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Fun Activities To Do In Dubai

Dubai has a never ending list of fun activities that will definitely make you come back to this Arabian paradise more than once. The Dubai city houses the largest skyscraper, the exquisite Burj Khalifa which stands at a height of 888 meters, and is one of the most extravagant mankind creations ever.

Explore the fascinating Dubai miracle garden, and witness a land consisting of vibrant and extraordinary floral species made into aesthetic attractions and exhibits like before. Dubai offers a beautiful hot air balloon ride over the Arabian desert surrounded by the extraordinary Hajjar mountains that render a breathtaking view you wouldn't want to miss out on.

For thrill seekers, the iflyDubai is another breathtaking attraction wherein you will enjoy indoor skydiving experience. Get the best pictures in your vacation expedition at the Dubai frame, which is a beautiful attraction standing at a height of 153 meters and overlooking the best of the Arabian landscapes.

Dubai also houses the museum of the future where the aesthetic exhibits blend in the intriguing modernity and also the curious past in splendid exhibits that will amaze you. Have a fantastic Dubai Dhow cruise and marvel over the unimaginable Dubai skyline as well.

Dubai also offers plenty of amusement parks and water parks with breathtaking rides that will blow your mind away. Hop in for a grandiose time like never before.

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Morning desert safari abu dhabi.jpg
Desert Safari With Delicious BBQ Dinner

A splendid Dubai safari is the perfect way to kickstart your Dubai expedition. The safari ride, on an SUV vehicle will take you on a thrilling ride up and down through the massive sand dunes. Watch the neverending desert landscapes, and admire the beauty of the Arabian nation.

The safari ride ends with a fun time at the Emirati Bedouin camp, wherein you will get to enjoy the traditional shisha and hookahs, watch splendid belly dance performances and munch on absolutely delicious bbq dishes. This is definitely one of the most fun things to Do in Dubai on a budget.

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Burj Khalifa View
Climb To The Top Of Burj Khalifa

The massive Burj Khalifa which stands at a height of 888 meters, is one of the most ethereal skyscrapers ever made by the human kind. This massive building has 260 floors, where the top floor promises you a breathtaking view of the Dubai cityscape and skyline. Enjoy a sleek dinner expedition at the Sky lounge, which is one of most luxurious restaurants to ever exist.

There are plenty of fun activities to do in Dubai of which one of the most exciting is to visit ‘at the top’, where a mesmerizing view of the world below your feet will remain etched to your memories forever.

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dolphin bay dubai.jpg
Hop In For Dolphin Show Dubai

Next on the list of the most fun things to Do in Dubai is the dolphin show. The dolphin aquarium, has been infamous for its amusing show of seals and dolphins, hopping and swirling in their large pools. The show is a perfect recreation especially for kids and other visitors and one of the must do activities.

Find the perfect spot in their 180 meter amphitheater, and enjoy an incredible performance of cute dolphins, with splendid lights and sound performance in the background. Also post your show, witness the vibrant aviary at the Creek park.

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Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise
Delicious Dining At Dhow Cruise

A splendid yacht cruise on the Dubai Dhow, is a definite addition to your tour itinerary. Enjoy a fabulous dining excursion, and feast upon exotic Arabian cuisine and drinks like never before. The dhow cruise, is where you will observe miraculous landmarks on the coastline, like the masters Dubai yacht club, yacht club promenade and more.

The cruise also comes with a breathtaking live performance of the infamous ‘Tanura dance’ which you should miss out on. This 2 hours relaxing cruise is one of the most fun activities to do in Dubai on your lavish Arabian excursion.

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Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Enjoy Hot Air Ballooning

The Dubai hot air balloon ride, is the perfect way to admire the neverending stretch of the Dubai sand dunes. Wake up before dawn, if you want to catch the breathtaking view of the Dubai sunrise on your hot air balloon ride. Hot air ballooning is one of the most exquisite and fun activities to do in Dubai and also includes a delicious breakfast post your riding excursion. Observe the changing hues of the aesthetic Hajjar mountains surrounding you and also catch a glimpse of the Dubai wildlife, like camels from up above

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Dubai Fountain
Go For A Lake Ride At Dubai Fountain

Right in front of the Burj khalifa, the majestic Dubai fountains that shoots up to a height of 45 meters, is one of the most mesmerizing tourist attractions that you should explore. The Dubai fountain features 20k gallons of water, which shops upto 5000 ft and is adorned with over 6500 LED lights. Watch the fountains choreography witht the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride which is an absolutely hair-raising experience like no other. The rhythmic light and fountain show can also be admired from close up, on a lake ride on a kayak. As the kayak, take you closer to the fountains, watch the miracle of the human kind from up close and make splendid memories.

