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About Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai is the largest Hollywood-themed park, is jam-packed with cutting-edge, and immersive experiences inspired by Hollywood's most popular live-action and animated films. It is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and is divided into five distinct zones, themed on notable motion picture studios such as Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate. With Motiongate Tickets, you can have a fun day exploring all of the sights and activities at this spectacular wonderland.

The 27 rides and other attractions of Motiongate Dubai incorporate the stories and characters from Kung Fu Panda, The Hunger Games, Ghostbusters, Shrek, and numerous more Hollywood blockbusters. It features attractions like live performances, thrilling motion simulator experiences, play zones, and meet-and-greets with well-known movie characters. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the rides and attractions available with Motiongate Dubai tickets. \

The majority of the Lionsgate zone rides and the Zombieland rides in the Columbia Pictures zone can satiate your need for adrenaline. Younger children enjoy spending time at the Smurfs Village, which is included in your Motiongate Ticket price and has lifelike statues of well-known movie characters in addition to accurate copies of Smurf Houses. A river area is suitable for family fun, allowing them to cool off with water slides.


Motiongate Dubai Tickets Variations

Motiongate Dubai
Motiongate Tickets Only

Book your Motiongate Dubai tickets today to experience the world of fantasy and relax with access to top rides at DreamWorks Animation Park, Columbia Pictures Park, and Lionsgate Park. Motiongate Tickets offer you one-day access to the park, where you can enjoy lots of activities. Gain entrance to the park's spectacular rides and attractions based on classic movie characters including Underworld, Smurfs, Green Hornet, Ghostbusters, Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, The Hunger Games, and many more. Over 30 rides, from roller coasters to daring slides, are sure to excite and astonish even the most passionate moviegoer. Book your tickets with us to receive ticket price discounts as well as benefits such as cashback and cancellation flexibility.

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Two Parks One Day Ticket

Purchase these combo tickets to gain entrance to Motiongate along with one other famous attraction: Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Frame, Wild Wadi Waterpark, and Ain Dubai. Both attractions of your choice must be visited on the same day. When you book these combo tickets, you will save money because the price will be less compared to separate tickets. You will also save time by visiting two wonderful places in a single day. As a result, these combo tickets are a good deal for you. Book these tickets online with us and enjoy some fantastic bargains, cashback, cancellation flexibility, and many other benefits.

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Motiongate Tickets + Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Tickets

With these combo Motiongate Tickets, you may visit two of Dubai's most popular attractions for a lower price. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Hollywood at Motiongate Dubai and experience some incredible thrills. Enjoy top-tier entertainment from three of Hollywood's leading studios: Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, and DreamWorks Animation. Explore the gigantic 10-million-liter tank containing over 33,000 aquatic animals at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, one of the world's largest aquariums. Discover the world's largest collection of sand tiger sharks as well as 140 different varieties of water life. Book your tickets with us to take advantage of some fantastic prices and offers.

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Dubai Frame
Motiongate Dubai tickets + Dubai Frame Tickets

These combo Motiongate Dubai tickets offer you the chance to see two of Dubai's top attractions with just one ticket. You may take advantage of excellent discounts and specials on these tickets when you book with us. The Dubai Frame, an iconic building that "frames" astounding spectacles of Dubai's storied history, magnificent present, and ambitious future development plans, is accessible with these tickets. Visitors are equally astounded by the views of the city's skyline from the observation deck. There are more than 30 thrilling rides and attractions at Motiongate, which are distributed among five different zones. Each of the attractions here, including the Smurf Village Express, Kung Fu Panda, and roller coasters based on The Hunger Games, is not to be missed.

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Motiongate Tickets + Wild Wadi Waterpark Tickets

Buy these combo Motiongate Dubai tickets with us to save money and visit both Motiongate Dubai and Wild Wadi Waterpark in one day. Experience tremendous thrills and immerse yourself in the spectacular Hollywood universe at Motiongate Dubai. Three of Hollywood's finest studios, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, and DreamWorks Animation, provide you with the best in entertainment. Experience its interactive attractions, live concerts, and the 4D spin roller coaster. Over 30 thrilling rides are available at Wild Wadi Waterpark for those seeking more action and a leisurely trip through the park for a genuine one-of-a-kind experience. You may relax by the pool after enjoying all the thrills and adventures that the roller coasters have to offer.

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Ain Dubai Cabin
Motiongate Tickets + Ain Dubai Tickets

By purchasing these combo tickets from us at a discounted rate, you can gain entrance to Dubai's two well-known attractions! The opportunity to experience a selection of exhilarating rides, live performances, attractions, and much more is provided through these combo Motiongate Tickets. The tickets also permit you to ride over Ain Dubai, the 250-meter-high world's highest and largest observation wheel, to experience a bird's eye perspective of the metropolis. Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel offers visitors a one-of-a-kind chance to take in the setting sun scenery or illuminated skyline from high above through its 48 air-conditioned passenger glass compartments. The 38-minute ride will enthrall you whether you will take a ride during the day or at night.

