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Hili Fun City, the Gulf region's first theme park, is a great destination inside Abu Dhabi's Garden City, Al Ain to spend time with your family and friends. Hili Fun City Al Ain tickets give admission to all of the park's attractions and activities, which include various kids rides, interactive zones, an amphitheater, park, picnic area, ice rink, and 3D Action cinema.

The tickets allow you to get a burst of adrenaline on the 30 rides and attractions, watch a 3D Action Movie, or attend a live concert at the amphitheater. The adults can relax in the picnic area nearby while the children play at the park. Beat the heat and have some fun at the region's first and largest on-site ice rink, which is equivalent to Olympic rinks.

The park is open from tuesday to friday, and wednesday is reserved for female guests only who can enjoy themselves with their children. Book the Hili Fun City Al Ain tickets with us to experience unlimited enjoyment, excitement, and adventures with your loved ones at the premier entertainment facility. By booking tickets with us, you will be eligible for special discounts and incentives on tickets cost as well.

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Hili Fun City Al Ain Tickets are available at the ticket counter, however, there are several benefits to purchasing them online, including the convenience of skipping long lines at the ticket counter. Moreover, by booking these tickets in advance, you can avoid last-minute hassles and disappointment. When you book your tickets online with us, you also receive benefits like exclusive offers and savings, combo deals, instant confirmation, and great customer support. With purchasing Hili Fun City tickets, you will get access to all of the park's rides and attractions, including the ice rink, 30 exhilarating coasters, 3D movie, picnic area, amphitheater, and more for a 10-hour period.

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How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
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Hili fun city
  • By Bus: Bus Line 8 stops at Zayed 1st St. / Al Hosn Plaza station, while Bus Lines 5, 7, 32, and 40 stop at Zayed 1st St. / Dana Plaza bus stations. The Hili Fun City is 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from these bus stops.
  • By Car/Taxi: The E20 and E 95 expressways make it simple to go to Hili Fun City, which is only around 162 km from Abu Dhabi City and is located right on Al Ain-Dubai Road. Either driving your own vehicle or hiring a cab will get you here with ease. Although taking a cab is the most convenient way to get there, it is somewhat expensive.

Popular Rides in Hili Fun City

Hili Fun City
Flying Clowns

The Hili Fun City Flying Clowns is a fun-filled cart ride which lets you soar into the sky with vividly colored clowns in whose lap you will be sitting. Visitors must be between 0.76 m and 1.35 m tall to ride on Flying Clowns, whereas the kids between the height of 0.76 to 0.91 meters must be accompanied by an adult.

Hili Fun City
Circus Train

The incredible Circus Train at Hili Fun City is a musical attraction with three wagons which gives you the chance to sit in the first wagon and operate the train. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the voyage and surrounding scenery as a train passenger. You must be at least 0.94 m tall to enjoy the Circus Train ride, whereas kids who are 0.76 to 0.91 meters tall should have an adult with them.

Hili Fun City
Jumping Star

Kid’s favorite attraction, Jumping Star, is a stomach-churning ride that bounces you up and down, making you laugh uncontrollably. This thrilling ride has six seats in total, neatly arranged in a row so that you may enjoy the experience with your loved ones. Enjoy soaring into the air while putting on a brave face and giggling wildly. You must be at least 0.89 meters tall to ride Jumping Star.

Hili Fun City
Hili Swinger

Hili Swinger is one of Hili Fun City's most well-known and exhilarating rides which has 32 swing chairs hanging by long chains that swirl around a pole. It propels you into the air and swings you quickly, making it ideal for anyone seeking high-octane excitement. You need to be at least 1.05 m in height to enjoy the Hili Swinger ride.

Hili Fun City

The Carousel at Hili Fun City is a popular attraction for both young and old riders which allows one to feel the timeless allure of Arabia and classic fairy tales. It has 38 exquisite seats in the shape of horses, allowing passengers to enjoy quick trips in the royal carriage. To be qualified for this ride, you must be at least 0.76 meters tall.

Ice Rink
The Ice Rink

The ice rink is one of the major draws of the Hili Fun City. It was one of the first ice rinks to open in the UAE in 1987 and is comparable in size to Olympic-sized rinks. It allows you to enjoy or learn ice skating or ice hockey while helping you to beat the heat.

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