Rides in Warner bros Abu Dhabi

Rides In Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

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About Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Rides

For someone who is a movie buff, a vacation to the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi is a dream come true as the venue is home to thrilling rides like Swiss Cheese Spin, Knight Flight, War World Attacks, Ani Mayhem, Gotham City, and so forth. Warner Bros rides are famous worldwide for all the right reasons- the live entertainment, dining and shopping options, exhilarating attractions, fun rides, and so much more.

The stimulating and dramatic rides in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi let you travel back to the zany prehistoric era of Bedrock with the charming Flintstones, or explore the Dynamic Gulch with Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner to visit the other comical Looney Tunes Characters like Sylvester and Tweety, Daffy Duck, and more. The 29 thrilling rides are divided into three categories based on their features: 8 rides intended for the entire family, 6 thrill rides, and 7 rides suitable for children.

With a variety of alternatives for children, adults, and families, all of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi rides combine safety and amusement. Live out your superhero fantasy by hopping over the mind-blowing theme rides within the realistic realms of Gotham City and Metropolis. Explore these bright animated worlds and take in the cutting-edge theme park attractions scattered throughout the park to make it a wonderful day for the whole family.

Rides at Metropolis

WBW Justice League.jpg
Justice League: Warworld Attacks

With a huge international fan base, DC Comic World and the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi rides transport visitors into the DC universe, where they have an opportunity to combat the evil Mongul with their favorite characters. Join your favorite superheroes like Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Kryptonian Superman in the exciting good-versus-evil 5D adventure ride. Hold on tight and brace yourself as you leap, flutter, and whirl into well-known DC places to fight the enemy from the Mongul army of intergalactic warriors. Cyborg, the rescuer, will help you find your way out. It’s a thrill ride and you must be at least 110 cm tall to access this ride.

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Warners Bros
Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey

Of all the Warner Bros rides, ensure that you embark on the Galactic Odyssey with Green Lantern, a.k.a. Hal Jordan to experience the surreal world of superheroes. When you enter space, a 4D "flying theater" will draw you into the extraordinary world of Green Lantern. Enjoy the amazing effects of the wind, mist, and aroma of the location to explore his homeland Oa and the lush green planet of Odym. When the interstellar conflict between Sinestro and the demonic Parallax begins, pandemonium is to be expected. The required height to enter the ride is 110 cm, and the ride is a family attraction.

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Warner Bros
Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis

Imagine that you are a Kryptonian who has traveled to Earth to fight the bad guys alongside Superman. When you get to the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi, you can engage in the renowned 360-degree combat with your Superman. Hold on as the thrilling 3D attraction embarks on a pulse-pounding adventure into the DC universe, where a conflict between good and evil is present. With your lightning-fast reflexes, aid your Man of Steel in rescuing Metropolis. We'll see if you can connect with these reflexes and powers while exploring the cosmos. There are no minimum height or weight restrictions for the Family Attraction ride type such as this one.

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Teen Titans Training Academy

The Justice League's young superhero sidekicks, the Teen Titans, are dedicated to rescuing the planet Earth, as their name suggests. Are the Teen Titans something you enjoy? Do you believe you have what it takes to become the next Teen Titans world-saving superhero? Do you have what it takes to be the Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash, Starfire, or Kid Flash? Arrive at the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi to participate in a variety of athletic activities with the Teen Titans that will test your dexterity, agility, and endurance. There are net climbs, wall climbs, zip coasters, and more for kids as it’s a kids attraction and you have to be at least 122 cm tall to access this ride.

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Rides At The Gotham City

Warner Bros
Batman: Knight Flight

This one invites you to try their secret panel at Wayne Tech HQs and join Batman in saving Gotham City. There are threats approaching the city and you have to accept a position as the testing pilot who would drive their police car. By riding in the cutting-edge Batmobile, one can determine whether the knight flight is swift. You can enlarge yourself to avoid the wicked traps that the Joker has set up as you climb, spin, tumble, and roll your way around Gotham City. You must be between 120 and 200 cm tall to ride the thrill ride.

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Scarecrow Scare Raid Warner Bros
Scarecrow Scare Raid

Grab the opportunity to challenge your deepest fears by hopping on the Scarecrow Scare Raid at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi. Imagine the thrill as you get to watch the blazing eyes of demonic scarecrows speeding toward Gotham city on an exhilarating flight intended to send thrills down your spine. All of your senses will be awakened by the ride, which will also cause your heart to start beating more quickly and send goosebumps down your spine. While discovering the psychological anxieties of the Scarecrow world, visitors can anticipate abrupt dramatic spins, exhilarating acrobatics, and barrel rolls. It’s a Thrill Ride and you have to be at least 120 cm tall to access it.