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Motiongate Dubai Zones

With five exclusive Zones in Motiongate Dubai it is considered as one of the major Hollywood film studios, including Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures, and DreamWorks, Motiongate Dubai is one of its kind. Accessible through Motiongate Dubai tickets, each zone offers guests a distinctive experience with rides and other attractions based on some of the most well-known films made by these studios.

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Motiongate Dubai Tickets
DreamWorks Animation

Explore four distinct indoor DreamWorks Animation lands that are styled after the box office hits How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, and Shrek with Motiongate Tickets. With 12 mind-blowing attractions, you may play the hero and save the day as you soar through the air with Toothless, go on an epic martial arts adventure with the Furious Five, and more. Experience roller coasters, exhilarating family rides, multimedia theater performances, and memorable interactive play areas.

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Motiongate in Dubai
Columbia Pictures

Join the Ghostbusters in a supernatural war or engage in a high-speed chase in the style of the Green Hornet. Or fight the Lycans with Selene, a vampire fighter from Underworld's magical realm. With 7 attractions included in the Motiongate price, you will get to experience an action-packed land. Every ride is enjoyable, whether it's a family water ride, a roller coaster, an interactive show where zombies rule and ghosts wander, or a ride where meatballs fall.

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Motiongate Dubai tickets

Motiongate Dubai tickets grant you access to this world of exhilarating experiences, mouthwatering cuisine choices, stylish apparel, and exciting live entertainment. The thrilling, action-packed THE WORLD OF THE HUNGER GAMES and the breathtaking dance extravaganza STEP UP DUBAI, ALL IN!, based on the most recent entries in the Step Up franchise, are brought to life by LIONSGATE.

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smurf village
Smurfs Village

Enter the enchanting universe of the Smurfs with Motiongate Tickets, and be astounded by the fantasy mushroom-topped homes and a community of amicable blue Smurfs at every turn. Five immersive attractions, including interactive play areas, thrilling family rides, and delightful theater production, are on the offer in this hamlet of the widely popular Smurfs.

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Bollywood Parks Dubai
Studio Central

You begin your adventure of Motiongate Dubai by entering the very first Studio Central zone. The actual movie set of New York City will take you back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. By going behind the scenes, you may learn about filming, theatrical premieres, and the typical executive offices of a working film firm studio.

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Top Rides in Motiongate Dubai

Rides in Motiongate Dubai is home to 5 thrilling coasters and over 27 hair-raising rides spread across its 5 themed zones. With Motiongate Tickets, you can experience all these rides along with some motion simulator experiences like Panel Aerial and 4D Hovercraft Simulator, Hunger Games Inspired rides, and several fun-filled waterslides and activities.

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Capitol Bullet Train Motiongate Dubai
Capitol Bullet Train

Motiongate Dubai is the only location in the world where you can experience rides that are influenced by The Hunger Games! All fans of these exhilarating games and anyone looking for some hair-raising experiences while they are here must try these rides. The Capitol Bullet Train is one of these rides at Motiongate Dubai, although it's not advised for those who are not brave enough. This exhilarating ride is ideal for thrill-seekers since it propels you quickly via a half-pipe roller coaster from District 12 to the Capitol. It includes two exhilarating inversions, a zero-g roll, and other daring maneuvers on it. You must be 130 cm or taller to get access to this ride.

  • Best For: Adults and kids
  • Zones: Lionsgate
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Motiongate Dubai Zone
Madagascar Mad Pursuit

With the purchase of a Motiongate Dubai ticket, you can ride one of the park's most well-known attractions. This exhilarating roller coaster, which can reach speeds of more than 80 kph, is the fastest attraction in the park. Embark on this quickest, craziest roller coaster you've ever seen to have some spine-tingling adventures as you travel through the circus. Enjoy your thrill-seeking side as you follow the Zoosters in the dark as they attempt to avoid Captain DuBois, the insane animal control officer! You must be 125 cm or taller to ride this attraction.

-Best For: Adults and kids

-Zones: Dream Works

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Motiongate Dubai tickedts price
The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase

On this thrilling excursion, you'll have to rush past a junkyard filled with dangers and "dizzying leaps." Due to its slower speed, this roller coaster is one of the most kid-friendly rides. Therefore, if you're taking little children who want to ride their first coaster, this is a fantastic ride to start. During your ride, look out for the striking black car, the last real car from the 2011 Green Hornet motion picture. After the thugs ambush you, all you need to do is take immediate action to help Green Hornet and Kato fight the criminals off and save the day! You must be 105 cm tall or more for this ride.

