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About Dubai Safari Park Tickets

Experience the wild side of Dubai at one of its most popular attractions with your Dubai Safari Park tickets. Spanning a massive area the park houses more than three thousand animals brought here from different parts of the world. Explore the four unique zones that the park is divided into, each with its own distinct features and specialties. Each zone is named a ‘village’ which is distinguished on the basis of different parts of the globe to which the animals belong. These include the Explorer Village, African Village, Asian Village, Al Wadi, Arabian Village, as well as a Kids Farm where children can spend a happy time playing and learning about wildlife.

The Dubai Safari Park offers a variety of other experiences and activities that will make your visit here memorable. Embark on a drive-through experience on one of the park’s air-conditioned buses to spot the animals at close quarters. You can also enjoy other activities like bird, goat, and giraffe feeding, breakfast with the feathered inhabitants of the park, or an exclusive photography tour with an expert guide to fill you in on interesting facts and fun stories about the park and its inhabitants.


Why You Should Visit Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park Tickets
  • Enjoy a unique experience of visiting this well-maintained safari park that houses over 3000 animals from across the globe
  • Get your Dubai Safari Park tickets to explore the distinct ‘Villages’ or zones that replicate the natural habitat for animals from various parts of the world, whether they are grasslands or tropical rainforests
  • From African Savannah and Asian Village to Arabian steppes and Wadi corner, the park promises a one-of-a-kind experience in each of its sections
  • You can see animals from about 250 different species including tigers, lions, hippos, gazelles, hyenas, gorillas, flamingos, reptiles, chimpanzees, and much more
  • Indulge in entertaining activities like going for an elephant or a camel ride, or feeding the giraffes
  • For more thrill, use your Dubai Safari Park tickets to sit on board a powerful vehicle that will take you for a drive-through experience
  • Appreciate the interactive park’s praiseworthy endeavors at conserving energy with its power-efficient facilities that make use of solar energy along with other tasks like breeding endangered species
  • Make the most of your visit to the wild with kids where they can learn about different animals, their ecosystems, natural habits, and much more
  • Kids can also enjoy the kids’ zoo here along with interactive games and activities.
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Villages at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park
Arabian Desert Safari

Visit the section of the park that showcases the beautiful Arabian desert wildlife with animals that range from the majestic Oryx and Arabian wolves to ostriches, gazelles, and much more. This is a drive-through experience that is reminiscent of the vast deserts of Western Asia and the Arabian peninsula, complete with images of historic nomadic desert culture.

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Dubai Safari Park
Asian Village

Enjoy a fun-filled tour around the Asian Village aboard a toy train with your Dubai Safari Park tickets. Here you can witness the diverse culture that this continent represents along with the influences of its ornate architecture. You will find animals that inhabit a range of habitats from forests to ponds like gibbons, moon bears, and komodo dragons.

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Dubai Safari Park
African Village

Embark on a veritable world tour right here with your Dubai Safari Park tickets that will take you deep within the African rainforests. Find some of the most exotic animals here like white lions, Chimpanzees, giant tortoises, and more. There are other creatures as well that represent the African continent like the Hippo, Okapi, Gorilla, African Lion, Lemur, Pygmy, Flamingo, and Bongo.

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Dubai Safari Park
Explorer Village

Book your Dubai Safari Park tickets today and head to its main attraction, the Explorer Village which showcases the best that the park has to offer. It represents the dense forests of Asia in conjunction with the African grasslands and houses majestic lions, tigers, antelopes, striped hyena, cape buffalo, Nile crocodile, and much more.

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Dubai Safari Park
Kids Farm

This is a veritable edutainment section where kids not only have fun but learn in a fun way about wildlife as well as engage in first-hand interactions with farm animals. While playing at the children’s playground featured in this facility, they can also enjoy the farm-like environment with ducks, chickens, sheep, ponies, and parrots.

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Dubai Safari Park
Al Wadi

One of the most picturesque sections of the park, this is a location you can enjoy with friends and family by using your Dubai Safari Park tickets. From man-made streams and lush greenery, everything is beautifully maintained by the Dubai municipality. Known primarily for its scenic beauty, this zone replicates the beautiful Wadis or valleys of this region.

