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Experience Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

The Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai sets all the moods for a perfect night hosted by Mother Nature through the deserts of Lahbab. The overnight safari presents thrill, adventure, tradition, dining, camping, and entertainment- all in one amidst the deserts of Dubai. A perfect way to escape the bustling life of the city, the desert safari starts during the euphoric sunset. Assisted by an expert driver, a 4x4 land cruise moves through the desert’s ascents, and descends with high-speed twists, and turns. You can choose from a variety of fun activities like henna painting, photographing yourself in traditional Arabian dress-up, and shisha smoking. Post the interesting activities, the campsite awaits you with hospitality. Beneath the glittery sky of Dubai, you can unwind yourself enjoying the Bedouin ambiance by the fire. The delicious BBQ dinner with salads and desserts is there to fulfill all your cravings. After the dinner, you can enjoy a Belly dance performance by skilled Arabic performers. The beautiful Arabian night ends with you sleeping peacefully in the tents beneath the skies of Dubai. The next day, you wake up with serene sunrise lightning up the golden dunes. The staff serves you a scrumptious breakfast before you leave the desert with the memories of Arabian one thousand and one nights.


Best Dubai Overnight Desert Safari Deals

Camel Riding
Overnight Desert Safari with Sunrise Camel Trek

The trip starts with you getting transferred to the desert in the evening for enjoying a 4x4 dune bashing ride. Following the rapid twists and turns of the dune bash in Dubai Overnight Desert Safari, you can sand board to enjoy the thrills of sand descents. As soon as the sun sets down, you head to the Al Khayma Camp for an overnight stay in the style of Bedouins. You rest below the glittery Arabian sky in your cozy tents and wake up with a euphoric sunrise to continue the adventure. You head out on a camel trek to experience the traditional Arabian culture by riding on the ship of the desert. After you come back from the camel farm, a delicious Arabian breakfast awaits you.

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Desert Safari Dubai Overnight.jpg
Classic Overnight Desert Safari

The tour starts with your pick-up in a fully air-conditioned vehicle to the desert at noon. An expert driver takes you into deserts on a 4x4 safari. You enjoy the thrilling ride of bashing the golden dunes with abrupt twists and turns. After the thrilling adventure, you sit on the back of the camel and witness the mesmerizing views of the desert ocean. Post the exploration of Camel farm, you head to the campsite to enjoy sandboarding. Post the thrilling safari ride and descents of the sandboard, you spend your night with the entertainment of belly dance and a fire show. The BBQ dinner below the Arabian skies is the main highlight of the Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai. The end of the safari ride arrives with you sleeping in the tents to wake up the next day for a yummy breakfast.

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Ovenight Desert Safari Dubai.jpeg
Overnight Desert Safari at Igloo Tent

The overnight desert safari starts with your pick-up in a fully air-conditioned vehicle at noon. You get to enjoy the thrilling ride of bashing the golden dunes of the deserts as the sun sets. After the ride, you head on to the camel village on the ship of the desert. Amidst the desert, you enjoy the falcon show and watch the magnificent friendly bird sit on your hand with curiosity. You head to the campsite to get a beautiful henna painting on your hand and legs. Post the thrilling adventure, you become a spectator for belly dancing while enjoying the BBQ. Your day ends with a blissful sleep in the igloo tent on the sands. Next day, you wake up by the rays of sun and enjoy a tasty Arabic breakfast before heading out.

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Things to Experience in Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai comes with fun-packed activities to enjoy amidst the dunes. The adventurous activities like dune bashing, dune buggy, sandboarding, and quad biking can give yourself a boost of adrenaline. Besides the adventure, desert safari caters to light-hearted souls with fun activities of wildlife photography, camel riding, watching bird shows, and henna painting.

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Desert Safari Dubai Overnight.jpg

You can simply sit beneath the shimmery Arabian sky and watch the stars from the sands. The tent is set in the middle of the deserts with adequate distance between every camp. Post all the activities, you sit by the tents and watch the mesmerizing constellations with sandy winds touching your face.

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Dune Bashing Dubai  adventure
Dune Bashing

On the sands of Dubai, an expert professional drives a 4x4 powerful land cruise for you. The safari moves at incredible speeds, with sharp turns and twists for about 35-40 minutes. The dune bashing ascents and descents keep you intrigued throughout the safari ride.

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Dune Buggy Dubai experience
Dune Buggy

For a thrilling experience, ride a huge dune buggy or beach buggy on the dunes. This vehicle has large wheels, wide tyres, and a sporty appearance to enhance the experience of the sand off roading. After Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai, you can choose to ride the solo buggy on the sands.

