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About Flyboarding in Dubai

Flyboarding in Dubai is an exciting way to get your fix of adrenaline while looking down on the clear waters of Dubai. It involves standing on the flyboard which is connected to a long water hose accompanied by a jet ski. The water pressure released by the jet will make you fly in the sky with the water beneath you. Flyboarding is the latest watersports which scores very high when you factor in the fun involved. If it sounds this exciting, one cannot even imagine the levels of fun and adventure that can be had while actually experiencing it!

Even if you are comparatively new to this sport, there’s no need to worry. Because their well-trained and experienced instructors will always be at your disposal to run you through the basics. Even the location of flyboarding in Dubai is right by the beach so your family and friends are going to have a gala of a time admiring you living your life to the fullest. You will learn all the basics at the fisherman harbour in Dubai before setting off to the clear and open waters. These fascinating machines are bound to make you feel as invincible and futuristic as the Iron Man himself!


Why to Book Flyboarding in Dubai With Us?

  • Top notch services: Flyboarding in Dubai with us will not only guarantee thrills but safety as well. The flyboards are powerful machines and you will be provided with state-of-the-art safety equipment to ensure that you are safe and sound. Moreover, professionally trained instructors will accompany you throughout the experience.

  • Once in a lifetime experience: It is not just about the adventure and thrill involved but flyboarding in Dubai will also showcase Dubai’s waterfront attractions. Be it the mesmerising sights of Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis or the Palm Jumeirah, you will be witnessing all of it! Dubai is one of the most exotic locations in the entire world and flyboarding in such a location is bound to stay with you for the rest of your lives.

  • Certified instructors: A group of trained and professionally certified flyboard instructors are also a part of the package. Their several years of expertise will ensure that you have the best time of your life while also being safe. Moreover, if you crack the basics, they can also teach you how to perform certain stunts like back-flip and somersault!

  • Unmatched location: Although the fun and thrills level will be sky high, the location of flyboarding in Dubai will act like a cherry on the top. The pristine and calm waters of the gulf provide the perfect background while you get your fix of adrenaline.

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Know Before You Book Flyboarding in Dubai

How to Reach

  • Flyboarding in Dubai is one of the most enthralling watersports where you can fly high in the sky like your favourite superheroes!

  • Professional instructors will also teach you how to pull off certain stunts like back-flips and somersaults while still being in the air.

  • The 60 feet long house is high enough for you to witness the surreal panoramic views of the Dubai coastline.

  • If you are into swimming and know how to do so, you can elevate this experience even further by diving in the water like a dolphin

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FAQ's of Flyboarding in Dubai

How much do the flyboard tickets cost?

The Dubai flyboarding tickets cost around 96 dollars per person so that would translate to around 7,664 in Indian rupee.

How long is the flyboard experience for?

The overall activity lasts for around 20-30 minutes where you can enjoy flyboarding to the core. The said duration is only for the actual activity and not for the training and reaching at the location. Including the basic training, this activity wouldn’t take more than an hour.

What should I wear for flyboarding in Dubai?

Wearing your bathing suit would be the perfect choice for Dubai flyboarding because there’s going to be a lot of water involved! Bathing suits are also recommended because one can move freely in them, making the experience a lot more enjoyable. However, just make sure that your bathing suit isn’t too revealing or flashy.

Is flyboarding in Dubai safe?

Yes, flyboard in Dubai is safe because their professional trainers will not only teach you the basics but they will always be around to ensure that you’re having fun while being safe at the same time. Moreover, all the safety equipment is already included in the package.

Is flyboarding safe for children?

Although there is no specified age restriction, the flyboard in Dubai rental companies require that if children are below the age of eighteen years, they should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Why is flyboarding so famous?

Flyboarding is particularly famous for its uniqueness and the thrill that it offers. Moreover, in the long list of certain watersports, this is one of the latest ones. After all, who wouldn’t want to fly in the air and feel like a superhero

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