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About Green Planet Dubai

Green Planet Dubai is one of the most unique habitats for the exotic flora and fauna to flourish and live as it is an indoor ecosystem. The largest Bio-dome in Dubai, this place is known to be home to 3000 species of flora and fauna. Encompassing a large rainforest, Green Planet, staying true to its name, is a place where all of the exotic animals live indoors in peace and equilibrium. Green Planet is analogous to an oasis of the desert as it is a recreation of Amazon rainforests. The journey to this exciting place begins through an aquarium with marine animals and amphibians living blissfully in this indoor ecosystem. Aquatic animals like a variety of fishes, and tortoises such as arapaima and Arowana usually found in the tropical environment, reside in this aquarium. The Rainforest exists in a vertical Bio-dome and is divided into 4 layers of ecosystem-the canopy, mid-string, forest floor, and the flooded rainforest. The Green Planet ecosystem witnesses a large number of tourists coming to spend their time seeing and interacting with the animals. Another activity people visit this place is for swimming with piranhas, and zookeeping. Green Planet makes sure that every visitor should learn about the contribution of Tropical forests to earth.


Green Planet Dubai Variants

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Green Planet Ticket

Enter Green Planet Dubai, the Middle East’s first bio-dome with indoor tropical rainforests. to catch a sight of the flora and fauna of the garden. Get a chance to experience Australian Walkabouts, and Bat cave. Witness Encounters with Bugs, and Sugar Gilder to click pictures with beautiful animals. Hold a real Python snake in the reptile encounter.

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Laguna Waterpark Dubai
The Green Planet Tickets and Laguna Waterpark ticket combo

Experience the magic of rainforests that bear exotic flora and fauna and enjoy the thrilling rides at Laguna Waterpark. The combo ticket will make you experience the richness of entering the Biodome for making close encounters with reptiles, birds, sugar gliders, sloths and nocturnal animals. You will be able to enjoy the rainforest thunderstorm with the combo green planet Dubai tickets. After coming back from the rainforest, you will be taken to chill around Laguna Water Park which offers thrilling rides with a splash of water.

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Green Planet Dubai Tickets + Kidzania

This variant of green planet Dubai tickets along with the Kidzania combo is the perfect way to make your child’s day in Dubai. The combo will present you with a 1-day entry pass to Green Planet and Kidzania. You can take a quick tour of Green Planet indoor rainforest to catch the sight of beautiful animals such as Burmese Python, slow loris, piranha, sugar gliders and toucans. Then, you can take your kid to enjoy Kidzania for the whole time. Kidzania will make your kid enjoy and learn through its smart-themed and role-playing zones.

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Dubai Aquarium + Green Planet Dubai + Dubai Frame Tickets

Booking this all-in-one combo will make your day the most happening one in Dubai. The single ticket ensures savings and makes you witness one of the best attractions in Dubai. You can witness 10 million litres of water containing hundreds of species of aquatic animals in the magnificent Dubai Aquarium. You will be able to witness sharks, octopus, rays and many more interesting marine animals. You will be able to get access to Dubai Frame for witnessing the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline. Get to the top by elevators that present panoramic views of the city. Get to know about the history and plans of Dubai through the museum. Enter the indoor tropical rainforests to meet 3000 species of flora and fauna. End your day after getting close encounters with birds, reptiles, sugar gliders, and nocturnal animals.

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dubai aquarium.jpg
Dubai Aquarium + Green Planet Dubai Tickets

Get to witness the best of the two attractions of Dubai with the mesmerizing views of flora and fauna through a ticket combo. Start your day by entering a 48 meters long tunnel with 270-degree views of the beautiful aquarium containing a variety of species of aquatic animals. Enter the underwater zoo at level 2 to catch sight of amazing aquatic animals such as rays, sharks, octopuses and penguins etc. Hop on to the first biodome of Dubai witnessing 3000 species of flora and fauna through the green planet Dubai tickets combo. Witness the largest 35-meters long artificial tree in the indoor tropical forests. Learn from an experienced team of Biologists to learn about animal behavior and the importance of rainforests.

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Shopping at IMG world
IMG Worlds of Adventure + Green Planet Tickets

Enter Dubai’s largest indoor tropical forest to experience the richness of exotic flora and fauna. Look at the 35 meters long artificial tree and the coolest animals such as Burmese Pythons, Piranhas, Sugar Gliders and Toucans. Get close encounters with reptiles, birds, sloths, and bugs to click captivating images. Start the second phase of your day by taking your kid to IMG World of Adventures. Access the four brilliant sections of Cartoon Network, Marvel, IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley: Dinosaur Adventure. Experience the rush of adrenaline on 22 thrilling rides and roller coasters spreading over 5.5 million square feet of the playground of fun!

