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About Ski Dubai Tickets

Dubai might be one of the most popular tourist hotspots on the face of this earth but its prickly heat can get to anyone! However, Dubai also boasts of a perfect escapade from its infamous heat in the form of Ski Dubai which is Middle East’s first indoor ski resort. Situated in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai has an incredible and humongous area of 22,500 sq/m that is completely covered in real snow and that too, all year round! There are 5 zones which are segregated on the basis of height, difficulty and gradient where all snowboarders and skiers with different skill levels can enjoy to the fullest! There’s no shortage of fun at Ski Dubai as it offers everything ranging from bobsleds, skiing slopes, ski lifts and moreover, penguins! Ski Dubai is home to King and Gentoo penguins where you can interact with these birds as well! Swimming with Penguins is one of the latest additions to the park and certainly one of the most popular in recent times as well! After you are done playing in the snow, you can also get warmed up a little by sipping a hot cup of cocoa at their inhouse cafe, the Avalanche.


Ski Dubai Tickets Variations

Ski Dubai Snow Tube
Snow Classic

Getting the Snow Classic Ski Dubai tickets will grant you unlimited access to snow cavern, snow park, giant ball, bobsled, tobogganing, bump car and tubing run. This package also includes one-time entry to two particular rides including mountain thriller and chairlift. No need to worry about winter gear if you buy this package as it also includes disposable socks, snow boots, trouser, jacket and a pair of free fleece gloves to save you from the cold.

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ski dubai snow park
2 Hours Slope

These Ski Dubai tickets are for those people who are more into snowboarding and skiing. As the name suggests, 2 hours slope package includes 2 hours session of both skiing and snowboarding combined where you will get to learn the intricacies of this sport from trained professionals. Winter gears are included with this package which include disposable socks, snow boots, trouser, jacket. However, you will get an option to get a personalized locker to stash away your belongings while having fun on the ice rink.

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Ski Dubai Chai Lift
Snow Plus

This is a full-blown 1-day attraction Ski Dubai tickets with many inclusions. Snow Plus package will grant you admission to the snow park rides which include the following: snow bumpers, snow plough playground, tubing run and mountain thriller. Apart from this, you will also get one ride of the chairlift. However, the major highlight of this package is unlimited access to mountain thriller, snow park, snow cavern, giant ball and various other rides. You can also select one experience from the following: 2 hours on the ice slope where you can ski, or two rides of the Snow Bullet which is basically a zipline.

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Full Day Slope

This is the best package for someone who wants to ski or snowboard the whole day! As the name suggests, this package includes a full day and multiple entries to slope, ski and snowboard as well! Except hat, all the winter gears will be provided including trousers, jackets, boots, ski/snowboard disposable socks and poles. As a part of this package, you will also get free locker service to stash away your valuables and a pair of fleece goals.

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Ski Dubai deals
Snow Premium

These flagship Ski Dubai tickets include unlimited access to all the fun activities and rides. Not only this, but a 40-minutes session of penguin-friend encounter is also included where you can take a dive with these amazing creatures. Experienced skiers or snowboarders have the choice to opt for a slope day pass while the people who aren’t accustomed to it, can opt for a 1 hour discovery lesson to learn the basics. North 28 restaurant meal voucher and hot chocolate come complimentary with this package.

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Why You Must Go for Ski Dubai ?

ski dubai cheap tickets
  • Ski Dubai is renowned to be the largest indoor snow park in the whole Middle East, not let alone in Dubai!
  • Dubai is renowned to have infamous heat and a trip to Ski Dubai could prove to be the perfect escapade for you, your friends and family.
  • It will quench your thirst of adrenaline as Ski Dubai tickets offers many activities including skiing and snowboarding.
  • Even if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, fret not, as Ski Dubai offers trained professionals to run you through the basics.
  • There’s no shortage of fun here as there are many rides and activities to keep your head filled with adrenaline like skiing slopes, ski lifts, bobsleds and many more!
  • Ski Dubai offers its guests to interact with penguins as the Ski Dubai is home to Gentoo and King penguins.
  • Not only can you interact with these penguins but, you also have a chance to swim with these interactive and interesting birds.
  • After spending a thrilling and fun-filled day at the Ski Dubai, you are bound to feel hungry but you don’t need to worry because they have their own in-house restaurant and cafeteria which also serve cups of hot cocoa.
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Know Before You Book Ski Dubai Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach
Tips to Visit Ski Dubai

  • Go skiing or snowboarding in the oasis city of Dubai at the largest indoor snow park in the Middle East.
  • Avail multiple rides here including the mountain thriller, chairlift, zorb ball, tubing runs and snow bumpers.
  • For some hair-raising thrills, slide down on snow with your family and friends astride a toboggan sled.
  • Ski Dubai price also includes rentals of winter gear with almost all the passes.
  • Interact with penguins and witness them in their natural habitat as they go about their business, being all cute while they are at it.
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Things to Do at Ski Dubai

While skiing and snowboarding are the crown jewels of all the activities and rides that take place at Ski Dubai, with this we can experience other things to do in ski dubai such as taking the chair lift for instance, which lets you enjoy panoramic views from the top. The Mountain thriller is also there which is basically their own version of the bobsled. Want to feel the cold wind brushing through your hair as you slide down on a bobsled from a mountain? This is exactly it!