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WBW The Riddler.jpg
The Riddler Revolution

With its well-known Confound Revolution ride, Warner Bros. amusements is here to puzzley the swaying coaster. If your thing is solving challenging puzzles then this is your ideal ride. For the thrill-seeker in you, the Riddler Revolution brings you challenging and exciting puzzles that you have to solve if you wish to escape a deserted warehouse. Until you make your way out, the whirling coaster will give you plenty of exciting moves. You must be around 120 cm tall at least to enjoy this Thrill Ride.

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Warner Bros
The Joker Funhouse

Who doesn't love the bad guy in the DC universe? We know Harley Quinn did, and so do you. One of the most intriguing rides at the entire Warner Bros. theme park is The Joker Funhouse. The rollercoaster was designed with the diabolical psychology of the Joker in mind, the Clown Prince of Crime. As you ride the Joker Funhouse, picture the legendary Joker laugh, and everything will be just as awesome as it should be. A classic fairground experience and a high level of adrenaline rush are offered to you by the house's numerous physical and psychological obstacles. It's a Family Attraction ride.

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Warner Bros
Rogues Gallery Games

Visitors are welcome to try their hand at taking down Batman, who is unbeatable, at the Rogues Gallery. The Rogues Gallery, a renowned Batman animated series where you can select your choice of a villain and attempt to plan their overthrow of Batman, served as the inspiration for the area. You can earn points in Whac-A-Bat or test your skill at Toxic Blast, while utilizing your cunning and discover the best position throughout the takeover process. Three to four people can participate in this Family Attraction ride while planning and executing their various strategies. There is no minimum height restriction to try this adventure.

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Rides at Cartoon Junction

Warner Bros
Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin

Not a single child on the earth will not adore Tom and Jerry, even grownups do too. You can now witness the hilarious chase from the Tom and Jerry show at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi and relive your entire childhood. The massive home of infamous mouse Jerry and cat Tom is circled by a roller coaster ride that is shaped like a swiss cheese. Enjoy the adventure filled with humorous chaos and thrilling twists and turns as Tom chases Jerry and Jerry chases cheese by escaping all the obstacles and diving in mouse holes. It’s a thrill ride so you have to be at least 110 cm tall to access the ride.

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Warner Bros
Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries

“Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where are you?” Your favorite dog is right here at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi and you get to explore the whole museum dedicated to your favorite paranormal team. You're invited to work with your favorite detective Scooby-Doo to solve a time-bound mystery by Warner Bros rides. Together with Scooby, Daphne, Shaggy, Velma, and Fred, you must solve the mysteries of the museum. Join your family and friends as you board your ride and explore the weird halls and hidden passageways in search of clues to the mystery. Your minimum height to access this Family Attraction ride must be at least 90 cm.

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Cartoon Netwrork Theme Zone IMG Worlds of Adventure.jpg
Cartoon Junction Carousel

Join your favorite Looney Tunes characters as you ride in legendary cartoon rides. Kids can ride their favorite cartoon characters' rides on this vintage carousel with the classic Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes characters on Cartoon Junction Carousel and have a vivid touch. This is certainly one of the most preferred Warner Bros rides. In the midst of Cartoon Junction's city square, there is a lively, vibrant ride that puts a creative spin on the traditional carousel and celebrates the passion and grandeur of Warner Bros. animation. The minimum height should be at least 80 cm to access this Kids Attraction ride.

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Daffy JP Pogo Stick 4156.jpg
Daffy Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick

Brace yourself for the newly added Looney Tunes series character that awaits your presence at Warner Bros. rides, so you can be sure to make the most of your excursion. Visitors to Daffy Jet can try out ACME's newest invention, the Propelled Pogo Stick. Visitors to the pogo stick experience rapid elevation changes from up to down and then up and vice versa, leaving them feeling incredibly disoriented. It is a substantial long jump stick that is renowned for giving its riders a shock by tossing them up and down. This Kids Attractions ride requires a minimum height of 100 cm.

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Tweety WW 3873.jpg
Tweety Wild Wockets

Remember when wicked Sylvester only wanted to eat the adorable tiny Tweety while Grandma wanted to solve mysteries? Welcome to The Tweety Wild Wockets, one of the most well-known Warner Bros rides that offer a thrilling aerial carousel experience that both adults and children will adore. The aerial ride circles endlessly as the passenger and Tweety attempt to flee from the cruel cat Sylvester. The success or failure of Sylvester's attempts to turn little Tweety into a feast at various stages during the ride relies on the carousel rider. This is a Kids Attraction ride so you have to be at least 90 cm tall to access it.

