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About Shark Walker Dubai

The Shark Walker at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a very popular tourist attraction in the Dubai Mall. Attract sharks to yourself with the help of bait and watch them eat those live. Moreover, learn more about the diving centre's shark breeding operations and baby shark feeding dives. Furthermore, you can go shark cage underwater diving inside a metal cage, which offers a secure environment for divers as well as non-divers to observe and snap photos of the most successful predators in the ocean.

This great location allows travellers to come and study 33000 creatures from 750 different species that make up a spectacular aquatic collection in the 10 million litre tank. It is a one-in-lifetime experience lasting 25 minutes and is recommended for anybody who can remain cool under pressure. Remember to arrive 45 minutes before your planned dive time for a safety briefing with the instructor.

Your Shark Walker Dubai Tickets Explained

Your Shark Walker Dubai Tickets offer you the thrilling opportunity to interact with the sharks personally. With these Shark Walker Dubai tickets, you'll be able to see the magnificent beauty and charm of both huge and tiny sharks. Get the chance to walk alongside the world's greatest predators while wearing an oxygen-filled helmet that enables underwater breathing. Additionally, interact directly with the 33,000 inhabitants of the 10-million-litre tank. Take advantage of the opportunity to observe these predators and their adorable young ones while they are being fed by the shark keepers with great love and care. Shark Walker Dubai Tickets also include instructions of the dos and don'ts in the aquatic environment. Once you enter inside, be delighted as enormous groups of fish surround you from all sides.

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Know Before You Book Shark Walker Dubai Tickets

Essential Information

  • Inclusions

Entry to the Shark Walker Activity.

You will be provided custom-made helmets to breathe normally before the activity starts.

You will also get the instruction brief before starting the activity in your Shark Walker Dubai Tickets.

  • Timings

Sessions are scheduled every half hour between 12:30 PM - 1.30 PM 2:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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FAQ's Of Shark Walker In Dubai

What is the minimum height requirement for a shark walker in Dubai?

The minimum height requirement for a shark walker in Dubai is 140cm and wide shoulders of at least 33cm are a must.

How much does it cost to walk with sharks in Dubai?

The cost required for Dubai Shark Walker Tickets is around AED 630. However, the Shark Walker Dubai Tickets price range may vary for children and adults. Kids can opt for half tickets whereas adults must buy full tickets.

What is the Age limit for shark walkers in Dubai?

The age limit needed to participate in Shark Walker, Dubai is 12 and above. Children aged 11 and under are not allowed. Also, you must be medically fit to be a part of this amazing activity.

How long does it take to explore Dubai Aquarium?

You can explore the Dubai Aquarium in 4-5 hours which also include participation in many different activities using your Shark Walker Dubai Tickets. However, the time may extend if you have kids along with you.

What are the different experiences at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo?

  • Shark Feeding Encounter
  • Shark Dives
  • Cage Snorkelling
  • Shark Walker
  • Wonders At The Underwater Zoo
  • Meet The King Croc
  • Uae’s Night Creatures
  • Vrzoo Experience

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