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Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

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Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

The evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi is well known for its adventurous and thrilling experience as it has many activities to enjoy. You can relish the dune bashing which will definitely give you the adrenaline rush. Or visitors enjoy the sand boarding which is very similar to surfing where you will feel like floating in the sand of the ocean. Enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner under the starry night with light breeze.

Camel ride is one of the most common ways to explore the desert safari which will definitely add excitement in your trip. If you like sunset then evening desert safari is the best option for you to enjoy this thrilling activity. If you book the package from us it will also include the pick and drop service at your location.

The evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is followed by refreshments like Arabic coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and dates. You can also try out other activities like Henna painting, shisha smoking, photographs with Falcon, and in Arabic costumes. After having all these activities you can have an Arabic barbeque dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options accompanied by a live belly dancing in Tanoura dancing shows.

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Tickets Options

Evening Desert safari Dubai
Evening Desert Safari Experience from Abu Dhabi

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is a wonderful experience in the desert of Arabia at a distance of about 40-50 minutes from the main city. The tour is of 6-7 hours in the desert, starts around 3-4 p.m. and ends around 9-10 p.m. It includes camel farm visits, camel riding, and dune bashing sand boarding. Also, witness the mesmerizing sunset over the sand dunes of the desert. The evening Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an action-packed day out in the banquet of golden grains. The package also includes delicious Barbecue dinner with Arabic coffee and dates.

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Quad Biking
Desert Safari Experience in Abu Dhabi

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is famous for its boundless sandy terrain, which is a landscape of endless sand dunes, and one of the World's largest uninterrupted oceans of sand. The camel (ship of desert) ride at the safari will take you on a close tour of the desert which is one of the traditional and reliable ways of exploring these areas. You can also try sand boarding, quad biking, and dune bashing in SUVs, and buggies. In the overnight desert safari, you also get a chance to witness a sky full of stars while relaxing on the sandy land.

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Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner
Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Experience evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi and an authentic traditional Arabian style Barbeque dinner with a variety of veg and nonveg options in the cool desert under the starry sky. The endless desert allows you to enjoy 7 hours of adventure and fun activities. After experiencing the activities in the evening, get ready to have cultural touch with traditional henna painting, shisha smoking, and belly dance performances all in Arabic style. If you want to experience the adrenaline rush, then get ready to try your hands on the sand board. The package comes with pick and drop services from your location.

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Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi with BBQ Dinner, Camel Ride & Sandboarding

Come and join the 6 hours of excursion to the desert of Abu Dhabi leaving the chaotic city behind. Evening Desert Safari brings you an opportunity to embrace the sunset in the deserts of Arab. You will get to experience an exciting trip of dune bashing in an SUV. You can also try traditional camel rides, quad biking, Camel farm visit, sand boarding, falcons for fancy pictures, henna tattoos, and more. All these activities are followed by a delicious barbecue dinner which you can enjoy with belly and Tanoura dance shows.

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Why Go for Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

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Evening Dubai Desert safari
  • Embrace the dunes of the desert:

Get a chance to embrace these dunes of Abu Dhabi deserts, these natural sandy trails will definitely give you a unique experience. On which you can also enjoy quad riding or enjoy the dune bashing with the professionals. You will get mesmerized by the beauty of these dunes especially during the evening at the time of sunset as they sparkle like a fine gold in the sunlight.

  • Safe and Secure:

The desert safari in Abu Dhabi is completely safe and easy as you will get a professional attention vehicle enjoying all the activities. You will also get all the equipment like helmet, safety guards, goggles and many more. To avoid any hustle it is recommended to follow all the instructions given by your guide.

  • Easy for Beginniers:

Beginners can easily try out various activities included in the safari as they are not very difficult, making it a popular outdoor activity in Abu Dhabi. You can enjoy dune bashing, buggy riding, camel riding and many more with ease, as you will be performing all these activities under expert guidance. Before you experience any activity you will be provided with proper guidelines.

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Compare the Best Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Morning Desert Safari
Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Early mornings are always better to explore the dry sandy desert if you are more interested in dune bashing, camel rides, sun boarding, falcon display, quad biking etc. In the morning the sand looks like fine gold which will definitely be a mesmerizing view. The animals are more active in the morning so it is a good time to enjoy the safari in the morning. You can ride on a 4x4 land cruiser or glide on sandboards, or choose a camel ride to explore and enjoy the scenic views all around.

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Evening Desert Safari Quad Biking
Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

The evening safari is well known for the adventure activities like dune bashing, quad biking and many more. It is the ideal time to explore the desert as the temperature in the evening gets cold. Abu Dhabi evening desert safari will fill your experience with adventure entertainment and delicious food. It starts with various cultural Arabic entertainment perks like Tanoura dance show, fire show, belly dance, etc. You can also treat yourself with henna, fruit- flavor shisha, and take some souvenirs for loved ones as well. Get ready to embrace the setting sun with sandy land all around.

