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Skydiving in Dubai is the best way to get a serious dose of adrenaline which will literally make you feel like you are on the 7th cloud. Take a leap of faith in life, jump out of the airplane and let your legs dangling in the air as you soar in the sky at an altitude of 13,500 feet. With Skydive Dubai, being one of the top adventurous activities in the city among thrillseekers and celebrities, you have the opportunity to take an incredible free-fall and parachute ride. Besides, you get to view the Emirate from a completely different angle by jumping from one of two amazing locations: one above the Palm Jumeirah and second over the wide Arabian desert.

Before you board a plane, the instructors will walk you through every step of the process and even do a demonstration. Both of Dubai's skydiving locations are well-known worldwide, and the top instructors will help you to have a smooth landing after your jump. Advanced alternatives including tandem skydiving, solo skydiving, and the flying school are available to those with greater experience. A variety of flying styles, including freefly, canopy, formation, wingsuit coaching, and free-load arranging, are taught at the specialized flight school. And, thanks to the skilled videographers who will record your jump so you can relive the experience forever.


Skydiving Options to Book in Dubai

SkyDive Dubai: Tandem Skydiving at Desert Drop Zone + Free Burj Khalifa OR Desert Safari

Fasten your harness, follow the guide by an expert instructor and freefall from 13,000 feet at speeds of over 120 miles per hour. Hire a professional camera flier to document your dive, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with images and a professionally made movie of your jump. Bookings for this package come with the option of either a free Desert Safari or free admission to the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa (during off-peak times). As soon as your reservation is finalized, you will receive additional information on how to claim your complimentary visit to the Burj Khalifa or 4x4 Desert Safari.

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SkyDive Dubai: Tandem Skydiving at Palm Drop Zone

Take advantage of our one-time-only Skydiving Dubai price to book a spot in our next available Tandem Skydive course. To get the best skydiving experience possible in Dubai, schedule a tandem jump. Take full advantage of this opportunity because this is one of the few skydives available that doesn't call for any prior expertise. If you want to skydive in the city, this is your best bet, as the drop zone in Palm is one of the greatest in the country and offers spectacular views. A word of caution: before proceeding, be sure you understand the following prerequisites and limitations. If your weight or body mass index (BMI) puts you outside the allowed range, skydiving is not an option for you.

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Why Should you Choose Us to Book Skydiving in Dubai ?

Booking your tickets online with us lets you book your ticket on the desired date and time without any hassle. Also we make the whole booking process very seamless making it very easy for you to understand every detail of your booking. Book your tickets online with us and enjoy Skydive Dubai offers which will get you some great cost savings. Tickets sell like hotcakes for this incredibly popular pastime. Those who choose to book onsite will have to wait in a large line before they can make their reservation. Your preferred booking date can be secured if you buy your experience in advance online. You may save the most money by booking online because not only will you always get the best value, but you will also have access to several specials and promotions. Online skydiving bookings provide the option of receiving complimentary admission to the Burj Khalifa and 4X4 Desert Safari.

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  • Purchase advance tickets: Book your passes for the date you want to participate in the skydiving activity before you go. Instead of waiting in large lines and spending nearly the same amount of time, you can save time and money by going this route. As an alternative, you can skip the lines and head straight to the thrilling activity.

  • Ease/Convenience: Skydiving tickets purchased online are preferable to those purchased at the box office because they can be purchased from the comfort of one's own home or while traveling.

  • Best Discounts and deals: By scheduling sessions online, not only will you always get the best Skydiving Dubai Price, but you will also have access to many discounts and promos, which might add up to significant savings. Skydiving bookings made online come with the choice of free Burj Khalifa and 4X4 Desert Safari tickets.

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Types of Skydiving in Dubai

Outdoor skydiving

Skydive Dubai offers outdoor skydiving, which as the name implies, is performed in the open sky and often referred as the ‘real skydiving’! If this is your first time skydiving, you should know that beginner skydivers participate in tandem skydiving, where they are attached to an experienced skydiver via a harness. Only people who have their skydiving licenses are legally authorized to jump out of the plane without anyone else. Outdoor skydiving can be experienced in two distinct areas: the Palm Zone, which takes you to a height of just over a thousand feet above the crystal clear waters surrounding Palm Island, and the Desert Zone, which is located just outside the city limits on Al Ain Road and provides breathtaking views of the city's endless desert.

