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About Xline Dubai Marina Zipline

Dubai never ceases to amaze visitors with its innovative ways to enjoy life, and one such feather in its cap is the Xline Dubai Marina. Touted to be the fastest, longest, and steepest urban zipline adventure in the world, the Xline Dubai Marina combines thrills and stunning sights in a heady combo. As you stand 170 metres above ground, witness the majestic expanse of architectural innovation that is Dubai from a unique angle.

The Xline Zipline Dubai Marina connects Amwaj Tower in the majestic Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) to the iconic Dubai Marina Mall. Experience the rush of accelerating from 0 to 80 kmph in 2.5 seconds as you mount the Dubai Marina zipline and travel through the skies head-first and belly-down, much like your favourite superhero. The aerial views of Dubai’s skyline and the city’s major tourist hotspots, like the Palm Jumeirah, Ain Dubai, JBR, Dubai Marina, and many more, are absolutely breathtaking from the zipline.

Xline Dubai Marina rides are equipped with state-of-the-art safety gear, promising a safe yet thrilling flight above the UAE capital city. The experience gets better, as a camera is attached to you that records the entire zipline ride, and the captured moments are provided to you for no extra cost. So, hurry up and book your Xline Zipline Dubai Marina tickets, and you would get a Limited Edition Xline t-shirt as a souvenir of your memorable experience.


Your Xline Dubai Tickets Explained

One of Dubai’s most popular adventure-based attractions, Xline Zipline Dubai Marina witnessed heavy crowds at all times of the day. It is, thus, much recommended that visitors book their Xline Dubai Marina tickets online in advance to avoid last-minute worries about slot availability. You can also save time by pre-booking tickets, as you would get to avoid the long waiting queues. There are two kinds of zipline experiences on offer at Xline Dubai Marina. You can opt for Solo Ride, where you zipline on your own, or Double Trouble, where you and your partner or friend can zipline together. Experience the thrill of accelerating from 0 to 80 kmph in less than three seconds as you begin your journey from the height of 170 metres above the ground. Witness the stunning sights of the Dubai Marina and its surrounding landmarks like the JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Eye, and so on as a special camera attached to you captures all the memorable moments. Equipped with the latest safety gear, zipline for one kilometre in this experience that is operated by adventure experts. The Dubai Marina zipline lasts typically from one hour to 90 minutes and includes the registration process and safety preparations. As the Xline Zipline Dubai Marina ends, take home unforgettable memories and a Limited Edition Xline t-shirt as souvenirs.

Xline Dubai Marina Experience

Xline Experience Marina
  • Hop on a zipline experience that boasts of being the world’s steepest, fastest, and longest urban zipline ride, at the Xline Zipline Dubai Marina.
  • Connecting the Amwaj Tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) to the Dubai Marina Mall, the ride covers a distance of one kilometre and stands at the height of 170 metres.
  • Zipline at a mind-blowing speed as you reach from 0 to 80 kmph in less than three seconds. Fly head-first belly-down, and experience the adrenaline rush superheroes feel when they zoom through the skies.
  • Witness from a breathtaking angle some of Dubai’s most iconic attractions, from sophisticated architectural marvels like Palm Jumeirah and JBR to tourist attractions like the Dubai Eye and the sparkling waters of the Marina.
  • With two parallel zipline cables, the Dubai Marina zipline allows you to take the plunge accompanied by a friend or loved one.
  • Xline Dubai Marina promises excitement wrapped up in safety, with state-of-the-art equipment and gear provided to visitors to ensure they are secure as they experience the thrilling rush of the zipline.
  • Once the zipline adventure is over, you would be able to relive it through captured memories. Your helmet has a GoPro camera attached, which captures pictures and records videos as you zipline through Dubai’s skies. Take home the souvenirs and relish this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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Tips While Visiting Xline Dubai Marina