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Overnight Desert Safari.jpg
Overnight Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

The overnight Abu Dhabi evening desert safari is famous for the traditional welcome at the Bedouin desert camp. Enjoy Arabic coffee, dates, local Arabian cultural activities like henna, shisha smoking. You will also get an opportunity to click pictures in Arabian costumes, Tanoura dancing, belly dancing and many more. After having this wonderful Arabian cultural bliss, treat yourself to an amazing barbecue dinner. In the end, get set to admire the glorifying and luminous night sky filled with stars. Relax and calm yourself with the natural star-lit sky. You can also enjoy the bonfire in the middle of the desert with traditional music and dance performances.

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Experiences Included In Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

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Ovenight Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Buffet Dinner and BBQ

After having a blast at the Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi tour, have the multi-cuisine buffet and barbecue dinner in the desert while enjoying the Tanoura and belly dance show. The dinner serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in the traditional Arabic style at the bedouin campsite.

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Sandboarding at Dubai
Sand Boarding

Sandboarding or sand surfing is a less-known activity that you can do on the Desert Safari. It is an activity of sliding down on the slopes of sand in the desert on sandboards. If you like adventurous activities then this will take your Desert Safari experience to another level.

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Dune Bashing Dubai  Fun
Dune bashing

Sand Dune bashing means driving at high and low speeds over sand dunes. The activity in Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari requires special skills to drive in the sand because it keeps moving due to wind flow and it is not easy to navigate the terrain in the desert. This sport is usually experienced in SUV vehicles or open buggies.

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Camel Riding
Camel Riding

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is incomplete without a camel ride. To get a close traditional touch of a desert camel ride on the sand is the best way. The camel ride of 30-45 minutes will take you on a journey through the rough and sandy trails formed by the footsteps of the bedouin tribe.

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Dubai Overnight Desert Safari.jpg
Dance Performance

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi allows you to experience the folk dance of the Arabian world “Tanoura dance” by professional artists. A night in the cool desert, belly dance show, Tanoura dance show, and barbecue dinner is the perfect way of ending the day in the Desert.

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FAQ's Of Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Why is Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi so famous?

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is famous for its natural sandy landscape and various traditional activities. People go there to explore the endless glorious desert, bash the sand dunes, enjoy the camel ride, witness the sunrise and sunset, and many more. After rides and bashing the desert there are also options for refreshments like Arabian coffee, tea, soft drinks and dates. You'll be served barbecue dinner as well along with shisha smoking.

How long does Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari take?

The duration of the evening desert safari is 4 hours. From the hotel to the Abu Dhabi desert takes around 45 minutes to drive. And you can enjoy any ride for 30-40 mins. You can also extend the evening Abu Dhabi desert safari up to 6 hours by adding BBQ dinner with live dance shows. You can also experience Abu Dhabi overnight desert camping which will be from the afternoon at 3:00 PM to the next day morning at 9:00 AM (18- 20 hours) this will include all the evening activities and a night at bedouin camp with a bonfire the next day morning breakfast and Dropoff.

What is the best time for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

The months from October to March are the best to experience Abu Dhabi evening desert safari. These winter months save you from the extreme and harsh sun of the desert and allow you to reap the benefits. The weather in these months is pleasant and cools down the temperature of the sand.

How can I book Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

Booking tickets online gives you a chance to grab the discounts on the offered packages and you also get a prior confirmation for the visit. You can book the evening desert safari with us online. Visit our website, choose the best time and deal according to the number of visitors and get ready for the bash in the vast Arabian desert.

What activities can we do on the evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

  • Visit to camel farm

  • Dune bashing

  • Henna painting

  • Camel riding

  • Quad biking

  • Baggi rides

  • Belly dance show

  • Tanoura dancing show

  • Sheesha smoking

  • Barbecue dinner

  • Camping in Arabian camps

  • Take pictures in Arabic dress

What to wear for an Abu Dhabi evening desert safari experience?

While going for Desert Safari there are no specific dress codes. But it is recommended to wear simple and comfortable clothes. You may choose to wear light tops with suitable shorts or any combination of cotton shorts and shirts. You can also add an additional shawl or jacket as the temperature goes down in the evenings. It is advisable to wear sunglasses, and sunblock creams and also, prefer open shoes and sandals for footwear.

Is there any age limit for desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

No, there is no age limit to experiencing the Abu Dhabi desert Safari. Tickets of children under 3 years old are free of charge but it is recommended to take extra care of the child while dune bashing.

What are the different types of desert safaris in Dubai?

There are various types of Desert Safaris in Dubai, Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Overnight Desert Safari, red dune Safari camel Desert Safari with BBQ dinner and hot air balloon desert safari.

What should I bring on a Dubai desert safari?

While going on Desert Safari in Dubai it is recommended to bring ID proof, sun-blocking goggles, and wear light cotton clothes with open sandals or flip-flops. Also, don't forget to put on sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburns.