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About Global Village

The best way to describe Global Village is as a fantastic multi-cultural theme park. The highlight of this park has to be the 30 or so pavilions made for the audiences to behold the charms of the world. The pavilions at Global Village provide a unique opportunity to experience the cultures of various countries all under one roof. The pavilions included are- India, Egypt, China, Turkey, Russia, and Cambodia to name a few. Here you will find everything from, cultural shows, carnival rides, street food stands, the first oddity museum of the region, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and many other attractions.

The Carnaval in Global Village has over 170 rides, games, and entertainment venues for the whole family. Also there are over 200 restaurants and cafes where you can try out an array of cuisines. Along with Global Village favorites, Fiesta and Happiness Streets, in the Firework Avenue you will find a fountain, plenty of seating, and delicious street food eateries. Furthermore, the park is constantly adding new pavilions so that you don't miss out on any opportunities to become acquainted with new countries and surprises.


Why Visit Dubai Global Village

Global Village
  • Global Village Dubai began as a small event in 1996, with only a few small kiosks representing various countries. It is now spread across a lavish 17,200,000 square foot area.
  • It is one of the world's biggest tourism parks, with over 75 countries represented and packed with rich heritage and cultural events.
  • It also has many rides, 3 skill games, and an arcade with over 100 games.
  • With your global village dubai tickets, you get access to buy antiques from the different Pavilions such as India.
  • Perfumes from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are some of the major highlights of the village, where you get the authentic and renowned fragrances of the various Arabian cities.
  • Perfumes are extremely popular in both countries, and if you want a deeper perfume with hints of musk,
  • Enjoy the concerts and musical performances held at Global Village, nearly every single night of the week. There's always something enjoyable for everyone here, from Bollywood songs, North African belly dancing,to Chinese folklore plays and the latest South African dances.
  • Try out various food stalls, where you get to taste numerous cuisines from all over the world, all at one destination. Feast on delicious Arabian dishes, or try some spicy South Asian dishes as you tour the village.
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Pavilions at Global Village Dubai


Explore the magical land of India in the heart of Global village festival as one of the most visited pavilions showcasing traditional bazaars and cute little shops selling handicrafts, jewels, ethnic clothes and carpets etc. This pavilion in the South Asian region of the cultural extravaganza has the authentic Indian taste in the form of the jars of spices and pickles selling like hot cakes! Grand Barbeque Restaurant is another hit in this area for making it one of the most crowded restaurants in the entire festival.

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Global Village Dubai’s own heritage and culture takes the finest shape in the form of hospitality of the Emirati culture taking you to the nomadic life along with the magnificent architecture. Ranging from perfumes to handcrafts and the main highlight “Mukhawar”, the traditional Arabian culture always makes its mark to impress you!

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Turkish Pavilion is another gem in the Global Village festival, famous for its Turkish ice-cream and Turkish coffee, making people from far to come and enjoy them. The Turkish heart of this festival takes you back to the magnificent times of the Ottoman Empire with traditional and ceramic glasses with one of the finest calligraphy in existence along with the popular Restaurant Kebapci making you try a variety of Turkish Kebabs!

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Enter the shimmery world of Thailand showcasing colorful shops with glittering accessories, beautiful hair bands, stylish clothes and cosmetics along with the infamous relaxing massage of Thailand. Tourists don’t fail to bargain with street-smart Bangkok shopkeepers selling the exotic fruits such as the Thailand Mango and Banana.

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This time is for waka! This African pavilion holds the hearts of Morocco and Egypt. Taste the heavenly Moroccan tea at barely and pamper your body with country-special scrubs and soaps. One gets lost by looking at the ancient Egyptian paintings and statues, while touring this pavilion.

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Experience the long lost times of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs in the Ancient Museum displaying ancient Egyptian statues, artifacts, and paintings. Statues of King Tut and important figures for building the wonderful Pyramids of Giza such as Khufu, Menkaure and Khafre can be seen here. Apart from the museum, there are 70+ stores to shop handicrafts, artifacts, drawings, utensils, clothing and antiques all engraved with the mesmerism of the ancient Egyptian touch.

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Saudi Arabia

The Pavilion of Saudi Arabia serves the best to make the tourists feel special about the warmness of the old-heritage of the Desert-King. The Arabian nights fill everyone with their own uniqueness and authenticity along with the taste of the Arabic coffee and date biscuits. Ranging from Saudi Abayas, Niqab, Shaila, perfumes, Gashwa, Dkhon, Oud to Mamoul, this wonderful culture amazes a shopper’s soul.

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Feel the friendliness of traditional Japan in Global village with the modest behavior of the hosts and some playful acts of the entertainers in the performances. Anime, Japan’s own asset that makes people go crazy worldwide, has its own themed snacks and sweets along with the delicious Japanese tea and Japanese cheesecake to fill your hunger with its own flavor.

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Highlights at Global Village Dubai


Carnaval is all about experiencing the true essence of a fantastic fair, right in the heart of Dubai. The Carnaval spot is decked out in a variety of bright lighting and has over 30 thrilling rides for both children and adults. Fly France is one of the exciting Global Village rides that will get your adrenaline pumping. This ride, which can accommodate up to 12 people at a time, lets you control the rotations and movement with the help of wings. The Shang High Ride is among other famous and exhilarating rides at the Global Village Carnaval. It reaches a dizzying height of 85 meters, spinning you in mid-air, making it one of the tallest rides in Global Village.

