About Snow Park Abu Dhabi

The snow park is the largest in the world which is spread across an area of 125,000 square feet, which is almost as big as two football grounds together. The Snow Park Abu Dhabi is maintained at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, and the snow level is maintained at 500 mm at all times. The Snow Park Abu Dhabi features thirteen exhilarating rides spread across various zones and themes.

You're sure to enjoy yourself here as you ride the enchanting Crystal Carousel, a merry-go-round with mythical creatures of the ice forest. You can also climb the Enchanted Tree for a bird's eye perspective of the entire park. A real treat for adrenaline junkies, the park is also built to accommodate adventure sports like sledding, zorbing, and zip-lining.

There are 13 unique rides, events, and attractions that are anticipated to be available once construction is complete. You can also enjoy hiking, sliding, and jumping in the snow park which is also one of the attractions in the park. Visitors can also visit the Blizzard's Bazaar, a delightful retail establishment that sells winter clothes, postcards, and a variety of other goods, before you enter the park.

Book Snow Park Abu Dhabi Ticket Online

Snow Abu Dhabi Park happens to be an amazing tourist destination that is designed like an enchanted-forest themed park. Booking the tickets online gives you a chance to take part in about 13 exhilarating rides as well as play games with snow. If you don’t wish to miss out on these fun filled activities on the day of your visit then you should book your Snow Park ticket in Abu Dhabi online The online booking process is very easy and you can avail of exciting offers and interesting discounts. It is therefore advisable to book your seats at the earliest and take advantage of the many deals available online to secure the best price.

Why Should You Choose Snow Park Abu Dhabi Ticket ?

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- Book Your Tickets in Advance

The Snow Park Abu Dhabi is one of the most sought after attractions that is usually visited by zillions of tourists from all over the world. So, you should plan to get the tickets in advance from the website.

- Convenience/ Ease

Booking online tickets makes your trip completely hassle free as you don’t have to wait for your tickets in the long queues. You can rather make a direct entry to the Snow Park Abu Dubai on the day of your visit with your loved ones and explore the offerings.

- Best Deals and discounts

There are loads of great deals and discounts on booking your tickets for the famous Snow Park Abu Dhabi online. Getting the tickets online will also give you a chance to save a lot on the prices of the tickets. You can apply for various discount coupons and get the tickets at much lesser prices.

Things to Do at Snow Park Abu Dhabi

Have fun at exhilarating Rides

There are over thirteen rides at the Abu Dhabi Snow Park which make your visit even more fun and eventful. Experience the most unique experience in the snow inside the Snow Park and increase your fun by hopping on to the most thrilling rides that will make your adrenaline pump. Some of the rides that you enjoy with your Snow Park Ticket in Abu Dhabi are The Entry Plaza, Magic Carpet, Flight of the Snowy Owl, The Trolls Bowl, Enchanted Tree, Polar Express Train, etc are all based on exciting themes.

Experience monstrous giant slides

Take in the stunning view of the entire Snow Park Dubai while riding the two monstrous giant slides. The two slides are based on interesting themes and are known as Grauppel’s Summit Escape and Ice and Floes Toboggan Race. The monstrous giant slides are the most liked rides in Snow Park Abu Dhabi among all the visitors. The two rides give the most exciting experience and adrenaline pump, and the breath-taking views make them even more demanding.

Restaurant at Snow Park Abu Dhabi
Dine out at Nice Restaurants

After a fun day at the chilling Snow Park Abu Dhabi, you can have delicious food at the cafes and restaurants at the snow park. Some of the restaurants and cafes at the Snow Park Abu Dhabi are Grotto Amphitheatre, The Lodge Restaurant, the Party Room, Ice Café, and VIP Room. The restaurants and cafés serve various cuisines and the food there is loved by the crowd visiting with Snow Park Ticket in Abu Dhabi.

Zones at Snow Park Abu Dhabi

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Snowflake Garden

The Snowflake Garden is the main area at the entrance of the Snow Park Abu Dhabi. The Snowflake Garden is huge in terms of area and the Garden is beautiful and has a lot of attractions in it. Here, you can find the labyrinth of snow, build snowmen, fight snowball fights, and various other activities based on snow. You will get to witness several snow angels and you can click pictures that are Instagram worthy.

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Crystal Carousel

The Snow Park Abu Dhabi is built on the theme of an enchanted forest, hence there are a lot of attractions that depict the theme. One such attraction is the Crystal Carousel, which is the favourite ride not only for kids but also the adults. On the Crystal Carousel you can witness various animals of the enchanted forest as it is an ornate carousel that is built both for adults and kids. Let your kid self come out of you and enjoy the chilling winter inside the snow park.

Flurries Mountain

If you love snow and have always wanted to climb a mountain covered in snow, now is your chance. The Flurries Mountain is one of the most loved attractions at the Snow Park Abu Dhabi. The peak of the Flurries snow mountain is covered in a chocolate box that the kids love the most. Flurries mountain is also the way to the main attraction of the Snow Park Abu Dhabi, the beautiful Enchanted Tree.

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The Enchanted Tree

As the Snow Park Abu Dhabi is based on the theme “the Enchanted Forest”, naturally the main attraction of the Snow Park Abu Dhabi is the Enchanted Tree. The Enchanted Tree in the Snow Park Abu Dhabi is a tall tree made up of actual wood of timber. It is said that the enchanted tree gives all the feelings and vibes of enchantments. The tree looks stunning amidst the white snow, and when you reach the top of it, it gives the most beautiful view of the park.

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Blizzard’s Bazaar

The Snow Park Abu Dhabi is a sight that everyone must visit at least once in their life, once visited, you must remember it by something. Hence, there is a Blizzard’s Bazaar from where you can buy souvenirs to take back home. You can buy various things from the shop at the Snow Park Abu Dhabi like snow and winter clothes, hats, postcards, and other gifts and souvenirs for yourself and friends.

Know Before you Go For Snow Park Abu Dhabi

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  • How to Reach
  1. By Bus:

You can hop on to bus numbers 84, 93, and F30 from the city centre to reach the Snow Park.

  1. By Metro:

If you are travelling by metro, then you can take Metro M1 from your location in the city to reach Snow Park. First Gulf Bank (Fgb) Metro Station happens to be the nearest metro station.

  • Location

Abdulla Oman Taryan St - Jazeerat Al Reem - Abu Dhabi

  • Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Snow Park is in the month of May to September which is Summer season. As the temperature of the Snow Park is maintained at -2 degrees at all times,it is best to visit the park in summer.

Tips while Visiting Snow Park Abu Dhabi

Rides at Snow Park
  • The weekends in Abu Dhabi are Friday and Saturday, hence these two days are the busiest days in the week. If you wish to avoid crowds, then make sure to visit Snow Park Abu Dhabi on weekdays.

  • Try to reach the Snow Park earlier than the opening hours as there might be long queues for the rides.

  • It is advised to pre-book your Snow Park Abu Dhabi tickets to avoid standing queues for tickets.

  • The temperature at the Snow Park remains at -2 degrees Celsius at all times and the winter wear available at the park is usually enough. But if you and your kids feel colder than it is advised to get your winter gears.

FAQ's of Snow Park Abu Dhabi