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Why Book Green Planet Dubai Tickets?

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  • Indulge in the most unique experiences revolving around the indoor habitat of Dubai- the largest Bio-dome of the green planet Dubai through green planet Dubai tickets.
  • The Green Planet Dubai tickets will make you enter the real-life rainforests mimicking the rainforests of America and Amazon.
  • Upon entering the place, you will catch the sight of the playful birds and animals.
  • You will be able to catch a glimpse of 3000 animals in the largest indoor ecosystem of Dubai through green planet Dubai tickets.
  • You will be able to catch the sight of the 35 meters long largest life-sustaining tree.
  • Green planet Dubai ticket offers you to get close encounters with bugs, birds, reptiles, sloths, sugar gliders and nocturnal animals.
  • You will be able to hold the animals like pythons in your hands and click photos with them.
  • The green planet Dubai tickets will make you interact with Biologists to understand animal behaviour and the relevance of rainforests.
  • The tickets will offer you to feed piranhas from the closest possible vicinity.
  • You will be able to get full access to the important experiences of the Creatures of Night, Flooded Rainforest, The forest floor, the mid string and the canopy through green planet Dubai tickets.
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Points of Interest at Green Planet Dubai

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Bird Encounter

As the name suggests, the Bird Encounter will make you come close with the exotic birds of the Green Planet. You will be able to see Toucan and Parrots from the closest proximity and interact with them. Each day six visitors are allowed to interact with Toucans, Parrots and Caiques for 20 minutes. The interaction can make you examine their beautiful features and click pictures next to these rare birds. Toucans are the main highlight of the bird encounter as they are an endangered species owing to the removal of natural habitat of rainforests. You can learn about different birds and their habitats from experienced Biologists of the indoor ecosystem.

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Reptile Encounter

The reptile encounter will make you come close to the reptiles of this natural ecosystem for about 20 minutes. You can click pictures standing near to the reptiles or hold them in your hands. Reptiles included in the encounter are snakes, geckos and lizards. Each day 5 visitors are allowed to interact with the reptiles thrice a day. You can learn about the different types of snakes, their metabolic processes which make them go without food for months and their natural habitats from experienced Biologists.

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Sloth Encounter

You can come across the slowest mammals of the rainforests-the sloths. Sloths are mainly found in rainforests of Central and South America but this man made rain forest is also a home to sloths. Sloths have long arms and are known to live on the same tree for years. Each day 8 visitors are allowed for the Sloth encounter for 30 minutes once a day. You can see them very closely to observe their features and click pictures with these unique creatures. Experienced Biologists are about to tell you the reason for sloths sleeping for 15 hours a day and always hanging upside down.

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Sugar Glider Encounter

Another rare encounter you are allowed inside Green Planet Dubai is interaction with Sugar Gliders. Not many people know about Sugar Gliders that they are nocturnal omnivores that have long tails and thin flat skin behind their backs making them glide tree to tree. These creatures are capable of flying the same way as flying squirrels do. Each day 5 visitors are allowed to come close and interact with the Sugar Gliders. You can take cool pictures with them in your 30 minute interaction with these creatures. An experienced team of Biologists are there to quell all your curiosity and explain to you in detail about the Sugar Gliders.

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Creatures of Night

While all the animals residing in the rainforest are experiencing the same days and nights, there are these creatures that behave the opposite. Creatures of the Night of this Biome living underground experience day at the times of night and night at day. This will make you say hello to the Lace, Monitor Lizard, Burmese Python, Marine toads, Paima, Gecko and Carpet Pythons. You will be able to witness different types of Nocturnal animals carrying out their tasks in day to day activities.

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Green Planet Cafe

One of the most unique cafes of its kind, the Green Planet Cafe is a uniquely built cafe in the Green Planet Dubai tickets. This elegant cafe is themed around rainforests and has a unique rainforest themed terrace. You will be able to put in some effort to reach the terrace refueling your entire energy. The rainforest terrace has a great theme that mimics the natural ecosystem and makes you relax later. As a part of the green planet Dubai tickets, you can have the yummiest meal after your fulfilling journey to the cafe.

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Experiences at Green Planet Dubai

Dive in with Piranhas

A treat to the adventurous souls, the Green planet Dubai tickets are famous to make humans talk with the aqua wonders. Through this unique diving experience, you will come across hundreds of red-bellied piranhas. These creatures are scavengers while being extremely responsive and have never known to cause any issues to humans. You are allowed to do surface swimming and snorkelling near these piranhas separated by a distance of 2 meters. Before diving into the water, you will be briefed about the activity from an expert team of biologists. Each day 4 visitors are allowed to jump into Piranha river tank for this unique feeding session.

