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Experience Scuba Diving in Dubai

What makes Dubai such an amazing tourist destination apart from its skyscrapers is the wide array of recreational activities that this city has on offer. There are many water sports available as well, for someone who loves to seek thrill. Take Scuba diving for instance, which happens at many fabulous spots in Dubai so you have many options to choose from if you wish to undertake this particular water sport. Scuba Diving in Dubai will not only let you explore the depths of water bodies but you can also interact with some amazing marine animals like rays, jellyfish and in some cases, sharks as well!

The Scuba diving experiences in Dubai can be enjoyed by everyone as they have discovery packages for people new to this sport and full-blown advance certification courses as well. The Dubai Aquarium tank is one of the most unique places to experience this sport as it is home to over 30,000 magnificent aquatic creatures. Then there’s the Jumeirah beach where you can experience scuba diving in open waters which is not only more adventurous but thrilling as well. Atlantis the Palm, which is Dubai’s biggest open-air aquarium, is also one of the hot favourites amongst scuba divers.


Places to Explore While Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is home to the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo and is among the coolest places to go Scuba Diving in Dubai. The reason? This aquarium holds as many as 30,000 marine animals includindg the biggest collection of sand tiger sharks in the whole wide world. This caged dive will let you get up close to the apex predators of the sea like sharks and stingrays. It is very safe though as your instructor will also be locked in the cage with you. If you wish to procure some more knowledge about this sport, then you can choose to take a short time course with Al Boom Diving Centre.

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Scuba Diving in Dubai
Jumeirah Beach

It is a widely accepted fact that scuba diving in open waters is far more adventurous. If you wish to experience the ultimate thrill of it in Dubai, Jumeirah beach is your best bet. The turquoise water of this Arabian gulf provides the perfect scenic backdrop to experience this sport. Even if you are new to this sport, Bermuda Diving Centre at Jumeirah Beach has a lot of diving courses which you can select according to your ability. To make your experience everlasting, you can also include underwater photography within your package. We are saving the best bit for the last. If you are staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you can experience Scuba diving in Dubai for absolutely free!

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scuba diving
Atlantis the Palm

The iconic Atlantis the Palm holds the recognition of being the biggest open-air aquarium in the city. It makes it one of the hottest destinations for people looking to experience scuba diving in Dubai. In the ambassador lagoon, a number of diving courses are offered for both non-certified and certified divers. The best part about this experience is that apart from diving, you can also explore 65,000 marine creatures. If you hold good swimming experience, you cannot afford to miss out on snorkelling packages. To up the thrill quotient, the Dive Atlantis centre also holds underwater guided tours where you can unwrap the mysteries surrounding the lost city of Atlantis.

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Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai
Dubai Worlds Island

Dubai World islands is one of the latest spots for scuba diving that have come up in recent years. It is basically a group of artificial islands that are now budding with small but significant colonies of marine flora and fauna. The Dubai government is working hard to marinate the surrounding areas so as to promote their growth. Moreover, it is being claimed that the Dubai Worlds Island is touted to become one of the leading sites for scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates.

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Scuba Diving
Dubai Marina

Scuba diving at Dubai Marina near JBR is amongst the best places for this sport. The best part of this experience is that PADI certified divers can also enjoy deep sea shipwreck dives. There are two kinds of packages available here: discovery packages and certification courses. For both beginners and professionals, world-class training is also provided by PADI instructors.

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 Scuba Diving
Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

Scuba diving in recent times has become a very popular sport in UAE. There are more people getting into this business by creating artificial areas to explore the underwater vistas of the UAE. Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge is a prime example in this regard as it was deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef. There are hundreds of holes in the wreckage which is placed at the bottom of this man-made ocean. Experienced divers can find their way through these holes and can experience close encounters with several aquatic animals like angel fish, batfish, barracuda and more.

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Know Before You Go For Scuba Diving in Dubai

Essential Tips
Other Essential Info

  • It is very important to ensure that the weather conditions are suitable for scuba diving
  • Make sure that when you are scuba diving in Dubai, you are not alone. It is advisable to tag along with a trained professional in case things go south.
  • Follow all the safety instructions carefully.
  • Don’t go too far away from the reefs and be aware of your location all the time.
  • Don’t try something new if you are a novice when it comes to scuba diving.
  • In case you find yourself in a problematic situation, try to remain cool and calm at all costs. Try to relax and let the professionals help you out.
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FAQ's of Scuba Diving in Dubai

Is scuba diving safe for first timers?

Yes. Dubai has turned out to be the ultimate destination for first time divers to experience the thrill of scuba diving since there are several trained professionals to run you through the basics.

Do I need any medical certificate for scuba diving in Dubai?

For starter courses, you just need to complete the medical questionnaire that will be handed over to you before diving. However, if you are opting for technical and professional level courses, you are bound to get a signed medical certificate from a doctor.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to do scuba diving in Dubai?

No, because there are several courses offered here that cater to beginners. Trained professionals are at your disposal to teach you the basics of scuba diving.

Is a diving certificate necessary for scuba diving in Dubai?

Necessarily not, especially if you are opting for beginner courses since they are just about the basics of scuba diving. However, if you wish to go pro in this sport and want to explore the open waters, then yes, a diving certificate is mandatory.

What is the optimum weight limit required for scuba diving in Dubai?

There isn’t any optimum weight limit required for scuba diving in Dubai so people of all body types and weights can experience scuba diving.

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