Romantic Places in Dubai

Dubai is mostly famous for its adventure and entertainment. What many do not know is that it is also the land for love and for couples to have romantic outings. It may be interesting for you to know that there are many romantic places in Dubai. It invites couples for luscious delicacies on date nights, romantic evenings with astonishing views from skyscrapers, adventurous hearts to explore desert pleasures, and relaxing under the stars near the sound of the waves.Exploring the Romantic Places in Dubai is promising with all the pleasant attractions beckoning with a dreamy allure. Whatever you and your partner crave for a romantic outing, there is always something to fulfill your wish. Be it taking a relaxing stroll in many romantic parks, sitting on the beach with stunning views of sunset and beach dinner settings, cruising along the city feeling the wind’s caress, or wishing for a bonfire in the middle of the desert. What is your idea of a romantic day out or a romantic evening? Dubai has everything to get you your dreams on the platter of reality.Let us look at some of the Romantic Places in Dubai for couples that you can add to your itinerary.

Burj Khalifa Garden Glow Tickets
Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world standing at 2700 feet. This is one of the most romantic places in Dubai that you must visit when taking a trip to this city. You can watch a magnanimous view of twinkling lights all around the city as far as your view may go. It has two observation decks, an attractive Vegas fountain spread, and modern architecture to love. You can visit any day but the best time to reach the viewing deck is after dark for lights and fountain views.

Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab

One of the most luxurious hotels in the UAE, Burj Al Arab resides on its private island connected with a bridge to the mainland. Directly connected to the sea, the vast expanse is a delightful view perfect for couples to soak in with sunset and sunrise both in the vicinity. Numerous restaurants with pleasurable cuisines and luxurious spas are a part of the hotel package. Added to that the joys of water sports and adventure sports make the stay there even sweeter.

Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain

A delightful and immersing combination of water, lights, and sound, The Dubai Fountain lies directly below the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. The mesmerizing show of fountains reaching about 140 meters high with water jets waving with the flow of the music, makes for a delightful experience. Laid out over a large area of land, the fountain dances in the interwoven patterns of lights making it pleasing for couples out for a romantic evening.

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach

A vast expanse of white sands with the wind rustling through the hair, the pleasures of a beach can truly be felt at the Jumeirah beach. With Jumeirah hotels nearby for luxurious accommodation with a beach view, Burj Al Arab Hotel's picturesque view, and the fresh air refreshing the mind, your stay would not be less than perfect. With your loved ones, you can stroll the expanse of the beach, enjoy water sports and activities, relax in cabanas, and click pictures to store away memories

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah

One of the most picturesque sets of Islands is shaped beautifully in the form of a palm tree encircled by another set of Islands and joined by bridges for the commute. This is Palm Jumeirah. It houses residential areas, commercial buildings, and tourist destinations including water parks and aquariums. The aerial view gives the best preview of the entire area which is open to visitors all the time. Take a cab and stroll through the Islands at leisure, shop, and enjoy.

Dubai Miracle Garden.jpg
Miracle Garden

For those who are in love with nature and appreciate the beauty it presents, Miracle Garden in Dubai land is the best destination to explore. With millions of flowers covering the vast expanse of the garden and the trees and shrubs neatly trimmed into beautiful shapes can be a sight to behold. The best time to expect the brightest bloom is from mid-November to Mid-May every year and is the perfect time for a couple to explore one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

View of Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

For a day of leisure, opt to go for a nice stroll, jog, or sightseeing in Downtown Dubai’s Marina. Consisting of an extensive network of luxurious opportunities and complexes you can enjoy a nice walk with beautiful waterfront views, shop in the Marina Shopping Complex, and explore other entertainment options. This is a canal city in New Dubai that can be covered by tram, bus, or water bus by booking a ticket.

Kite Beach.jpg
Kite Beach

A perfect setting of the beach to enjoy your day is the Kite Beach in Jumeirah right in the view of Burj Al Arab hotel. With opportunities for swimming, surfing, kite surfing, making sand castles, grabbing beverages while you relax in beach cafes, exploring the beach library for a calming couple of hours, and feeling super romantic on this Kite Beach which is considered one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

Love Lake
Love Lake in Al Qudra

A serene destination in the desert surroundings a little secluded from Dubai city, Love Lake is a great place for couples and families to spend their time. It is a destination perfect for bird watching, colorful fishes, and mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets. With the perfect settings for an outing, you can experience barbeque evenings and bonfires in this peaceful natural vicinity. A treat for nature enthusiasts, with shrubs, trees, and flowers surrounding the lake, invigorates the mind, making it to the list of best romantic places in Dubai.

dubai garden glow tickets.jpg
Dubai Garden Glow

A beautiful destination in a Dubai Garden Glow consisting of structures built with energy-saving lights (LED) and glow-in-the-dark recyclable fabric. The best time to experience the glow is to visit at night for an authentic magical view of lights in the dark. This garden is one of the most romantic places in Dubai for couples to stroll hand-in-hand around the garden exploring the mesmerizing scenes created while treating your partner with slight refreshments.

Private Sunrise Desert Safari
Desert Safari

Dubai is a destination for architectural exploration and has the remnants of desert in the midst. This is where the adventure takes its form of inviting exploration through thrilling sandboarding, camel rides, quad biking, and more. It is also one of the most romantic places in Dubai for couples to experience Desert Safari where you dine and enjoy exotic live performances native to Arabian culture. The best time to visit for a desert safari is from October to March while the bookings are on throughout the year.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Intimate Hot Air Balloon Riding

When you are exploring the beautiful expanse of the sky with your loved one right beside you, it is one of the most romantic outings for any couple. The intimate hot air balloon ride spans over the desert showing you the sparkling sand beneath glowing bright under the sunlight. With animals like camels riding through the desert, the view is a sight to behold. With a beautiful sunrise or sunset during the ride, you can truly feel that it is one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

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