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Feel the Thunder at Green Planet

The only place in Dubai where you can experience the thrills of a Thunderstorm comes under Green planet Dubai tickets. You can experience the thunderstorms of the rainforest while getting drenched in rain, and jump in the puddles. You can become more playful by playing with a ball with your loved ones. The thunderstorm experience happens twice a day, once during the daytime at 05:00 PM and another one during the darkness at 08:00 PM. Options of not getting drenched in rain but still being a spectator for thunderstorms can happen here.

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Become a Zookeeper at Green Planet

The green planet Dubai ticket offers you to become a zookeeper to experience these animals closely. As a zookeeper you will be able to have a closer look at the deadliest animals such as indulging in the piranha feedings and witnessing different encounter sessions such as bird and reptile encounters. You will be able to explore the laboratory of this tropical plant to understand the animals and learn about safe practices. You can visit the bat cave and have a look at the most endangered species of animal found in this tropical indoor ecosystem.

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Know Before You Book The Green Planet Dubai Tickets

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How to Reach
Interesting Facts
Insider Tips

  • Visit the Middle East’s largest indoor Bio-dome consisting of 3000 species of Flora and Fauna.
  • Have a look at the largest life-sustaining tree having a height of 35 meters.
  • Participate in the animal encounter events to click beautiful pictures with them and hold some of them with your hands with the assistance of staff.
  • Say hello to the endangered birds-the Toucans in the famous bird encounter.
  • Witness the slowest of slow creatures, the sloths that reside upside down in the trees.
  • Hold the deadliest pythons in your hand in the closest encounter with reptiles.
  • Catch the sight of the wildest lizards and the geckos in the reptile encounter.
  • Get the beautiful sight of rarest animals like Sugar Gliders in the closest encounter to click their awesome pictures.
  • Visit the darker section to witness the nocturnal animals such as the Burmese Python, Paima and Geckos.
  • Drench yourself in the waters of rainforests in the event of feeling the thunder. You can see the event through the glass windows as well if you don’t want to get wet in the water.
  • Feed the piranhas in the piranha river tanks.
  • Swim and snorkel at the surface water separated by 2 meters distance from piranhas.
  • Participate in the role-playing activity of Zookeeper where you can have an even closer look at the animals.
  • Learn from the experienced team of Biologists about animals living in the rainforests, their habits, survival and food.
  • Dine-in in the Green Planet Cafe to eat the yummiest meal with the experience of having food in the rainforests.
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FAQ's of Green Planet Tickets

Are Green Planet tickets currently available?

Yes, Green Planet tickets are currently available online.

How much do Green Planet tickets cost?

A standard Green Planet ticket will cost you around AED 125.

How many floors are there at Green Planet Dubai?

There are a total of three floors inside the Green planet Bio-dome. The green planet Dubai ticket offers three floors of the ecosystem of the animals: the Forest Floor with birds, lizards, and tortoises, and the midstory full of reptiles and monkeys. The last floor is of the canopy containing a large number of bats and birds.

What are the things to do at Green Planet Dubai?

  • Enjoy Gazing at Different Species of Animals: You can enjoy being in the closest proximity to the exotic birds, and reptiles of the bio-dome. Beautiful Toucans and Parrots are witnessed closely with playful interactions leading you to click stunning photographs. You can witness the colorful lizards and snakes in the reptile encounter under the green planet dubai tickets. Sloths and Sugar Gliders in their special encounter events are some other most unique animals to get near and click pictures with.

  • Witness Creatures of Nights: This biome's nocturnal animals experience daytime during the night and vice versa because they live underground. Your exposure to the Lace, Monitor Lizard, Burmese Python, Marine toads, Paima, Gecko, and Carpet Pythons will result from the green planet dubai tickets. You will be able to observe many nocturnal animal species going about their regular activities.

  • Learn Some Fun Facts about Piranhas: Green Planet Dubai Ticket offers you to feed the aquatic scavengers in the Piranha River Tank. If you are brave enough, you can swim and snorkel at a distance of 2 meters from the red-bellied Piranhas under the guidance of the green planet staff. The experienced biologists of the Bio-dome will make you learn about Piranhas and their behavior in the natural rainforests.

Can we touch the animals inside Green Planet Dubai?

You can hold the animals in some encounter acts under the guidance and assistance of the staff but however, but it is not allowed to touch or handle delicate species of the indoor rainforest.

What are the most popular animals that you must see at Green Planet Dubai?

The most popular animals of Green Planet are Piranhas, Toucans, Sugar Gliders, Slow Loris, Burmese Python, Cotton-Top Tamarin, Sloths, Cuban-Amazon Parrots, Archer Fish, and Seba’s short-tailed fruit bats.

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