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iFly Skydiving San Diego
Experience Indoor Skydiving At Ifly Dubai

For all the thrill seekers, indoor skydiving at iFly Dubai is one of the most amusing and fun things to Do in Dubai. The indoor skydiving takes place inside a wind tunnel that features wind speed of 200 kilometers per hour, enough to take you up on your feet, soaring at breath-taking heights. Before skydiving, you will be given a brief introduction section with your instructor, wherein you will learn to shout various hand gestures, signals and ways to manage your balance. This expedition is safe for both beginners and a perfect challenge for advanced skydivers.

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Waterpark Wild Wadi
Enjoy Thrilling Slides At Wild Wadi Water Park

Take a break from your hectic vacation itinerary, and hope for a thrilling time at the Wild wadi waterpark. This extraordinary park features over 100 different exotic water slides, tornado rides, massive wave pools, lazy pools and play zones. The breaker’s bay, which is rated as one of the most humongous wave pools, is one of the most fun things to Do in Dubai.

Other exquisite rides that you can try here are Juha's journey, tantrum alley, Jumeirah sceirah and more. With a never ending list of heart-pumping and adrenaline gushing slides, you are sure to have a memorable experience here.

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Legoland Dubai
Visit Legoland Theme Park

A perfect escapade for you and your family, the legoland park & water park are a fabulous location where you should head on with you friends and family. At this waterpark, you will get to witness the fabulous theme park and water park attractions.

At the theme park, you will find a plethora of play zones for our children and intriguing dining spots as well. Next, head to the waterpark, and have a fun time at Duplo splash river and duplo wave pool. An extraordinary time at the legoland theme park is one of the most fun things to Do in Dubai.

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Dinner In The Sky
Have Awesome Dinner In The Sky

Dubai was the first of its kind to introduce to the world, a majestic dining theme hanging at massive heights in the sky. The sky dining is where you will dine on absolutely ethereal Arabian cuisine, at a height of 50 meters. Enjoy an awe-striking view of the Dubai skyline, with its plethora of high rise buildings and attractions.

This Dinner in the sky is perfect for a romantic getaway, a massive birthday or other celebratory occasions. This once-in-a lifetime experience is a must try in your Dubai excursion. Also interact with the chefs who bring you delicious and finger licking good food.

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What are the things to do in Legoland Theme Park?

Driving school - Perfect for your kids, the legoland driving schools lets your kids have a real life driving experience on these beautiful mini replicas of safe cars and other vehicles. Let them drive through the park, and learn about the rules and regulations in a fun educational journey. This is definitely one of the most fun things to Do in Dubai.

Sea port - Sea port is one of the most fantastic things to do in legoland theme park. This playzone has fabulous swings and slides, themes around cargo ships and cruise lines, that kids can have fun around.

Dragon’s apprentice - This is one of the most amusing rides for your kids. This is a low level roller coaster ride, and is perfect for your kids. This roller coaster is featured around a dragon theme and is perfect for your kids to get a thrill. You can find this ride in the attraction kingdom zone.

What is unique about Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

The aquarium is a one of its kind attraction and features splendid and majestic marine species. From humongous sharks to sting rays, this aquarium brings in the best of marine life to you. Not only this, the aquarium also has ray encounters and diving with shark programs that you can witness and participate in.

How many attractions can we visit in a day in Dubai?

Dubai has a plethora of splendid attractions that you can explore in a day. However we advise you to visit upto a maximum of 5 attractions. Discover the beauty and majestic beauty of each attraction and make amusing memories. Dubai offers plenty of fun activities to do in Dubai that you shouldn't miss out on.

How many days are enough to explore Dubai?

At Least a minimum of 10 days are required to fully explore the extravagance of Dubai. Dubai has a plethora of attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai aquarium and thrilling activities like skydiving and hot air ballooning that you need to add to your travel itinerary to truly soak up the Arabian ambiance.

How long is Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa extends upto a height of 828 meters and has around 168 stories. The building has plenty of levels, with a sky lounge, restaurant and viewpoints that you should check out on.

How to reach the Dubai marina?

You can take a Dubai RTA train service from Dubai airport to Dubai Marina. The train runs every 10 minutes and is extremely cheap to travel from. You can also use public transport like buses to reach Dubai RTA.

What to do at Headrock VR?

Headrock VR theme park features an amusing virtual reality experience, with amazing and futuristic VR technology that your family can enjoy. This is one of the most fun things to do in Dubai.

How to reach Ski dubai?

Ski Dubai is a fascinating ski resort which is one of its indoor attractions. You can try out splendid rides here and have a fun time. Ski Dubai also offers fun penguin interaction which is one of the most fun things to do in Dubai.

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