About KidZania Abu Dhabi

KidZania is an award-winning miniature city for your kid to indulge in interactive and skill-building activities. Located in Yas Mall, you can get Kidzania Abu Dhabi tickets for your kids to be a part of activities based on “engagement learning”. There are a large number of role-playing games that your kids can play in groups with fellow children. This city is dedicated to the little ones as interactive zones are run by kids who address themselves as ‘zupervisors’. The kids develop leadership skills by managing and guiding other kids in having fun. Besides the authoritative role, your kid can play the role of the ones who follow the leaders to add their skill and touch to the task.

There is a special Kidzania PaSSPort for you to enter multiple locations. The Kid-city lets your kid make good career decisions starting from childhood as Kidzania Abu Dhabi offers more than 60 occupations as a part of role-playing. Your kid can try each one of them to become the best engineer, filmmaker, pilot, doctor, dentist, and fashion designer in the mini-city. Kids earn the artificial currency of the town known as KidZos. This currency provides you access to various zones and lets you exchange this for goods. These fun games aim to build social skills, decision-making skills, sportsmanship and teamwork amongst children. Also, the freedom of choice boosts creativity and intelligence in the little ones.

Buying KidZania Abu Dhabi Ticket Online

Booking Overnight safari dubai tickets online is a great way to guarantee your fun beneath the Arabian skies of the desert. Owing to the popularity of safari rides and the activities, the venue faces large crowds. This might make it difficult for you to purchase the tickets from the venue. Long queues and constant sold-outs may hinder your visit. Hence, you should choose the online booking system to fetch the tickets for your preferred date. Whether it is your busy day at work or the laziest one at the comfort of your home, you can book the overnight safari tickets online within a few clicks. Besides the ease and convenience, the online booking system offers you a variety of discounts to avail, making your trip cost-effective.

Enter the exciting world of KidZania Abu Dhabi, be anything you like.
Child Economy Ticket

Enter the exciting world of KidZania Abu Dhabi, be anything you like, and try out 60+ jobs in the little city. This type of ticket is applicable for children aged between 4 to 16.

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18% OFF
Enjoy fun activities while role playing your favourite profession.
Adult Ticket

Enjoy spending time in Kidzania with your companions in Abu Dhabi. The package is applicable for individuals aged above 17+ years of age.

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KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets Options

kidzania abu dhabi offers
Standard Tickets

Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets lets you and your kids aged 4-16 explore the 60,000 sq ft miniature city. Your kid can choose from 60+ occupations like a doctor, dentist, chef, hotelier, police, engineer, fashion designer, and many more to earn KidZos.

Premium Tickets

The premium standard ticket is priced around AED 184 for children aged 4-16. Access all the city activities in this variant, and get discounts at Departmental Store and Kidzania Shop. Additional access to seasonal activities and pay less to earn more KidZos. You get free Kidzania PaZZPort to access all the premium activities.

Kidzania Abu Dhabi
Annual Tickets

The annual pass gives access to Kidzania for the whole year. You get free PaZZPort and get 150 KidZos in your e-wallet. Additionally, there are various discounts and offers which can be availed during your birthdays and other special events.

Which Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets Should You Choose?

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  • Grab your spot

Owing to the popularity of Kidzania, the kid-city is super crowded with children and parents alike. People wait in long queues at the ticket counter to get theirs. The tickets get sold out at the venue almost every day. To grab your sweet spot inside the miniature city, you must book the tickets before your visit. The booking system lets you choose the date and time of your arrival.

  • Book from your couch

You can book Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets lying lazily on your couch. Gone are the days of you getting tickets by standing in long queues for hours. Even if it is your busiest day at work or the laziest one, you can grab the tickets within a few clicks.

  • Take care of your pocket

The online booking system lets you choose from various discounted Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets offers. Promos, combos, deals, discounts, and coupon codes help you to choose the best variant. Such price slashes on the tickets make you save money for budget-friendly Middle Eastern travel.

Activities to Do at Kidzania Abu Dhabi


The universities at Kidzania give insightful information about various professions to the children as they prepare them for higher education and choose among 60 listed occupations. Kids try their respective talents to earn “KidZos” in their chosen fields. The amount of this artificial currency earned plays an initial factor to learn more about your kid’s scope in the field.


There is an interesting metropolitan theatre at Kidzania that hosts various kid shows throughout the day. The acting academy at Kidzania lets your kid try different roles in the talent show and street performances. These healthy role-playing activities build confidence, communication and presentation skills in your children.

Kidzania Abu Dhabi
Food & Beverages

Kidzania Abu Dhabi lets you and your kid eat the tastiest food inside the miniature city. You can try the pizza at PizzaMania, Ice cream at Gelato Divino, and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Children can indulge in various cooking tasks as well at some of these restaurants to bring out their inner chef.


Kidzania Abu Dhabi tickets provide your kid with the best facilities to try their skill in the healthcare and medical sector. There is a special Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi branch at Kidzania where your kid can work as a doctor, nurse or paramedic to treat dummy patients. Besides the surgery, there is also an oral hygiene facility at Apollonia Pediatric Dental Center, where your kid can act as a dentist!

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Kidzania Abu Dhabi lets your kid build a career in filmmaking through Majid TV animation studio. In this area, the kids become a part of behind the scene hard work in the art of making a short film. Your kid can be a director, cinematographer, production designer, editor and all that it takes to say “ACTION”.

Kidzania Abu Dhabi

If you want to make your kids financially literate from a tender age, you should consider taking them to the Department Store. Your kid can use hard-earned KidZos to develop exceptional money organization and management skills. Buying and selling items at the store gives them an idea about demand and supply.


The services industry at Kidzania lets your kid be a part of the fire extinguishing team or become a dutiful police officer trying to catch thieves. If becoming a hotelier entices your kid, the Rove Hotel at Kidzania lets them figure it out. Your kid can learn about hospitality through housekeeping, food serving, hotel reservation, reception, and management activities.


Your kid can transfer to iconic landmarks of Kidzania via the mini city map. The map is available at the check-in desk for an interesting and organized stay. The city bus transfers parents and children to various places within the kid city. In the transport sector, your kid can become a pilot and learn about the operations of airports and flights.


You can access the sports section via Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets to perform strenuous moves. At the popular Stadium of Kidzania, your kid can be a captain, or join a team to develop true sportsmanship. Physical activities are healthier and sound to develop strength in your kid.

Know Before you Go for Kidzania Abu Dhabi

Essential Information
  • Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Kidzania is during the weekdays as this place witnesses less crowd during this time. Owing to the popularity of being an enjoyable spot for kids, localities come every weekend to enjoy themselves with their kids. During the weekdays, almost every local kid goes to school. Hence, Kidzania is not crowded during the weekdays which leads to hassle-free enjoyment and appropriate exploration.

  • Opening hours:

Kidzania is open from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM with the last entry at 08:00 PM. On Friday and Saturday, timings are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM and the counter closes at 10:00 PM.

  • Location:

Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • How to reach:

-By Bus: Board Bus lines 103 and 218 to directly reach Yas Mall.

-By Cab/Taxi: Take a cab/taxi from Abu Dhabi to reach Yas Island in 30 minutes.

FAQ's of KidZania Abu Dhabi