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Sandboarding at Dubai

Post the Overnight safari dubai, you can indulge in sandboarding. This activity is a synonym for sand skiing in the deserts. Sandboarding involves descending on a sloppy dune using a sandboard. This dune offers steep descents and is known as a sand hill. The sandboard is constructed of a harder surface and a base made of laminex plastic.

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Camel Safari Dubai.jpeg
Camel Riding

The camel safari is the most peaceful part of night safari in dubai. The 45-minute tour of the desert takes you on the back of a camel across the Bedouin camp. Riding the ship of the desert will let you understand the nomadic culture of the Middle East.

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Dubai Overnight Desert Safari.jpg
Henna painting

You can get Arabic henna painting on your hands and legs as part of an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai activity. The henna paint is completely safe for the skin and comes in beautiful designs. The skillful painter makes pretty patterns with henna and you can customize them according to your choice. If you go on a desert safari ride with your partner, matching henna painting would be the most romantic thing for you.

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Dubai Camel Safari.jpeg
Wildlife Photography

You can enjoy photographing the wild animals of deserts like eagles, falcons, desert eagle owls, gazelles, and many other animals. Near the campsite, these animals wander in search of food. You can enjoy photographing these beautiful animals and try clicking selfies with them.

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Quad Biking
Quad Biking

Driving through the shining dunes on a quad bike is an exhilarating off-roading experience. The bike's speed can be increased for smoother travel over the roughest hills and mountains. You can choose from a 330 CC automatic, a 400 CC automatic, or a 700 CC receptor quad with a gear.

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Dubai Desert Safari Belly Dance Show.jpeg
Watch Tanoura and Nashaat dancing show

Sitting by the side of the flames, you enjoy the dance of Tanoura and Nashaat. Post the adventurous Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai, you enjoy the night of relaxation by watching the alluring moves of belly dancers.

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Know Before You Book Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Things to keep in mind
What to wear

  • Enjoy the euphoric sunset lightning up the golden dunes through Dubai Overnight Desert Safari.

  • Get the thrills of dune bashing in a 4x4 safari at high speeds.

  • Welcome the magnificent falcon to sit on your hand and watch over with curiosity.

  • Surf through the mountains of sand through sand boarding.

  • Enjoy the off-roading experience of Quad biking.

  • Paint your hands and legs with the fragrance of Henna.

  • Ride on the back of the ship in the desert to explore the camel farm.

  • Enjoy BBQ beside the fire and watch the rhythmic belly dance.

  • Spend overnight in the tents in Boudin style.

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Tips for Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner
  • Don’t throw litter on the campsite and try to keep the deserts clean.

  • Don’t touch or harm the desert animals.

  • Refrain from driving in the vegetation.

  • Don’t camp near the dunes as off-roaders ride vehicles and perform dune bashing.

  • Keep the campsite washrooms clean.

  • Carry your power bank, chargers, and mobile phone at all times.

  • Carry adequate water, wipes, masks, and medical and first-aid kit.

  • Carry eatables like biscuits, protein bars, glucose-based chocolates, dry fruits, and quick energy bites.

  • In case of any emergency or inconvenience, you can contact the emergency number 999 from any device.

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FAQ's of Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

What is unique about an overnight desert safari?

Dubai Overnight Desert Safari is unique because it presents you with loads of activities during the sunset. The experience of dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and dune buggy becomes even more thrilling as the dark stars cover the skies. The evening camel ride is a captivating experience to witness serene views of the desert. But the most popular thing that makes the overnight safari unique is camping amidst the deserts. The camping experience allows you to witness enchanting dance shows and enjoy BBQ.

What to Expect on an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

You can expect adventurous activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and dune buggy. There are several light-hearted things you can participate in like camel riding, wildlife photography and heena paintings. You can expect to enjoy several dance shows in the camping site and enjoy BBQ.

What is the pickup and drop-off time for Dubai Overnight Desert Safari?

The pickup time for the Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai is 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM and the Drop Off Time is between 07:00 AM - 07:30 AM.

What are the things to do with an Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

  • Camel Riding:

The camel safari is the most peaceful part of the Dubai night safari. The 45-minute desert tour takes you through the camel farm for understanding desert culture. The camel ride ends at the camp for an Overnight safari Dubai.

  • Wildlife Photography:

You can enjoy photographing desert animals such as eagles, falcons, desert eagle owls, gazelles, and many others.

  • Henna Painting:

A skilled Heena painter creates beautiful designs with henna that you can personalize according to your preferences. Matching henna painting would be the most romantic thing for you if you went on a desert safari ride with your partner.

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