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iFly Skydiving San Diego
Indoor Skydiving

With technological advancements you can experience skydiving in a controlled environment where you will float in midair without needing to perform a parachute jump. This innovative concept is perfect for people who either don't have the funds for or the courage to experience traditional outdoor skydiving. A twin vertical wind tunnel, the first of its kind, will be used to transport you. You'll be suspended in midair, 3 meters off the ground, thanks to the help of strong fans and air conditioners. The acrylic glass that lines the tube makes it impenetrable to any harm. In this state-of-the-art facility, you'll feel like you're skydiving for real thanks to a freewill simulation and cutting-edge technology. In addition to iFly Dubai, InFlight Dubai is also an indoor skydiving operator in Dubai.

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Locations to experience Skydiving in Dubai

Desert Campus Drop Zone

Located just outside of town near the main road between Dubai and Al-Ain is where you'll find the Desert Campus Drop Zone. While the desert drop zone is a great place for first-timers, it also features a school where experienced jumpers may complete the necessary steps toward earning their skydiving license. Skydive Dubai offers views of amazing vistas of sand dunes reaching up to the distant skyscrapers of Dubai as you jump in the desert zone

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Palm Drop Zone

SkyDive Dubai's Palm Drop Zone is their most exclusive drop zone. Experience breathtaking views of the Palm Islands and the city of Dubai from above when you skydive from the Palm Drop Zone. Famous landmarks seen from here include Atlantis Hotel, the Palm Jumeirah Island, Burj Al Arab, "The World" islands, and Dubai Marina, as well as the world's largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai.

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Know Before Book Skydiving in Dubai

Rules and Regulations
Things to Carry

  • Feel the chill down your spine as the instructor pulls the parachute cord and you free-fall for 60 seconds at 190 km/h.

  • From a height of 13,000 feet, witness the breathtaking beauty of Dubai and finally fulfill your lifelong desire to go skydiving.

  • As you drift peacefully over the Arabian lands in your parachute, take in the beautiful scenery of the desert or palm area below.

  • Tell your friends and relatives about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by posting about it online.

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FAQ's Of Dubai Skydiving

Where can I skydive in Dubai?

Skydiving in Dubai takes place in two distinct skydiving locations: the desert-based Desert Campus, and the coastal Palm Islands.

Are there any offers or deals for skydiving in Dubai?

Yes, we keep offering multiple amazing deals and offers for Skydiving in Dubai to our customers and give them the experience of a lifetime. To make your trip more amazing, we also offer combo deals which will allow you to visit more than one attraction in Dubai at a very less cost.

How much does skydiving cost in Dubai?

Skydiving Dubai Price at the desert campus ranges between AED 1699 to 2536 AED, whereas at the Palm Islands, the price ranges from AED 2398 to AED 3690.

What’s a tandem skydive?

Tandem Skydiving entails two persons jumping out of an airplane and freefalling together while tethered to one another. It is the most user-friendly approach to try out skydiving.

What’s the age limit to skydive in Dubai?

For skydiving in Dubai, you need to be at least 18 years old. If you're older than 70, you'll need a doctor's signature on a fitness form.

Is there a weight limit to skydive in Dubai?

Skydiving in Dubai has size and BMI restrictions. All female participants must weigh less than 90.0 kg (or 198.0 pounds). Average body mass index of less than 27. To qualify as a man, you must weigh less than 100.0 kg (220 lbs). Weight and height should be within a healthy range (BMI of 30 or less).

What should I wear to Dubai Skydive?

Clothing that allows you to move freely is recommended. No sandals, boots, or heels are permitted; only sneakers/sports shoes are permitted. No sleeveless clothes are permitted; only short- or long-sleeved T-shirts are permitted.

What is the duration of a skydive experience in Dubai?

Depending on how long each step takes, the complete procedure of Skydiving in Dubai could last up to two hours. It takes about 20 minutes from the time you get on board until you've completed the skydive and landed.

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