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RR with Taz 3909.jpg
Ricochet Racin’ with Taz

In their super vehicle, the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi rides await you to embark on a journey that takes you on a thrilling experience. The fact that they get to ride alongside the well-known Taz makes this one of the children's favorite rides in the entire theme park. Taz's incredible speed is packed inside the supercar, which will lead you on an amusing and engaging ride along Tasmanian Devil's racetrack. Keep your eyes on the road as you follow this brisk Looney Tunes character. It's a Kids Attractions ride with a minimum height restriction of 90 cm.

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Ani-Mayhem 0185.jpg

Ani Mayhem, which allows riders to seat in their preferred delivery cart, is one of the most participatory rides in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi theme park. In order to compete in the ACME-organized "Employee of the Month'' race, guests receive their own personalized barcode scanners. Six delivery stations, each representing a scenario from one of their favorite Looney Tunes programs, will be encountered by passengers as they travel there. Explore the cartoon pandemonium and scan quite so many objects in this hard multidimensional trip with your family. This Family Attraction requires a minimum height of 90 cm.

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ACME Factory 93371.jpg
Acme Factory

Ani Mayhem, which allows riders to seat in their preferred delivery cart, is one of the most participatory rides in the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi theme park. In order to compete in the ACME-organized "Employee of the Month" race, guests receive their own personalized barcode scanners. Six delivery stations, each representing a scenario from one of your favorite Looney Tunes programs, will be encountered by you as you travel here. Explore the cartoon pandemonium and scan quite so many objects in this hard multidimensional trip with your family. This Family Attraction requires a minimum height of 90 cm.

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Rides At Dynamic Gulch

WBW Fast and Furryous.jpg
Fast and Furry-ous

The Fast and Furry-ous is among Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi's most well-known rides. Through these rides, you can chase after the super-fast Road Runner and take in the stunning architecture of South American desert landscapes. You can take this voyage to discover the universe of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, two well-known Looney Tunes characters. As you drive around a roller coaster, you explore all the blind corners, optical obstructions, and tall dunes that are filled with other enthralling features that keep riders captivated. It is a thrill coaster that requires a height of at least 110 cm.

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The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter 0141.jpg
The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter

Remember the Jetsons and their innovative inventions related to space? The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter, with a little assistance of a mechanical device, takes you up in the sky on a spacecraft with a splash and then lands you into the future where the Jetsons live. Take off in your very own spacecraft, give it a thrilling spin in the air, park it using the mechanical gadget at The Jetsons' own landing area, and then visit all of your favorite people in Dynamite Gulch. The minimum height accompanied on this Family Attractions Ride is 90 cm.

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Marvin the Martian Crater Crashers

Marvin is going back into orbit and he needs your help to fuel his rocket. One of the most exciting Warner Bros rides, this one provides children of all ages with a tremendous ride-bumping experience. There is a space where kids can freely crash and bump into one another, and the area's interior is furnished with all the character-related aspects. Marvin uses all of the kinetic energy produced by the car-bumping conflict to power his ship, which will transport him back to his orbit, making it a fun activity for all of the guests. You have to be at least 105 cm tall to access this ride.

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Warner Bros
Yosemite Sam Rootin' Tootin' Gas

Yosemite Sam Rootin' Tootin' Gas is a quirky, Route 66-themed store where fans of the irascible Yosemite Sam can find all the treasures Yosemite Sam has collected on his adventures. This famous Southwest Americana-themed gas station has a souvenir shop from Dynamite Gulch that sells the best of bygone times. You may find a variety of products and treats, such as clothing, souvenirs, and home items with your favorite Animated Junction icons on them, as well as goods inspired by The Martian and The Jetsons Rides.

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FAQs Of Rides In Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

How many types of rides are there at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi?

There are a total of 29 different Warner Bros Abu Dhabi rides further categorized as 6 Thrill rides, 7 Kids Attractions, and 8 Family Attractions.

How long do you need at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

With plenty of rides to try, you need to spare at least 4-5 hours in a day to fully explore every bit of your favorite Warner Bros rides.

Are all rides accessible for all the guests in the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi?

Yes, there are 29 different Warner Bros rides categorized in three sections- Thrill Rides, Family Attractions, and Kids Attractions. There are different rides accessible for all the guests in the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi.

Where is Warner Bros Theme Park?

Warner Bros. Theme Park is located at Yas Island- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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