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Kids Activities in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Kids Activities

Kids Activities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of those unique places in the entire Middle East that homes dozens of attractions for family-packed adventures. The city possesses the beauty of deserts and waters with areas dedicated to people of all ages, especially kids. You can start the adventure with your kid at the enjoyment hub of Yas Island, to explore places like Warner Bros, Aqua Park, and Ferrari world. Abu Dhabi makes sure to entertain your kid by housing places like KidZania to develop decision-making skills and creativity in your little one. Besides these places, you can take your kid on an educational tour in the Louvre Museum, and Qasr Al Watan. If your kid still wants more, you can have close encounters with exotic animals at Al Ain Zoo, Emirates Zoo, and Arabian Wildlife Park or indulge in a camel safari on the golden dunes.

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Ferrari World
Experience the Thrill at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a go-to place for keeping your children entertained. Your family adventure can become even more exciting by riding on two of the world’s fastest and highest roller coasters- Formula Rossa and Flying Ace. Suitable for a family-packed adventure, the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi homes various zones, attractions, and rides for you to try. The area is built like a space frame that you can spot for the city's skyline as it equals the size of seven football fields! You can take your kid to tour an actual Ferrari factory, climb a cinematic motion simulator, and indulge in 40+ such thrilling kid-friendly experiences.

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clymb abu dhabi price
Enjoy Indoor Rock Climbing at CLYMB

If you want your kid to be more sporty and active, both of you can indulge in strenuous indoor climbing at CLYMB.This place offers you to climb up 138 feet and choose from 5 different walls of varying lengths. The safe and enthralling environment is suitable for family visits as it packs a group strength activity with fun. The CLYMB possesses Abu Dhabi’s tallest indoor climbing area. Besides rock climbing, you can try indoor skydiving at the state of art flight special chamber at the CLYMB with a width of 32 ft and a height of 104 ft.

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Warner bros abu dhabi.jpg
Enjoy Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World is the world’s largest indoor park that offers 29 unique attractions and dozens of Abu Dhabi kids activities. If you visit Warner Bros World with your family, you will enjoy DC-themed thrilling rides, interactive zones, and shows with your family. The six themed zones like Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Metropolis, Gotham City, Dynamite Glitch, and Warner Bros; will keep your kid happy and engaged throughout the day. You two can explore Batman’s Gotham city and Superman’s Metropolis come to real life. Besides the DC heroes, the popular kid favourite ‘Looney Tunes’ will meet and greet your child.

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Bounce Abu Dhabi
Have Fun at Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bouncing makes it the best Abu Dhabi kids activities, located in Marina Mall. The Bounce Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for your kid to jump and enjoy the 100 interconnected trampolines. Your kid can be a part of airborne adventures like bouncing, wall running, slam-dunking, dodgeball, and the free fall experience of Quick Drop. Two dodgeball courts, a spring-loaded playground, and giant airbags make it the top highlights of this place. Besides the trampoline, there is a 40- meter huge slide for your kid to enjoy with thrill. This place is known for kid birthday parties and events, you surely can be a part of one!

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Yas Waterworld
Spend the Day at Yas Waterworld

During your visit to Abu Dhabi, you can take your child to the prize-winning aqua theme park Yas Waterworld. The amusement park, which spans 37 acres and houses over 40 thrilling attractions, is open to visitors of all ages. The Yas Waterworld, divided into themed zones, caters to every adventurous soul, presenting everything from light-hearted activities to adrenaline-pumping rides. There is a safe and special zone dedicated to children, where families enjoy together through the kid-friendly rides known as ‘Sultan’s Young Fun’. Rides like Tot’s playground, Cannon Point, Yehal, Marah Fortress, etc make children happy as they are seen to be splashing water through cannons on each other.

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Interactive Session at Emirates Park Zoo
Visit Emirates Park Zoo

During a visit to this natural habit Emirats Park Zoo, your child will be able to encounter the emirates zoo's rarest 1700 endangered animals. The zoo will show you the most exotic Middle Eastern flora and fauna. The most vulnerable cat creatures, such as Amur Leopards and White Tigers, will allow you to get in close contact with them. Aside from the biggest animals, your child will see beautiful mammals, birds, and reptiles in their native environment. Feeding sessions with giraffes, goats, hippos, and monkeys are accessible for both of you. Animal-friendly activities include camel riding, camel farming, breakfast with the loveliest parrots, etc.

