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Paintball in Dubai

Gear up for the most spectacular action-packed paintball combat in the City of Gold with your friends and family! Paintball is a fantastic activity that people of all ages can enjoy. This game requires a range of abilities, including team cooperation, problem solving, and collaboration. Though challenging, paintballing in Dubai is absolutely safe and super fun. The city is home to several paintball battlefields where participants can engage in an intense match of shooting and eliminating one another with dye-filled gelatin capsules. Wonderland Paintball in Dubai features an incredible battle course with a forest theme that never fails to satisfy adrenaline enthusiasts. Battle Park, Pursuit Games, and Sharjah Paintball Park, for example, offer both indoor and outdoor paintball battlefields, as well as a variety of additional amenities such as refreshments and a kid's play area. Whether you opt for outdoor or indoor paintball in Dubai, you will surely have the most memorable time in the city as all the paintball fields are massive and filled with intriguing obstacles. Make sure to engage in a fun paintball battle while in Dubai to release your inner warrior and get a taste of an exciting war-like scenario.

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Paintball Experience
Wonderland Paintball

Located on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai expressway, Wonderland Paintball Dubai is a gorgeous forest-themed outdoor paintball battlefield. This battle course has exciting obstacles such as false boulders, shaded trees, bunkers, and more, and can accommodate up to 50 players at once. Furthermore, Wonderland Paintball provides players with a selection of game sessions, including Total Eliminations, Jail Break, Run the Flag, and Rambo. All paintball battles at Wonderland Paintball take place under expert supervision. In addition to paintball, visitors to the centre may go horseback riding. Although children under the age of nine are not permitted to participate in paintball sessions, they may take part in a variety of shooting games held at the centre.

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Battle Park Dubai

Battle Park is the largest paintball battleground in the UAE and is unquestionably one of the best paintballing locations in Dubai. This paintball park features seven outdoor and indoor paintball battlefields with a variety of themes such as Nuclear Bunker Warfare, Zombie Wars, Forest Fire, Desert Storm, and Castle Siege. Interestingly, all paintballs used in Battle Park are completely biodegradable as they are made of food grade materials. This theme park, in addition to paintball, includes a range of other fighting and shooting games like I-Battle, X-Battle, and Airsoft Madness. Battle Park in Dubai ensures an exciting paintball experience and is a must-visit for all paintball enthusiasts!

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Pursuit Games, Dubai

Situated in the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, Pursuit Games in Dubai is another must-visit paintballing location in the UAE. This paintball circuit was founded in 1996 and is among the oldest in the Middle East. At Pursuit Games, you can enjoy a fascinating paintballing experience in both outdoor and indoor settings. There are several theme-based gaming sessions, such as Weekend Warriors, Freak, Rambo, and Econo. A particular paintball game option, Pee Wee, is particularly directed at children aged between 10 and 12 and lasts for two hours. As per the regulations at Pursuit Games, only people aged 10 years and up are allowed to paintball.

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Sharjah Paintball Park

Sharjah Paintball Park is a famous paintballing venue in Dubai, especially for people who enjoy adventurous fighting and shooting sports. This paintball facility is large, with an outdoor paintball battleground that can accommodate 200 players in a single game. In addition to an outdoor paintball field, Sharjah Paintball Park also has facilities for indoor paintball. After an exhilarating game of paintball, guests can unwind in the cafe located at the centre. This theme park also boasts a FIFA-certified football pitch for all football fans, as well as a shop where tourists can buy advanced paintball accessories and equipment.

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Know Before You Go for Dubai

How to Reach
Tips to Visit
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  • By Air: Dubai Airport is the busiest in the UAE and is well-connected to practically every country on the planet. Hence, flying to Dubai is the most convenient option to reach the City of Gold.

  • By Bus: The Emirates Express links the whole UAE and can take you to Dubai. Emirates Express will take barely two hours to reach Dubai from Abu Dhabi.

  • By Car: There are several cab companies that run between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can choose one of these or rent a car.

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Book Paintball Experience in Dubai


Paintballing is a popular leisure sport in Dubai which is loved by both locals and tourists. Given the incredible gaming experiences provided by all Dubai paintball centres, time slots for gaming sessions fill up rapidly. As a result, it is suggested that you buy your paintball tickets in advance online in order to take advantage of enticing prices and offers. A standard paintball Dubai ticket ensures you a 1.5 to 2 hour paintball session in one of the several themed battlefields. The ticket also includes some of the accessories like paintball outfit, gear, and equipment.

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What is the minimum age for paintball in Dubai?

Different paintball centres in Dubai have different age requirements. For instance, the minimum age for paintball in Wonderland Paintball is 9 years whereas in Pursuit Games, it is 10 years.

How to book Paintball tickets online in Dubai?

It is highly recommended to book your ticket online for Paintball Dubai as the whole online process is very seamless and efficient. You can easily book tickets for paintballing in Dubai online with us and enjoy great savings as we offer exclusive deals and discounts on the tickets.

Why is paintball in Dubai so famous?

Visitors can enjoy some of the greatest and most challenging paintball battlegrounds, which comes with a variety of themes and options for both outdoor and indoor paintball in Dubai. The range of themes and the availability of cutting-edge paintball gear undoubtedly make paintball in Dubai a pleasant and thrilling pastime for all guests.

Are there any rules for playing Paintball in Dubai?

Prior to entering the paintball battleground, all guests must meet the minimum age requirements and follow the instructions presented in the briefing sessions.

What are the timings for Paintball in Dubai?

Most paintballing centres in Dubai are open from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Some, such as Wonderland Paintball, are open until midnight.

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