Dhabi, taking a trip to one of its many bowling alleys is a great option!

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Single round of bowling

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Bowling for 1 hour

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Best Bowling Places in Abu Dhabi

Khalifa International Bowling Center

The Khalifa International Bowling Center is Abu Dhabi's largest bowling alley, with over 40 lanes and the most up-to-date scoring systems. This venue was originally built to host the FIQ World Bowling Championship, and it is the only alley in the world to have done so more than once. This center is popular among both tourists and locals due to its large size, modern bowling lanes, and fair pricing. In addition to bowling, guests can participate in ping pong, video games, virtual reality, billiards, and other activities. There are also a number of food outlets where you can unwind and enjoy a hearty meal after a fun bowling match with friends and family.

ZEAL Entertainment Center

Spanning across an area of 35,000 square feet, ZEAL entertainment center is another popular bowling alley located within the Dalma mall in Abu Dhabi. This family-friendly bowling place is best known for providing a truly immersive bowling experience with its 12 bowling lanes accompanied by LED monitors to display scores. The most recognizable feature of this bowling alley is the wonderful twilight lighting and flooring, which adds to the overall bowling experience. Besides bowling, visitors to the ZEAL entertainment center can enjoy several activities like snooker, video games, and simulation games. There is also a restaurant and a shisha lounge at the center for visitors to enjoy.

Xtreme Zone Center

Xtreme Zone Center, located inside the Galleria Mall on Al Maryah Island, is a large fun area for bowling in Abu Dhabi. This center welcomes people of all ages, but it is especially popular with children. Guests can compete in exciting bowling matches with friends and family, and even win attractive prizes such as an Apple Watch and a Sony PlayStation. Furthermore, the XtremeZone Center features a bouncy trampoline park, arcade games, and climbing walls, among other interactive family-friendly activities. Since this bowling alley is in a mall, there are numerous food joints and shopping outlets where you can sit and relax after a thrilling bowling match.

Strike bowling Center

Situated inside the Abu Dhabi Country Club in Al Mushrif, Strike Bowling Center is a favorite spot among sports and fitness lovers. The bowling area is of a decent size having four bowling lines allowing upto five players each. In addition to bowling, all guests are welcome to indulge in several other sports activities like basketball, football, and even indoor skydiving. This center even has a large gym complete with all modern equipment and also offers special sports and workout programs for women. What’s more, there is a cafe and a salon for men and women each to help them relax and rejuvenate after an intense bowling match.

Emirates Bowling Village LLC

Emirates Bowling Village LLC is well-known for providing the perfect balance of sports and family entertainment. Emirates Bowling Village LLC provides the ideal setting for a fun day out with friends, with approximately 32 bowling lanes, cosmic lighting, cutting-edge equipment, and a fantastic sound system. There is also a separate bowling alley for children under the age of seven. Aside from bowling, guests can participate in a variety of sports such as badminton, futsal, volleyball, basketball, and billiard. The Emirates bowling village also includes a restaurant offering a variety of international cuisines.

Know Before You Visit Abu Dhabi

Some of the best bowling alleys in the UAE, if not the world, can be found in Abu Dhabi. Bowling in Abu Dhabi is a must-do activity and is popular among both tourists and locals. If you want to go bowling in the city, you should book your slots in advance because they tend to fill up quickly. When purchasing your tickets online, you can choose between a single 15-minute game and a one-hour slot at very reasonable prices. Moreover, booking your tickets in advance online allows you to not only reserve your spot but also take advantage of great deals and offers and thus, enjoy huge cost savings!

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  • Engage in an enthralling bowling match with friends and family at the biggest bowling alley in Abu Dhabi, the Khalifa International Bowling Center.

  • Enjoy an unforgettable experience of bowling in Abu Dhabi by witnessing the cosmic lighting effects and latest bowling equipment at most centers.

  • In addition to bowling in Abu Dhabi, participate in a number of sports and fun activities like billiards, basketball, video games, football, and so on.

  • Make the most of your time in Abu Dhabi with family and friends by going bowling at some of the best bowling alleys in the UAE.

  • Take a break from shopping sprees and indulge in an exciting match of bowling at one of the many centers located inside malls like Dalma mall and Galleria mall.

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