About Infinity des Lumieres Dubai

Use your Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets to visit the city’s latest addition Infinity des Lumieres which is yet another tourist destination that will leave you awestruck with its innovative presentation of art work. The Infinity des Lumières (meaning Infinity of Lights) is a digital art center which has presented various art forms in a unique way which will change your perspective of art.

The center has used advanced technology to create an immersive experience using a spatialized sound system with 58 speakers, and video installations of 130 projectors. Across 2700 sq m of space, you will be able to take a look at the artwork of classic, contemporary and modern artists such as Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse at the three exhibitions.

At Van Gogh's exhibition, some of his most renowned work of art has been exhibited using visual presentation, light and sound. In this area, you will be able to take a look at his works such as The Potato Eaters (1885), Sunflowers (1888), and Starry Night (1889). While visiting Dreamed Japan, you will be journeying into 19th-century Japan and will be able to admire the landscape and sea portraits by Katsushika Hokusai.

The last exhibition is Verse by Thomas Vanz where you will be mesmerized by the cosmos images dancing to an orchestral piece that has been composed by Jonathan Fitas. If you are intrigued to take a look at this amazing location purchase your Infinity des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai online and visit the place.

Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets

Watch as these masterpieces surge with life
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Enjoy your day and experience of the mesmerizing world of immersive digital art at Infinity des Lumières with your family and friends.


  • Children under 3 years will be considered as infants and entry will be free of cost.
  • Children between ages 3 to 13 will be considered as children and charged child rate.
  • Children above age 13 will be considered as an adult and charged an adult rate.
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Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets Options

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Infinity des Lumières + Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets

Combine the fun of visiting the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo with visiting one-of-a-kind exhibitions at Infinity des Lumières by purchasing a combo Infinity des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai. Your Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets will allow you to visit the city’s latest state-of-art digital art center. You will also be making a journey through space at Destination Cosmos. You will come across fiery inextinguishable giant stars and will be able to watch stars and nebulae formations in exhibits. At Infinity des Lumières, you will also be able to explore Dubai Data, where you can take a look at an exhibit of immersive data painting and Artificial Intelligence. As you visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, you will be mesmerized by 140 species of marine creatures such as sharks, rays, piranhas, various colorful fishes and more.

Mesmerizing Dubai Museum of Future
Infinity des Lumières + Museum of The Future Tickets

Go for the combo option of Infinity des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai which will include a visit to the amazing Infinity des Lumières and Museum of the Future. Visit the latest state-of-art digital art center where you will witness two immersive exhibitions, Destination Cosmos and Dubai Data with your Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets. Take a journey into the future with your Museum of the Future tickets and explore the exhibition space to learn about innovative and futuristic ideologies related to climate change, wellness, ecology, and more.

Feel the Future Now Tickets + Free Entry for Kids

Go for the Feel the Future Now Tickets + Free Entry for Kids Infinity des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai which will take you to two art exhibitions - Destination Cosmos and Dubai Data. Enjoy free entry for your children up to the age of 13 years (applicable for only 3 children) with this Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets. Embark on the cosmic journey where you will find yourself walking on the ravines of Mars and traveling to the moons of planet Jupiter. Take a look at the stunning visuals from NASA, CNES and MBRSC while appreciating the ambience created by the immersive music soundtrack. Walk into Dubai Data to take a look at immersive data painting and AI.

Burj Khalifa Tickets
Infinity des Lumières + Burj Khalifa At The Top Tickets

Combine two different types of vistas with this combo ticket where one will let you take a look at the beauty of the cosmos and the other will let you appreciate the enchanting skyline of Dubai. Use your Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets to visit the Destination Cosmos exhibit at the digital art center and experience a journey into the Cosmos and let the planets, stars come alive to you with storytelling, visuals and music. Visit the famous Burj Khalifa, go up the 124th and 125th floors in the world's fastest elevator and feel mesmerized looking at the 360-degree views of Dubai and its skyline.

Sky Views Dubai
Tickets for Infinity des Lumières + Sky Views Observatory

Get an opportunity to go on an enchanting adventure and a journey into futuristic art with this 2-in-1 combo Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Tickets. Visit two of the city’s most sought-after attractions at a reduced ticket price by availing of this combo offer. Use your Infinity des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai to visit Destination Cosmos which will take you on a tour of the vast universe through storytelling, visuals and music. Walk into Dubai Data to enjoy a multi-sensory immersive data painting experience. Visit Sky Views Dubai and take a look at the city’s skyline from the observatory deck on floor 53. Walk across the glass slide surrounding the 53rd and 54th floors of the tour.

Why Should You Visit Infinity des Lumières?

  • Infinity des Lumières is a unique immersive cultural experience which will leave you feeling enchanted.

  • Enjoy the bewitching experience that has been made possible by use of state-of-art technology.

  • Watch artworks come to life across 2700 sq m of the art center where a sensory-based approach has been created using 130 projectors as well as 58 speakers.

  • Feel mesmerized as you get a unique experience of looking at the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh coming to life before your eyes.

  • Enter the captivating world of 19th century Japanese painting created by Hokusai.

  • Immerse yourself into the magical cosmic world that has been planned by filmmaker Thomas Vanz.

-What to Do at Infinity Des Lumieres in ?

Feel Every Moment

Feel every moment of your visit to Infinity Des Lumieres in Dubai as your experience is enhanced with the help of melodious music and digital displays. Journey through Van Gogh, the genius mad painter’s works such as The Potato Eaters (1885), Sunflowers (1888), Starry Night (1889) and Bedroom at Arles (1889) and feel mesmerized watching the vibrant colors, exquisite shapes and soothing music bringing the pictures to life.

Feel Every Color

Walk into the exhibition that has been created specifically for immersive art spaces. Feel every color as you take a look at the Verse, which has been curated by filmmaker Thomas Vanz and features a mixture of shapes, colors, and sounds working in harmony to portray the enchantment of the cosmos. Listen to the orchestral piece composed by Jonathan Fitas that will enhance your experience of observing the coordinated movement of the cosmos.

Feel Every Sound

Experience the ‘Pictures of the Floating World’ as you step into the world of this exhibition displaying 19th-century Japan and take a look at the mesmerizing landscapes and the sea portraits of Hokusai. Watch the play of color with the light, sound and rhythm to create an ukiyo-e art movement. Feel every sound as you pass by Hokusai’s woodblock series, along with his masterpiece, ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa, which has the power that can bring history to the present. Take a look at the animations of the samurais and geishas as you pass by.

Know Before you Book Infinity Des Lumieres Tickets in Dubai

How To Reach
  1. Timings:
  • Sunday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 9 PM;

  • Thursday to Saturday: 10 AM – 11 PM

  • Show Sessions: Starts every 30 minutes.

  • Last show: Starts 1 hour before closing.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately

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