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Kayak Mangrove in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy Kayaking in Clear Waters of Abu Dhabi and Have a Serene Experience
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About Kayak Mangrove in Abu Dhabi

One of the most unique and exciting experiences you can have in the UAE is Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy the mangroves filled with canals and experience both guided and unguided kayaking tours. During your kayaking experience in the mangrove national park you can witness its crystal clear waters where you can witness many marine creatures such as fishes, crabs, and stingrays among many others. You can also experience many beautiful birds nesting in the forests and hear their beautiful chirping voices.

Abu Dhabi mangrove kayak tours are also one of the best ways to get away from hectic life as the mangroves are completely peaceful with no boats allowed. You can enjoy small donut boats which are electric and soundless in the narrow channels. There are many places where you can enjoy Kayaking like the Jubail Mangrove Park and the Abu Dhabi Corniche. You can also choose from different options such as single Kayaking, double Kayaking, guided tours among many others.

Buying Mangrove Kayaking Abu Dhabi Tickets Online

One of the best ways to enjoy your Abu Dhabi mangrove kayak tours is by booking the tickets online. This will ensure a hassle-free experience and you will be accompanied by an experienced professional instructor who will guide them through the activity. You can also choose between a single and a double kayak based on your requirements. Booking tickets online will also help you choose from many packages such as the Kayaking and yoga experience and Kayaking with private transfers where you will be picked up from the hotel and will be dropped back after the experience.

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Kayaking Options Available in Abu Dhabi

The natural and artificial canals in the mangrove forest are surely one of the most famous and beautiful experiences as you can glide through the Mangrove and enjoy the beautiful marine life and look at animals such as turtles, flamingos, and also sea snakes. You will be assigned a professional guide who will help them with paddling, and pit stops, and also take them through the dense mangrove forest. The duration of the activity is 1 hour and 45 minutes and visitors are requested to reach 30-40 minutes before the activity. This is also a beautiful place to take a lot of pictures. Kayaking is available during sunrise and sunset as well where you can enjoy a beautiful view during your activity.

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Kayaking in Mangroves
Kayaking and Yoga Experience

Imagine a yoga session in the middle of a mangrove forest, the Abu Dhabi mangrove kayak tours also offer a yoga experience where you can connect with nature and feel all of your worries just melting away amongst the beautiful mangrove forest. After the yoga session, you can enjoy fruit snacks and the famous Karak tea. You can then enjoy kayaking in the forest with a professional guide. You can bring your own yoga mat and an extra set of clothes as they might get drenched in the mangroves.

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Kayaking in Mangroves
Glow Night Kayak Tour

Another unique and cool experience at the Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi is the Glow night kayaking. This one-of-a-kind experience will take you through the beautiful thick mangrove forest at night with special underwater LED lights. This two-hour ride will start from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM and you are requested to come in 30 minutes early to get paddle instruction from a professional guide. The difficulty level for this trip is low to moderate and beginners can also enjoy this incredible kayaking adventure.

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Kayaking in Mangroves
Eastern Mangroves Sunrise and Sunset Kayaking

One of the most recommended Abu Dhabi mangrove kayak tours is the Eastern mangroves sunrise and sunset kayaking and this 120-minute kayaking tour will take you through sunrise or Sunset kayaking. You can explore and enjoy the beautiful view of the Eastern Mangrove Promenade either at Sunset or Sunrise. You can hear the sounds of birds chirping, the waters, and other beautiful sounds of nature. You will be provided with the full Kayak set including the life jacket, kayak, padded seat, and paddle.

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Kayaking at Night
Full Moon Kayak Tours

One of the most amazing Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi is Kayaking during the full moon and enjoying the spectacular view of the mangroves illuminated by the moon at night. You can also opt for the Night Kayaking weekend tour and enjoy the trip along with some Karak tea and traditional Emirati sweets at the beach. The duration of this tour is 2 hours and a professional guide will take you through the forest. You will be given all of the essentials such as a life jacket, padded seats, a water bottle, and also a picnic beach set up to enjoy your trip.

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Mangroves Kayaking
Guided Kayak Tour

Another popular tour is the Guided tour where a professional guide will accompany you through your kayaking experience. It is a wonderful opportunity for people who would love to learn more about the mangroves and would like to discover the thick and lush green forests. There's no difficulty level for this trip and anyone can go on this tour and enjoy the stunning mangrove view. You are requested to reach the place 30 minutes early to meet the professional guide or instructor before starting the tour.

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Single Mangrove Kayaking
Single Kayaking Experience

If you are looking to have this beautiful experience all by yourself without any professional guide, Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi also provides a single kayaking experience where you rent a kayak for two hours on your own. You can enjoy the stunning view of the mangroves, explore wildlife and be at peace while gliding through this thick forest. You will also receive a life jacket, paddle, and a padded seat for your journey.

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Double Mangrove Kayaking
Double Kayaking Experience

Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi can also be experienced with a companion and you can glide through the mangrove forest. You can rent the kayak for two hours which will include all of the basic essentials such as a life jacket, paddle for both of you, and the life jackets. This is one of the top romantic things to do if you are here with your loved ones. This is also called a Tandem Kayak which is easier for new paddlers or beginners to kayak without any difficulty.

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Know Before You Go Abu Dhabi

How to Reach Abu Dhabi
Best Time to Visit Abu Dhabi

There are various ways to visit Abu Dhabi

  • By Air: One of the best ways to reach Abu Dhabi is by Air, Abu Dhabi's airport is known to be the second busiest airport in UAE and has connectivity from all parts of the world.

  • By Road: If you are visiting any UAE city, you can easily get a bus from The Emirates Express. The duration by road will take around 2-3 hours. You can also take a cab from other cities in the UAE to have a comfortable journey.

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FAQ's of Kayak Mangrove in Abu Dhabi

Which experiences are best for kayaking & canoeing in Abu Dhabi?

One of the best Abu Dhabi mangrove kayak tours is the Kayaking in Abu Dhabi Mangroves located at Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park. There are other tours such as the Glow night kayak tours and Jubail kayak tours which are recommended.

What are the best places for kayaking & canoeing in Abu Dhabi?

Some of the best places for Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi are the Eastern Mangrove, Lagoon National Park, Jubail Mangrove park, and the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

What is so different about kayaking in Abu Dhabi?

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi Mangroves has a spectacular view of the thick mangrove trees that lie among the beautiful beaches. You can experience peacefulness and witness many marine animals and many species of birds.

How much does it cost to kayak in Abu Dhabi?

Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi costs around 130 AED for children and around 180 AED for adults. The kayaking price also depends on the type of kayak, there are options such as single kayak, double kayak, and also guided tours.

Which are the other activities to do in Abu Dhabi?

Apart from Kayaking in Abu Dhabi Mangroves, the most popular activities in Abu Dhabi are desert Safari, camel rides, speedboat tours, and day tours. The desert Safari is the most popular place where you spend the night at the desert camp and enjoy middle eastern cuisine and traditional performances.

What are the popular places to visit in Abu Dhabi?

The most popular places to visit in Abu Dhabi are the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari world, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Warner bros World, and the Etihad Towers Observation deck. All of these places are must-visit and have many experiences such as beautiful panoramic views at the observation deck or the fastest roller coaster in the world at the Ferrari world.

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