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Dolphin Show Dubai Overview

Dolphin show Dubai tickets lets you explore the fascinating world of Dolphins carrying out some of the amazing tricks to keep you entertained. The Dolphin Bay in Atlantis Dubai is one of the largest artificial dolphin habitats in the world and is situated on one of the best man-made islands in the world. One of the most visited tourist destinations to visit with families in Dubai, is the Dolphin Bay, which is situated on the well recognisable and famous Palm Islands. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to watch the creatures singing, dancing, painting, juggling, and more!

Whether you're standing next to the dolphins in shallow waters, swimming or scuba diving with them in deeper waters, make sure you have the most captivating experience possible with them if you're in Dubai and visiting Dolphin Bay. After all, the experience is what matters the most. Along with swimming with the dolphins, you also get to feed them and dive with these endearing creatures. Dolphin Bay will make your trip more exciting with all the activities available for all age groups, from swim nappies to speedos. Book your Dolphin show Dubai tickets for the next visit and head over to this amazing place to watch these trained humble creatures performing stunts along with family and kids.


Dolphin Show Dubai Tickets Variations

Exotic Bird Show
Exotic Bird Show

The first and only show featuring exotic birds in the Middle East, Creek Park Bird Show, is presented by Dubai Dolphinarium and is one of the most distinctive attractions in the UAE. Prepare to be mesmerised by one of the most extraordinary and wonderful birds of a different species as they demonstrate skills that will unquestionably refute the "Bird Brain Theory." Amazon parrots, Sun conures, blue & gold macaws, cockatoos, hornbills, green-winged macaws, falcons, toucans, and Eclectus parrots are just a few of the stunning and fascinating bird species that are waiting to astonish you with their abilities. As the birds soar above and engage with the crowd, join in on the entertainment!

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Dolphin and Seal Show Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin & Seal Show

Don't pass up the chance to be astounded by these charming and artistic aquatic animals. Only during the Dolphin & Seal Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium can you see these mammals perform amazing feats and display their skills. The extraordinary abilities of these amazing animals are displayed in a 45-minute indoor interactive spectacular. Watch in awe as the dolphins and seals do tricks, play games, sing, dance, and even produce original artwork!

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Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin Planet: Swim With Dolphins

Dolphin show Dubai offer you to take part in a Majestic Dolphin Swim to get up close and personal with our beautiful dolphins. You can hug, kiss, and dance with these amazing mammals while taking a belly ride or enjoying a dorsal fin tow. You will be guided by knowledgeable trainers who will be happy to share more information with you about the behaviours, habitats, and other aspects of dolphins. Perfect for swimmers with more experience because you'll have the chance to bond with your dolphin through kissing, embraces, dancing, and other high-energy behaviours.

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Enjoy at Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin, Seal, And Exotic Bird Show - All In One Pass

Get up close and personal with some of the mysterious bottlenose dolphins in one of the most interesting cities in the world. You're invited to a one-of-a-kind concert at the Dubai Dolphinarium where you may see dolphins and seals sing, dance, leap through hurdles, execute acrobatic tricks, and even paint! Admire the amazing beasts' agility and intellect as you learn about their habits and behaviour. Your days in Dubai will undoubtedly be booked, but don't worry! Select an excursion that also features a spellbinding illusionist show.

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Shows at Dolphin Dolphinarium

Shows at the Dolphin Bay can be considered as one of the best way to know more about the marina creatures as well as interact with them. These shows are curated to give you insights about how intelligent these creatures are by showcasing their talents.

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Dolphin and Seal Show Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin & Seal Show

Have you ever been charmed by a seal and a dolphin together? If not, you are free to observe these stunning aquatic creatures in action at the Dubai Dolphinarium. With their cute skills and tricks, these powerful sea animals will undoubtedly enchant you. They receive instruction in ball play, singing, and juggling. If you see them leaping over hoops, don't be shocked; they are skilled and seasoned at doing so. These critters will display their works during your 45-minute performance.

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Exotic Bird Show
Exotic Bird Show

The Dubai Dolphinarium brings the Creek Park Bird Show, the first and only exhibition of incredible birds in the Middle East, to the UAE. You should be ready to be mesmerised by one of the rarest and most magnificent birds you've ever seen as they exhibit their abilities. You will surely be astound by the beautiful and fascinating bird species with their bents and chops include Amazon parrots, sun conures, cockatoos, green-winged macaws, blue & golden macaws, toucans, hornbills, falcons, Eclectus parrots, and more. You will get a unique chance to engage with the audience and indulge in the show as the catcalls ring out above you.

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Dolphin Planet Dubai Dolphinarium
Dolphin Planet

Bring your family along so you may play, swim, and engage in other activities with the dolphins that are appropriate for all ages. You can meet dolphins underwater with scuba diving and see the breathtaking vistas while standing in shallow water without risk or injury. You are welcome to go there and remain as long as you like, taking in the amazing moments and photographing them to preserve them. It is the finest approach to educate your children about the love for those other non-human species and their safety because you have plenty of time to play with them and take pictures of them.

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dolphin mirror maze.jpg
Mirror Maze

Visit the only mirror maze in the UAE, one of the most distinctive attractions for a whole new experience. You are required to navigate a perplexing and unsettling maze of mirrors in this dizzying labyrinth! Find your own way through this incredible, entertaining, life-size mirrored maze! Bring your friends and families in today to start the journey! Only at Dubai Dolphinarium can you enjoy all the excitement under one roof at the fully air-conditioned indoor amenities!

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Know Before you Book Dolphin Show Dubai Tickets

How to Reach and Location
Timings & Restrictions

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet these amazing mammals and take part in a close-up dolphin encounter through Dolphin show Dubai tickets.
  • Visitors do not need to join the pool and can enjoy dry interaction with the dolphins. without going into the water, you can meet the dolphins at the pool.
  • Learn everything there is to know about these amusing aquatic mammals' habitats, food, and behaviours.
  • Cuddle, kiss, and play with the dolphins while learning about them.
  • Spend ten minutes interacting with the dolphins to enjoy a meet-and-greet experience, give the dolphins hugs and play with them.
  • Take home a free photo of the day as a souvenir to make this experience unforgettable with your Dolphin show Dubai tickets.
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FAQ's of Dubai Dolphin Show

What are the things that I can do at Dolphin Show Dubai?

  • Dolphin and Seal Show
  • Creek Park Exotic bird show
  • Swimming and Meet & Greet with Dolphins
  • Mirror Maze
  • Trampoline

How much is it to swim with the dolphins In Dubai?

The Dolphin Show Dubai ticket price to swim with the Dolphins starts from AED 270.

What to wear to visit Dolphin Show Dubai ?

Vests and swimming gears are available at the venue keeping in mind the health of the dolphins. There is a locker facility available at the venue that you can easily access. The wristband should be on you at all times until you exit the water park.

What are the age restrictions to visit Dolphin Show Dubai?

The visitors to the Dolphin Show with Dolphin show Dubai tickets for adults must be 12 years and older . Children less than 7 years are not allowed to the show arena without their accompanying adult. 2-11 years old can enter with a Child Ticket

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