Lunch With Leopards In Abu Dhabi

Grab the unique opportunity of sharing lunch with leopards in Abu Dhabi as the Emirates Park Zoo offers this exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime chance to its guests. This is a first of its kind in the entire Middle East, where you not only enjoy a delicious meal but have it while being in a face-to-face encounter with the most ferocious and agile big cat, the leopard!

Enjoy this enchanting session and click amazing pictures for a lifetime of cherished memories as the majestic beast joins you at the lunch table. The distinctive rendezvous will undoubtedly send a chill down your spine, but there is absolutely no need to worry as this is done under the supervision of the expert park guides. They also share some of the most interesting facts and tidbits about your special lunchmate, such as their habitat, behavior, and eating habits.

Make the most of your thrilling and adventurous day, where you not only get to have lunch with leopards in Abu Dhabi but can also explore various other points of interest. The Emirates Park Zoo offers natural habitats to a variety of other species, including mongooses, servals, and meerkats.

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Share a lunch with the majestic leopard
Lunch with Leopard

Age Policy:

  • Infants aged 0-3 years can enter free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Children aged 4-12 years will have to book the child tickets when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Individuals above the age of 12 years will be considered adults.
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Other Experiences at Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo offers a plethora of other interesting experiences aside from lunch with leopards in Abu Dhabi. Get your tickets to enjoy a unique chance to share breakfast with parrots and giraffes or dinner with elephants, which will help you understand these animals in a better way.

Breakfast with Parrots at Emirates Park Zoo
Breakfast With Parrots

Grab this unique opportunity where you get to share breakfast with fun and vibrant tropical birds that call the zoo home. The experience also includes feeding the ducks, an encounter with the birds of prey, and learning more about these beautiful creatures from the parrot trainers.

Emirates Park Zoo
Big Cat Brunch

Get up close and personal with the fastest and strongest of all the wild cats on the Big Cats Experience as you share a scrumptious lunch with them. This is your opportunity to capture the big moment by taking amazing pictures to serve as souvenirs. The tour also comprises an enrichment session with lions as well as an exclusive question-and-answer session with the leopard keeper.

Giraffe Feeding
Breakfast With Giraffe

Yet another of the park’s unique offerings, you can now enjoy a calm session as you share breakfast with the giraffes. The tour also includes other herbivore feeding sessions with zebras, donkeys, lamas, camels, and hippos, to name a few. Get a complimentary tour guide, an African drumming experience, and an opportunity to learn more from the giraffe trainers.

Elephant Feeding at Emirates Park Zoo
Dinner With Elephants

This could very well be the signature highlight of your Emirates Park Zoo visit as you get to meet Madu and Rada, the rescue elephants. Enjoy a close encounter with the calm and gentle giants as well as a distinctive dinner experience with them.

Interactive Session at Emirates Park Zoo
Zoo Zip & Climb

Experience aerial adventure at the Emirates Park Zoo, along with a play park that spans across the Petting Zoo and Bird Park. The park features two aerial adventure circuits and more than 50 elevated obstacles, an absolute treat for the thrill seeker.

Hippo Feeding at Emirates Park Zoo
Hippo Feeding

Spend some time with the gigantic, sleepy, and calm creatures who mean absolutely no harm. Watch the slow herbivores dine on vegetables and brush or feed them directly from your hand under the careful supervision of the zoo keepers.

Know Before You Book Lunch With Leopards In Abu Dhabi

Location and How to Reach
Timing and Best Time to Visit
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Location: 12th St - Al Bahyah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • How to Reach:
  1. By Bus: you can take bus service number 225 that leaves from the Al Shahama bus station and goes to Al Rahba hospital. The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort falls on the way.
  2. By Car: If you drive from Abu Dhabi city center, it will take you approximately 30 minutes and about 45 minutes if you are coming from Dubai. If you are coming down from Dubai, you have to take the Al Bahia exit and follow the signs.