About Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Heading out into the Arabian desert safari in the morning is an interesting way to escape the bustling life of the city. The 4x4 jeep will give you all the thrills of moving over the dunes of Dubai. The expert driver will ride the safari at rapid speed to bash all the dunes in its way. The safari ride will let you come face to face with the sharpest falcons and the ship of the desert. Starting around 08:00 AM, you can witness the glorious sun rays that make the landscape shine throughout the journey.

The Morning Desert safari in Dubai allows you to meet some rare beings of the sand, like Desert Eagle Owls, Arabian oryx, Gazelles, and Falcons, amidst the stunning landscape. Following the ride, you can enjoy riding the ship of desert and head to the camel village for the desert culture. You can try sandboarding to experience all the chills of skiing on the sands. The Hot air balloon activity is available for you to witness the world of deserts from a heavenly height. After enjoying the ride and fun activities over the golden dunes, you can sit and relax to eat a scrumptious breakfast with the people of the desert.

Book Dubai Morning Desert Safari Online

Booking Dubai morning desert safari tickets online ensures a hassle free visit and fun in the desert. Exploration of the deserts is the most popular activity in the Middle East due to which a large number of people come here. This places long queues at the ticket counters, making the tickets get sold quickly. To avoid this, you can book the tickets online in advance from the comfort of your home just with a few clicks. The online booking system lets you choose your preferred date and fix all of your traveling plans. Moreover, there are several deals, coupons, and discounts available for you to choose from, making your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Dubai Morning Desert Safari Tickets Variations

Dubai City Tour
Morning Desert Safari Experience & Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

The morning desert safari experience and Dubai sightseeing tour is a combo ticket that lets you see the highlights of the city in one day. The trip starts with getting transferred to the desert in the morning for a 4x4 dune bashing ride. Following the ride, you drive to the campsite to drink the Arabic coffee ‘Gahwa’ and enjoy the camel ride and then you are transferred back to Dubai in an air-conditioned vehicle. In Dubai, you explore the top attractions like Jumeirah Mosque, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Museum, and Burj Al Arab Hotel assisted by a professional guide. The day ends with your time to buy traditional Souk items.

Morning Desert Safari with Camel Farm & Sandboarding

The combo ticket of Morning Desert safari in Dubai with Camel Farm and Sand Boarding in Dubai is cost-effective. The tour starts with your pick-up in a fully air-conditioned vehicle to the desert. The safari ride bashes all the dunes to give you all the thrills of deserts. You head to the campsite for the adventurous experience of Sandboarding. Post the thrilling activities, you taste some Arabic coffee and refreshments at the campsite. After some relaxation, you hop on the back of a camel and ride towards the camel village to know the desert culture. You transfer back to the place of your stay in an air-conditioned ride.

Dune Buggy Dubai (2).jpg
Morning Desert Safari + Quad Bike

The combo ticket of Morning Desert safari in Dubai with Quad Biking in Dubai is a thrilling experience. The trip starts with your pick-up in a fully air-conditioned vehicle to the Lahbab desert. An experienced driver takes you into deserts on a 4x4 safari. You enjoy the thrilling ride of bashing the red dunes of Lahbab deserts. You head to the campsite for the experience of Quad biking. Post the thrilling safari ride and quad bike, you taste some Arabic coffee and try shisha at the campsite. After some relaxation, you transfer back to the place of your stay in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Overview

About the activity
Dubai Desert
  • Enjoy the enchanting sun rays falling on the golden dunes through Dubai morning desert safari.

  • Enjoy dune bashing in a 4x4 safari at rapid speeds.

  • Get mesmerized by the taste of Arabic coffee at the campsite. Welcome the falcon to sit on your hand and stun you.

  • Surf through the sands of the Arabian desert with sand boarding.Enjoy Quad biking to be your boss in the deserts by having full control of navigation.

  • Ride on the back of the ship in the desert for beautiful views.Explore the camel farm to know about the desert culture.

Know Before You Book Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

What to Wear
Available Options for Desert safari
VIP Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
  • Wear loose, light, and comfortable clothes for the best experience.

  • Wear breathable stuff like cotton clothes to enjoy in the deserts.Wear safety equipment like goggles, hats, belts, and helmets wherever required.

  • Carry protection from the sun: Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.Stay hydrated throughout Dubai morning desert safari.

  • Wear covered shoes like sneakers, sports shoes, and converses to prevent sand from entering the footwear that might make you uncomfortable.

  • Eat light food before the visit for extra energy throughout the ride. Follow the instructions of the guides and the concerned authorities properly.

Activities to Experience with Morning Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari
Quad Biking

You can indulge in the thrilling off-roading experience of navigating through the golden dunes. The bike can be sped up to enjoy movement across the toughest terrain. You can choose from a 330 CC automatic, 400 CC automatic, and 700 CC receptor quad with a gear.


Sandboarding takes you on a sloppy dune and lets you descend it with a sandboard. This dune is termed a sand hill that offers steep descents. The sandboard is made up of a laminex plastic base with a harder surface.

Dune Buggy Dubai (2).jpg
Dune Buggy

You can ride a huge dune buggy or beach buggy on the dunes for a thrilling experience. This vehicle has large wheels, wide tires and a sporty look to make the Morning Desert safari in Dubai more enjoyable.

Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing

An expert professional drives a 4x4 powerful land cruise for you on the sands of Dubai. The safari moves at rapid speeds with abrupt twists and turns. The ascents and descents on dunes keep you engaged throughout the safari ride

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Hot Air Balloon

After enjoying the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai, you can fly high in the Arabian skies with a hot air balloon ride. The vibrant-colored hot balloon makes you glide for 40-70 minutes to present the panoramic views of Arabian deserts.

FAQ's of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai