About National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The national aquarium in Abu Dhabi ticket marks your entry into the world's most fascinating and adorable aquarium to visit. This aquarium in Al Qana, is literally floating with aquatic wildlife, spotting over 46,000 animals from more than 300 fascinating species. Spread across 10 maritime-themed zones, from the UAE’s Treasures, red sea wrecks, Atlantic caves, flooded forests, blazing volcanoes, and a frozen ocean, there are more than 60 attractions that will be sure to captivate and exhilarate the whole family. The Aquarium transports you deep into the dark, shining ocean, where you will witness the exhilarating beauty of tiny and massive underwater marine life that will take your breath away.

About various zones, such as The Ring of Fire is the lengthiest chain of volcanoes in the world. Explore the enchanting aquatic life that can be found in this continuously-changing ecosystem. Another one is ocean magic, as mammals adapt to the changing environment of the ocean. Next is the frozen ocean. There you come across how mammals such as Arctic seabirds and fish live in these icy caps. The next zone is the swamp forest. Here you observe the mysteries of tropical rainforests. Next is Bu Tinah island Bu Tinah Island is home to a diverse range of sea life due to its shallow waters, fascinating seagrass beds, elevated mangroves, and largest coral reefs.

In addition to its picturesque biological diversity, the National Aquarium offers an impressive array of thrilling and charming experiences. Tourists will be able to fully submerge themselves during their visits, with glass-bottom dhow tours and personal animal encounters with sharks, puffins, and freshwater rays.

With hi-technology including video projection and banner guides, the Aquarium has been outlined to provide both kids and adults with world-class connected learning opportunities to spotlight the major role the marine life environment plays in the wellbeing of all.

Experiences at National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Learn more about this fascinating experience where you get to see 10 different themed zones. There are over 200 species of animals that live and grow in Earth's waters, including whale sharks, Black Sea devils, rays, corals, turtles, and many others. Many aquatic animals, terrestrial animals, and amphibians are present at the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. Not just the animals that exhibit in the seas, but ones that live in the tropical forest, deserts, marshes, swampland and other ecospheres look forward to you at the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. Super snakes, a variety of parrots, capybaras, and multiple different natural creatures give you insta-worthy snap. So get your The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi tickets today and show off the wonderful beings that we share.

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Walk through our 10 zone aquarium journey where you have a thrilling experience of aquatic mammals. There are various zones, such as the Red Sea Wreck, where you can explore some of the most unbelievable jewels of the sea. We’re taking you on a charming underwater exploration through a shipwreck where you can come across hundreds of fish and live coral definitely found in the Arabian Red Sea. The next zone is the rocky Atlantic cave, where you come across some of the most incredible sea life that typically hide in the smallest crevices and crannies, such as lobster and sea sponges, to breed safely. As these are various zones and some more are the sub,ring of fire, ocean magic,frozen ocean, the flooded forest and bu tinah island.

National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium in Al Qana is definitely floating with sea wildlife, featuring over 46,000 animals from more than 300 unique species. Tourists will be able to fully submerge themselves during their visits, with glass-bottom dhow tours towards sharks,stingrays, fishes,reptiles, puffins, and freshwater rays. See sharks, rays, octopuses, barracuda, and other marine species that make the magnificent seas their home. Hear the cheeping, squeaky sounds and antics of the colorful birds from around the globe that will fascinate you. Watch for aquatic and terrestrial beasts that live in diversified environments, from wasteland to lush forests.

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Animal Encounter

If you are ready to jump into the deep sea, then here comes an adventure called Jungle Encounter that allows you to suit up and swim across freshwater rays for a lifetime chance to meet, greet, and feed them face-to-face.

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Aquarium Journey

A general admission ticket will take you through our 10-zone journey where you will discover an entire world of essential treasures. Next is Beyond the Glass Ticket,in this, while walking on the glass bridge, you see 10 fascinating zones. Next is the Bu Tinah Dhow, where you sit on a boat that rides through a glass bridge while covering the area of all 10 adventurous zones.

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Dive into the translucent clear blue water to look for turtles, seahorses, and colorful sea slugs, sharks, and magnificent sand tiger sharks found in shallow waters at magnificent tank habitats.It lets you experience a totally different world of corals while there is no worry about safety.

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Educational Program

The wildlife release programme is a joint cooperation between the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and the National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to save, readapt, and release vernacular wildlife in Abu Dhabi; we aim to save wildlife for future generations. There are various endangered species such as the African gray parrot, the green iguana, and loggerhead turtles that are found in various zones.

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National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
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Know Before You Go to National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Essential Information
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Location: National Aquarium Abu Dhabi Tickets are located at Al Qana-Radan-Al Maqta'-Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates

How to reach:

  • By Car: It is a 20 min car drive from city center via 18th St/Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street to reach the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi Tickets.
  • By Bus:- Take route no. 56, and get down at AI Maqta. From there, you can head towards AI Qana .

Timings: The national aquarium in Abu Dhabi ticket timings are 10am to 10pm and it takes about 1 hour 30 min approximately to visit.

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