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Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Ripley's Believe It Or Not, an American museum chain, knows exactly how to entice visitors with its most bizarre, unusual, and strange collection of exhibits. This museum has everything from prehistoric specimens, artifacts to futuristic scientific inventions. To accommodate its vast collection of marvelous exhibits, the museum spreads across six galleries in the Global Village. A wooden Ferrari, real heads and skulls, and the Mirror Maze are among the museum's most popular and fascinating exhibits. Ripley's Believe It Or Not! has six galleries in all that guarantees nothing less than an unforgettable experience that you won't find anywhere else in the Middle East.

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Upcoming Shows and Events

Over 40,000 spectacular shows and events are available at Global Village Dubai, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for the entire family. The Global Village concerts showcase some of the most popular celebrities and influential performers from the Middle East, Asia, and other parts of the world. It's common to see your favorite stars perform right in front of your eyes at Global Village. It also offers a variety of stunt shows and captivating street entertainment like the Monster Stunt Show and the Haunted House, that you must not miss.

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Know Before You Go for Global Village Dubai

How to Reach & Time
Best time to Visit
Tips To Visit Global Village Dubai

1.) How to Reach- By Bus- There are four routes to reach Global Village by bus, they are- Wasl; Ghaya Residence - 01, Dubai Petroleum Corporation - 02, Wasl; Dubai Mall Landside Metro Bus Stop - 01 and Financial Center Metro Station. You can travel there by Bus No. 27, 28, 29, 81, 93, and F55A to reach your destination. By Metro: the nearest metro station to Global Village is Burjuman Metro Station, one can take the M1 metro line to reach here. By Car:Take the Dubai-Al Ain Rd/E66 to Exit 37, then the Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/E311, leading directly towards Global Village.

2.) Timings and Location- Address: Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road - Exit 37 - E311 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Timings: Saturday–Wednesday: 4 p.m.–12 a.m. Thursday–Friday: 4 p.m.–1 a.m.

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Best Restaurants in Global Village Dubai

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Papa Junior Restaurant

Papa Junior is in the food court opposite the Far East Pavilion. Thai cuisine is the main course served here and the restaurant is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Papa Junior offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options served in a comfortable environment. While you're here, try the famous Tum Yum soup with various flavors and add-ons, which is their specialty. The cool ambience adds to enhance your experience of visit.

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Bab Tuma Restaurant

If you're looking for something different and from a region that doesn't get to show off its culinary side very often, go to Bab Tuma. The restaurant serves authentic Syrian cuisine that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. They offer a wide range of menu, including roasted chicken, shawarma, potato chips, and rotisserie chicken. Bab Tuma Restaurant is located in the food court directly across the China Pavilion.

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Grand Barbeque Restaurant

For authentic Indian cuisine, stop by this fine, modern diner. The restaurant, as the name suggests, has a grand atmosphere with a colorful desi touch. The menu includes authentic Barbeque Kebabs as well as non-vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies and special curries. The buffet session includes multiple live stations, where you can watch various dishes being prepared to be served hot and fresh. There are live pasta, live Pani Puri, and live desert sessions where they prepare jalebi, rabadi, and chocolate fountains, among other things. Grand Barbeque is located near the India pavilion in the food court area.

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Al Dahhan Restaurant

One of the oldest and most authentic Egyptian restaurants is Al Dahhan that specializes in oriental cuisine as well as barbeques. Sit there and take in the view of the Alhosain mosque from the restaurant that is close to the Fantasy Island area. Their best-selling dishes include Vermicelli Rice, Al Dahan Hawawshi, Spaghetti With Minced Meat, and Mombar, along with a variety of other dishes and meals such as Grills, Kebab, and Chicken.

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Ke-bapci Restaurant

KE–BAPCI offers an exquisite selection of kebabs with excellent flavors and a wide range of Meat products salads, and particularly falafel that's just excellent. Adana kebab, made of minced meat mixed with red pepper flakes, and chicken kebab marinated in a spicy red pepper sauce are two of their standouts. The setting is lovely and authentic.

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Al Amoor

Al Amoor is an Egyptian traditional restaurant that serves all of the famous Egyptian dishes. It was founded to foster a family atmosphere and to provide you with the opportunity to try out a variety of delectable meals and dishes. Al Amoor serves a delectable selection of authentic Egyptian delicacies such as Molokhia with Grilled Meat, Grilled Chicken, Hawawshy, and Mahshi that will leave you wanting more.

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Global Village Tickets FAQ's

What is the Dubai Global Village festival?

The Dubai Global Village festival, which takes place in Dubai during the cooler months, showcases pavilions from countries all over the world. The organizers of Global Village have declared 26 pavilions for the 26th season. These will depict 80 cultural identities from around the world, with the Iraq Pavilion being a remarkable new addition. The Global Village festival has everything from superstar concerts to stunt shows, fireworks to children's shows. With over 170 thrill rides, attractions, and games to explore, Carnaval has something for everyone to enjoy. Global village tickets online can be availed from their website.

What is Global Village Famous For?

Global Village Dubai features 26 global pavilions, a plethora of cultural shows, carnival rides, street food stands, the region's first oddity museum, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and a plethora of other attractions. There's a heritage village to visit, as well as a main stage for daily shows, a mission speed stunt show, and a children's theater.

What are the rules in Global Village?

  • No public affection is allowed inside the village, including kissing, hugging, etc.
  • No pets are allowed in the Global Village.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside this theme park.
  • Filming inside the park is prohibited without permission.
  • Wear modest clothes inside the park that don’t show any part of your knee and shoulder.

What is the dress code in Global Village?

The dress code in Global Village Dubai is a little conservative and does not allow any person to wear sleeveless tops and short pants. Your knees and shoulders must be covered while exploring this amazing theme park.

How many countries are participating in Global Village?

Around 90 countries are participants of Global Village Dubai including China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, the UAE, and Yemen.

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