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Arabian Wildlife Park
Witness the Wildlife at Arabian Wildlife Park

If you are wondering about light-hearted kids activities in Abu Dhabi, you must take your little to witness 10,000+ animal species at Arabian Wildlife Park. This natural attraction is home to 17,000 free-roaming animals in their environment. Covering half of the Sir Bani Yas island, this wildlife park will amaze you with its exceptional rehabilitation of endangered birds and animals like Arabian onyx and sand gazelles. Suitable for all ages, the wildlife park features different zones like mammal cave, giraffe park, hippo house, flamingo park, etc. You and your kid will be amazed by Asian elephants, cheetahs, ostriches, striped hyenas, and many more magnificent animals.

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Yas marina circuit Track
Take your Kids to Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is all about the thrills of Formula 1 racing. The mega-budget circuit draws international spectators for high-end motorsports and is a friendly Abu Dhabi kids activities. You and your kid can be a part of the audience of Formula 1 and cheer the winners. If there is no event, you can take your little one to explore the large area and the tracks via a bus and witness the paddock room, and access the control room. The F1 pits and garages will be a part of the exciting tour of Yas Marina Circuit.

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Penguins feeding at al ain zoo
Witness the Fauna at Al-Ain Zoo

You can take your child to visit Al Ain Zoo and witness 3000+ animals living in their natural habitat. Different sections of the zoo like Big Cat House, Chimpanzee Forest, Reptile House, Monkey Compound, Aquarium, and Aviary can be chosen to be explored. The zoo will keep you entertained through its animal plays and shows such as a bird show, penguin parade, lemur walk, tug of war with tiger, and many more. The safari ride at the zoo will let you and your child come in a close encounter with the wildest 5 felines- Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards, Jaguars, and Pumas.

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Kidzania Abu Dhabi
Take your Kids to Kidzania Abu Dhabi

If you and your kid want to learn and have fun, the miniature 60,000 sq ft city of “KidZania in Abu Dhabi'' is here for you! The interactive city is run by kids who address themselves as ‘zupervisors’, to guide their fellow children in choosing the fun activity. Kids aged 1-16 can indulge in interactive role-playing activities at the best kids activities in Abu Dhabi at Kidzania. Your kid can choose from more than 60 occupations and become the best chef, fashion designer, pilot, doctor, dentist, and engineer in town. These games aim to build decision-making skills, social skills, and teamwork to boost creativity among your little ones.

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Plan a Day out at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the most peaceful and respectable thing in Abu Dhabi. Taking your kid to pay respects is another good deed as you will learn about the country’s cultural diversity. The architecture of the mosque is a blend of traditional and modern Islamic styles, covered with Sivec marble from Greece and Macedonia. As soon as you and your child enter the mosque, you will be amazed by mosaic designs, glass panels with Swarovski crystals, chandeliers, and some of the world’s largest hand-knotted carpets. You can visit the main dome of the mosque as it contains the world’s largest existing carpet. After the peaceful exploration, you can choose to click pictures outside the mosque from professionals.

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louvre abu dhabi ticket price
Visit Louvre Museum

You can take your kid to witness the culture of France through the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. The original Louvre Museum of Paris lent its title to the only museum in the Middle East until 2037. One of the museum's most distinctive features is the floating dome of light and shade, which filters direct sunlight through openings to create a stunning effect of 'Raining Light. The museum's collections and exhibitions will impart knowledge to the little one. Your child will look at the state-of-art French museums and Palaces like the Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Musée d'Orsay, and Center Pompidou. A total of 600 artifacts like the Basin of Bonifacius, statues of Bodhidharma, and Bodhisattva are on display in the collection.

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Dubai Camel Safari.jpeg
Go for Camel Safari

Moving through the dunes on the ship of the desert is a fun way to please your kid. The camel safari makes you glide elegantly through the deserts of Abu Dhabi. The 45-minute tour of the desert will take you and your kid across the Bedouin camp lightened by gentle flames. The destination spot is situated in the private royal desert retreat, letting you know closely about the culture of the people who belong to the sands. The camel ride will end with a professional falcon show amidst the dunes as you watch the birds speed up to 390 km/hr.