  • Best For: Adults and kids

  • Zones: Columbia Pictures

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs- River Expedition.jpg
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs- River Expedition

This is the ideal place when you need to cool yourself from the heat in Dubai. You'll love this if you enjoy water coasters, but be prepared to get drenched completely. This is a remarkably unique location where the interaction of food and animals results in astonishing new species with their own ecosystem! You will have the opportunity to get close to the inhabitants of this amazing "foodimal" world as you make your way further into the jungle. You have to be at least 105 cm or taller for this ride.

  • Best For: Adults and kids

  • Zones: Columbia Pictures

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Motiongate Dubai
Dragon Gliders

The blockbuster film "How to Train Your Dragon'' served as an inspiration for Dragon Gliders, located in the DreamWorks zone. With this incredible roller coaster, you'll actually feel as though you're flying above the Island of Berk. You will fly through scary caverns, the lovely grand hall, and the unsettling Forbidden Island. A few well-known characters, like Hiccup and Toothless, may be spotted along the road. To ride this attraction, you must be at least 105 cm tall.

  • Best For: Adults and kids

  • Zones: Dream Works

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Motiongate Dubai tickedts price
Zombieland Blast Off

Do you believe you have what it takes to combat a zombie army? They're hiding around every corner, so you'd best get ready! Before tackling the scary Zombieland Blast Off, make your way through the eerie remains of a long-abandoned amusement park. The only way out is up because every entrance has been locked shut. When you least expect it, you'll suddenly descend after rising 58 meters in the air. In typical Zombieland fashion, this is not for the weak of heart. To participate in this activity, you must be at least 130 cm tall.

  • Best For: Adults and kids

  • Zones: Columbia Pictures

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Know Before You Book Motiongate Tickets

Essential Information
Dining and Shopping
Rules & Regulations
Dress Code & Facilities

  • Tour the large theme park with Motiongate Dubai tickets and explore its five distinct zones inspired by some of Hollywood's most popular live-action and animated films.
  • Experience 27 exhilarating rides and attractions themed on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Hunger Games, Kung Fu Panda, Ghostbusters, Shrek, etc.
  • Taste some thrills with rides in the Lionsgate zone or Zombieland rides in the Columbia Pictures zone.
  • Visit the Smurfs Village with your children and be delighted by identical copies of Smurf Houses and life-like sculptures of popular movie characters.
  • Enjoy some exhilarating motion simulator experiences, such as 4D Hovercraft and Panem Ariel Tour.
  • Beat the heat with water slides and a river area where you may splash about with your loved ones.
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FAQ's of Motiongate Tickets Dubai

What is unique about Motiongate Dubai?

A huge theme park with five distinct zones, Motiongate Dubai is based on some of the most popular Hollywood movies and major Hollywood film studios, making it one of its kind in the world. It guarantees a great time with breath-taking rides featuring recognizable characters, live performances, and other family-friendly attractions accessible through Motiongate Tickets.

How many rides are in Motiongate?

This Hollywood-themed park has a total of 27 rides and attractions spread around 5 unique zones that can be accessed with Motiongate Dubai tickets.

What’s the best time to visit Motiongate Dubai?

The best time to visit Motiongate Dubai is in the months of October to April for the pleasant temperatures. Booking your Motiongate Tickets for a weekday and visiting near its opening time are also effective ways to avoid crowds and fully enjoy the attraction.

How much time do you need at Motiongate Dubai?

While Motiongate Tickets grant you full-day entry to this theme park, if you've limited time, you can explore the majority of the fascinating rides within 4 hours.

What are the best things to do inside Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate Dubai ticket price includes access to all of the rides and attractions, all of which are fascinating and can leave you amazed. The top ones include the Madagascar Mad Pursuit, Dragon Gliders, Smurf Village Experience, Capitol Bullet Train, and more.

How much do Motiongate Dubai tickets cost?

Motiongate Tickets start at AED 330 and include a one-day entry to all attractions and rides at the park. If you book your tickets online with us, you may get good discounts on Motiongate Ticket prices. You will also receive cashback, a 90-day validity period, and return flexibility.

Where can I purchase Motiongate Dubai tickets?

You can purchase Motiongate Tickets online, and when you book with us, you will be eligible for some excellent deals and discounts on Motiongate prices. You will also receive additional benefits like 90-day validity, rebate, and return flexibility.

Are lockers available inside Motiongate Dubai?

Yes, a dedicated locker facility is available inside Motiongate Dubai where you may store your bags and personal belongings and explore the attraction without hassle.

Is there a free parking space inside Motiongate Dubai?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking for all Motiongate Tickets holders. However, valet parking is available for an extra fee.

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