  • It is recommended that you dedicate approximately two hours to Xline Zipline Dubai Marina. Also, it is advised that you reach out a few minutes before your selected time slot.
  • It is advised that you wear comfortable clothes, but not flowy attire as that would cause problems on the zipline. Choose footwear in a fashion that you wouldn’t have to worry about falling off when you hang on the zip cables.
  • For a hassle-free and safe ride, it is advised that you don’t wear or carry extra accessories and keep your hair tied so the safety equipment is not hampered.
  • Eat a light meal or avoid consuming food altogether right before your Dubai Marina zipline experience, as that would help with stomach queasiness during the ride.
  • If you carry along accessories like small handbags, mobile phones, wallets or keys, you can store them in the locker facility provided by the Xline Dubai Marina. The spaces, however, are not intended to safe keep large bags.
  • Do not worry about capturing the moments on the reel, as you would be provided pictures and video recordings of your Xline Zipline Dubai Marina experience a few days after the ride.
  • Visitors with serious medical issues or those who are pregnant would not be permitted on the zipline for their own safety. A health check-up is conducted before the experience, and the authorities can deny permission to anyone who does not match the physical standards necessary for the ride.
  • Remember to carry your valid identity proof documents for experiencing Xline Zipline Dubai Marina.

Know Before You Go To Visit Xline Dubai

How to Reach
Essential Information

1.) By Metro – Hop off at the Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station and cross the overpass to reach the Dubai Marina Mall. You can also avail of the shuttle facility to the mall that runs at a frequency of 10-15 minutes.

2.) By Tram – Hop off at the Dubai Marina Mall Station of the tram system and walk the short distance to the mall.

3.) By Bus – The nearest bus station to the Dubai Marina Mall is the Marina Promenade. Take the RTA bus route 8 to reach your destination.

4.) By Car – Whether you are coming from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, take E32 off Sheikh Zayed Road and follow the signs to Dubai Marina till you reach Emaar Drive.

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FAQs of Xline Dubai Marina

Why is Xline Dubai Marina so famous?

Xline Dubai Marina boasts of being the fastest, longest and steepest urban zipline adventure in the world. With a whopping height of 170 metres, the ride guarantees breathtaking views of Dubai’s prominent tourist attractions like the JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Dubai Eye, and so on. Visitors get to experience the rush of accelerating from 0 to 80 kmph in less than three seconds as they soak in the beautiful views of Dubai’s skyline. With two parallel zipline cables, Xline Dubai Marina can be enjoyed with a loved one or a friend and is the best thrilling aerial adventure Dubai offers its visitors.

What is the height of Xline Dubai Marina?

Xline Dubai Marina stands at a whopping height of 170 metres. The ride covers a distance of one kilometre and has the distinction of being the world’s longest, steepest and fastest urban zipline experience.

Are there any height or weight restrictions for Zipline in Dubai?

To ensure the safety of visitors, the Dubai Marina zipline has certain height, weight, and age restrictions. To indulge in the zipline ride, one must be taller than 130 cm and have a body weight between 50 and 100 kilograms. As for age restrictions, visitors younger than 12 years and older than 65 years are not permitted on Xline Zipline Dubai Marina.

What should I wear for Xline Dubai Marina?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes for your Xline Dubai Marina experience, but remember to avoid wearing clothes that are too loose as they may hinder the zipline safety equipment. It is advised that you wear shoes that can be tied to ensure they don’t fall off mid-ride. Visitors are requested to have their hair tied and avoid wearing accessories, ignoring which might hamper the safety gear.

How to get photos and/or video footage of my Xline experience?

Visitors don’t have to worry about clicking pictures or recording videos of their Xline Zipline Dubai Marina experience. A high-quality camera is attached to your helmet before your ride, which captures all your zipline moments. You would get the photos and recorded videos at no extra cost a few days after your zipline adventure.

What is the best time to go to Xline Dubai Marina?

The best time to visit Xline Dubai Marina is in the late evenings. The views on offer during those hours are breathtakingly unmatched. It is recommended that you visit this attraction during the months of November to February so you can enjoy the cold climate as you zipline through the Marina

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