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Skate at Abu Dhabi Ice Rink

Amidst the scorching heat of the Middle East, ice skating is one of the fun Abu Dhabi kids activities to experience the chills. You can engage in the coolest activity of the area in Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi. You and your little one will do ice skating on a smooth ice surface. Suitable for all beginners and professionals, the ice skating activity is easy to participate in as you can hold the metal bars. If you are a roller skater or an experienced one, exciting moves with twists and turns can be tried out on this surface.

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Qasr Al Watan Visiting Hours
Visit the Presidential Palace at Qasr Al Watan

Taking your kid to tour the ‘Qasr Al Watan’- The Palace of the Nation is a great part of most educational and learning kids activities in Abu Dhabi. You will know more about the country, its history, knowledge, and governance. The contemporary setting reveals skilled craftsmanship and excellent design to showcase the importance of the country. Qasr Al Watan library is part of the exploration of the palace to narrate the informational story about the development and achievements of the entire country. You and your little one can enjoy the night show at the palace where three acts present you with the past, present, and future vision of the country. Besides the knowledgeable exploration, you and the child will dine in by getting served the tastiest food of Abu Dhabi.

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FAQ's of Abu Dhabi

What are the best places to explore with kids in Abu Dhabi?

  • Abu Dhabi Ice Rink: Your kid can engage in ice skating on a smooth ice surface amidst the heat of the city. Suitable for all kids, and beginners, ice skating can be enjoyed by holding metal bars.

  • KidZania: You can take your little one to a miniature kid-city of 60,000 sq ft “KidZania'' to indulge in interactive role-playing activities. Your kid can choose from more than 60 occupations and excel at those. These role-playing jobs aim to build decision-making skills, social skills, and creativity through fun-engagement learning in children.

  • Yas Waterworld: In the award-winning aqua park of Yas Waterworld, there is a safe and special zone dedicated to children, where families can enjoy each other's company on kid-friendly rides known as 'Sultan's Young Fun.' Rides such as Tot's Playground, Cannon Point, Yehal, Marah Fortress, and others make children joyful because they are seen splashing water on each other through cannons.

  • Warner Bros Abu Dhabi: With your family, you can enjoy six themed zones, such as Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Metropolis, Gotham City, Dynamite Glitch, and Warner Bros. Aside from the DC heroes, your child will be greeted by the popular top pick 'Looney Tunes.'

What is so special about Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is unique in that it combines natural beauty such as deserts and water with high-end attractions like Immersive experiences, water-based theme parks, and adventurous activities. Popular restaurants in the city showcase one of the best tastes in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is well-known around the world for its desert safaris and F1 races at the Marina Circuit.

How many days are enough to experience Abu Dhabi?

You should spend around three-four days in Abu Dhabi to explore and have fun with your loved ones. Enjoying the Kids activities in Abu Dhabi may take up seven days of your stay.

)What is included in the Abu Dhabi city tour?

The Abu Dhabi tour package includes visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World Theme Park, Yas Islands, Abu Dhabi Market, National Exhibition Center, Emirates Palace Hotel, and many more places.

How many days in Abu Dhabi is enough?

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is between November to March when there is less heat and humidity compared to the rest of the year. These months are a little cooler with low to moderate temperatures with a pleasant climate. Abu Dhabi kids activities can be enjoyed to the fullest as the heat won’t hinder the fun.

How to reach Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

  • By Train: You can board a metro from the Abu Dhabi International Airport terminal 3 to reach Ibn Battuta Mall. From there, you have to board a bus and reach the Al Shahama bus stop. After arriving at the Al Shahama bus stop, you have to take a taxi 17.8 kilometers away from Warner Bros Abu Dhabi.

  • By Cab/Taxi: You take a private taxi from the Abu Dhabi International Airport directly to Yas Island Warner Bros at 17.2 kilometers.

  • By Bus: You can board a bus from the Abu Dhabi International Airport terminal 1 to reach Ghubaiba Bus Station. From there, you can take another bus to reach Abu Dhabi central bus station to Al Wadha Terminal. After arriving at the terminal, you have to board another bus to reach Warner Bros.

  • By Yas Express: You board a shuttle bus from Dubai that offers direct accessibility to Yas Island and its attractions.

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