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ski dubai tickets
Ski Slopes

Skiing in the sweltering heat of Dubai? That’s exactly what you can experience at Ski Dubai Mall of Emirates! There are different types of snow slopes that you can glide on as they are segregated according to the gradient and difficulty level. Even if you don’t know the basics, you can take ski lessons from their own in-house trained professionals.

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Ski Dubai deals

It has to be one of the most popular sports that can be enjoyed at Ski Dubai. There are professional trainers that can teach you the basics of snowboarding and some difficult slopes for experts to showcase their skills. You can also attend lessons on snowboarding in their own ski school.

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Ski Dubai Chai Lift
Chair Lift

If you wish to in-take panoramic views of this humongous indoor snow park also known as Dubai Mall Ski, chair lift is the best possible option! A ride on the chairlift will bless you with some unmatched views of Ski Dubai.

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ski dubai snow park
Mountain thriller

This is Ski Dubai’s own version of bobsled. It involves rushing down a mountain slope on a sled with wind hitting on your face! It starts from the highest point in Ski Dubai and from there on, it is a fast downhill ride on a sled!

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Ski Dubai

Zorbing is yet another unique activity that is offered here. Imagine a giant ball that is transparent and now imagine gently being rolled down a slope while you’re inside that ball! That’s exactly what Zorbing is! Go zorbing down on the snow slopes to enjoy the thrill at its peak, making it one of the best ways to spend your Ski Dubai ticket price!

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Ski Dubai Snow Tube
Snow Tubes

These are basically slides that can be enjoyed while you’re surrounded with snow. If you purchase the Snow Classic Pass, snow tubes can be accessed for unlimited times! Make your way through the magical slopes as you go through this activity, offering you an ultimate experience.

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Ski Dubai Ticket
Snow Penguins

Penguin encounter at the Ski Dubai snow park is the star attraction of the attraction, offering adorable interaction with these marvellous birds. The march of the penguins can be enjoyed by everyone and moreover, if you purchase the snow classic express pass, you will also get 40-minutes session to interact with the penguins. In this session, you can also witness penguins swimming which is a rare sight!

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Ski Dubai
Snow Bullet

Ski Dubai tickets offers Snow Bullet which is their in-house zipline. It allows you to fly over the snow park to enjoy some amazing views! It is 16 metres above the ground so it can be enjoyed by kids as well. You will fly over people for a good 150 metres, so be ready. This is one of the best ways to make every penny you spent on Ski Dubai price absolutely worth it.

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FAQ's of Ski Dubai Tickets

Why is Ski Dubai so famous?

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor snow park, not only in Dubai but in the whole Middle East. Here, you get a chance to ski and snowboard and that too, in the middle of a desert that Dubai really is. This is one of the few places where you can experience indoor skiing Dubai. If this isn’t ‘cool’ enough, you can also indulge in various other activities like slides, chairlift and mountain thrillers. Another noteworthy addition here is the penguin encounter where you can interact with the penguins. This has to be one of the best ways to spend your Ski Dubai ticket price!

What are the best things to do in Ski Dubai?

  • Take lessons at ski school: Even if you don’t know anything about skiing and snowboarding, you don’t need to worry as they have trained professionals at your disposal to teach you the basics.
  • Zorbing: It is one of the most fun activities at Ski Dubai as it involves you being inside a huge transparent ball that rolls down an icy slope.
  • Chairlift: Take in the panoramic views from above while taking a ride in a chairlift. You can enjoy this ride with your family and friends.
  • Snow bullet ride: Snow Bullet is Ski Dubai’s own iteration of a zipline. Apart from the thrill, you will also get to witness the whole arena from a bird’s eye view.

What is the minimum age requirement for ski dubai?

The minimum age to enter Ski Dubai is set at 3 years old. However, children in the age bracket of 3-12 must be accompanied by an adult.

What is the temperature inside the snowpark of Ski Dubai?

The temperature inside the snowpark remains constant at -4 degree Celsius.

How to Book SKi Dubai Tickets ?

Either You can directly book Ski Dubai tickets online or you can go to the Ski Dubai tickets counter .

What is the cost of Ski Dubai tickets ?

The cost of ski Dubai Tickets is 220 AED.

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