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Experiences at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park
Safari Journey

Embark on a drive-through adventure on one of the park’s Safari buses as you get the opportunity to spot exotic animals from Asia and Africa at close quarters. The knowledgeable park guides will make the experience more interesting with fascinating stories and fun facts. You can see animals like tigers, hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, lions, zebras, antelopes, baboons, hyenas, giraffes, and much more.

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Dubai Safari Park
King of Safari

If you are looking for a special experience at the Dubai Safari Park, go for this luxurious package where you receive a ‘king-like treatment. Get driven around the park in a chauffeured car along with a personal guide who will provide you with all the interesting stories and fun facts about the park and its inhabitants. This package will also give you priority access to all the park’s facilities, exhibits, and reserved seats at bird shows.

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Birds Feeding in Dubai Safari Park
Breakfast with Birds

This is a popular Dubai Safari Park activity that is well-liked by families and people of all age groups looking for a unique breakfast experience. So start your morning on a distinct and positive note while enjoying a scrumptious breakfast with the feathered inhabitants here. Feed the birds and get clicked with them all the while under the keen guidance of a park animal caretaker.

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Dubai Safari Park
Jungle Capture

This is a unique and very exclusive Dubai Safari Park experience, especially for photography fans. Embark on a three hours long journey on the Safari Journey private bus that will cruise you around the park for that perfect animal shot you have always wanted to take. You will be accompanied by a guide who will help you in your endeavor to capture your once-in-a-lifetime shot.

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Know Before You Book Dubai Safari Park Tickets

Essential Information
Park Restrictions
Park Rules and Regulations
Live Shows

  • Opening Hours:

The Dubai Safari Park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. The timings may however vary during the month of Ramadan.

  • How to Reach:

Dubai Metro: The nearest metro station to Dubai Safari Park is Rashidiya. From here you can take a taxi to your destination.

Bus: The nearest bus stop to Dubai Safari Park is Rashidiya. From here you can take a taxi to your destination.

By Taxi: You can take a taxi from different parts of the city like Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina to Dubai Safari Park that will cost your AED 55 and AED 90 respectively

By Car: If you are visiting by car, you can access Gate 1 of Dubai Safari Park through Ras Al Khor Road (opposite side of Dragon Mart) and Gate 2 through Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street.

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FAQ's of Dubai Safari Park Tickets

How long does it take to visit the whole park?

It usually takes about four to five hours to tour the whole park and see everything that the Dubai Safari Park offers. However, this duration varies from guest to guest and the activities selected by them for the tour.

Is there a specific dress code to enter the park?

Although it is recommended you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, all guests are to be appropriately dressed to enter the park failing which they will be restricted entry at the gate. Shoulders and knees should be covered at all times and dressing should be keeping the culture and sentiments of the country in mind.

What’s the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park?

The best time to visit Dubai Safari Park is in the early mornings and early evenings. This is when the weather is the best for trekking through the park and enjoying all its activities.

What are the different types of animals at Dubai Safari Villages?

  • Arabian Desert Safari: Mountain gazelle, Scimitar-horned Oryx, Addax, Arabian Oryx, Arabian gazelle, Sand gazelle, and Arabian Wolf

  • Explorer Village: Cheetah, Baboon, Zebra, African buffalo, Ostrich, Blackbuck, Nilgai, Hippo, South Africa Giraffe, Giraffe, Sarus cranes, Guineafowl, and Sambar Deer

  • African Village: Chimpanzee, Peacock, Gorilla, Afro Asian Sand Snake, Carpet Python, Patas monkey, Vervet monkey, Ruffed lemur black & white, African Elephant, and more

  • Asian Village: Black bear, Orangutans, Komodo dragons, Gibbon, Southern Cassowary, and Mandarin Duck

  • Al Wadi: Duck, Peacocks, Swans, and Pelicans

  • Kids Farm: Local duck, Love bird, Najdi sheep, Pony, Amazon parrot, Donkey, Eurasian bullfinch, Cockatiel, and more

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